Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Day is almost Here!

I'm late today so lets get to it:
Tommorrow is election day & there are some hotly contested races for Mayor of Atlanta, Special Election for House District 141 seat formerly held by longtime Democrat Bobby Parham who resigned to take a seat on the Georgia DOT, as well as citycouncil races.
`First in the Race for Mayor of Atlanta, you have former State Senator Kasim Reed (D), CityCouncil President Lisa Borders (D), Mary Norwood (I) & Jesse Spikes. Right as this moment Mary Norwood is leading the back & is on the verge of winning the election without a runoff. But the Democratic Party of Georgia has gotten into this race & accuse Norwood of being a "republican". If elected she would be the first white mayor of Atlanta since 1974. In my opinion she pulls it out on election night. If she doesn't she will have a hard time winning in the runoff against either Lisa Borders or Kasim Reed.
Then you have a special election for House District 141 seat which comprises Baldwin & a portion of Putnam County. It features Democrat Darrell Black, Independent E. Culver "Rusty" Kidd, & republicans Casey Tucker & Angela Gheesling-McCommon. This race to too difficult to call, but since it went for Barack Obama & Jim Martin in 2008, you have to think Darrell Black is the favorite to win. I say its possible that both Darrell Black & Rusty Kidd goes to a runoff for that seat. But im supporting Darrell Black in his bid to become the next representative for HD 141.
Next you have races for citycouncil going on this year, over in Montezuma (Macon Co.) you have three incumbents fighting for their political lives Roy Barker, Frank Lester & Charles Glover going up against challengers Tarsha Riley, Bobby Lewis, Carl Peaster & Francisco Alvarez. There are signs for Rilet, Lewis, Peaster posted all over town, at local businesses as banners on people front porches. There is a anti-incumbent feel going on over in montezuma. I would predict a house cleaning of the incumbents, but I say two of the three incumbents will be defeated on election night. Down in Leesburg, you have Richard Bush trying to fend off a challenge from Jeff Sexton, a libertarian & founder of SWGA Politics. Sexton would become the first Libertarian to be elected to the Leesburg CityCouncil. Leesburg is a fast growing city & needs someone like Jeff to help guide it in the right direction & up in Butler (Taylor County), Jay Stalnaker, (better known as rural dem to folks on Tondees Tavern & Peach Pundit) is trying to win a seat on the Butler CityCouncil against Incumbent Glenn Harris. I'm rooting for Jay to win that seat & bring much needed changes like growth to the city of Butler & surrounding areas.
And over in Warner Robins, you have Chuck Chalk, Cilfford Holmes, & Chuck Shaheen running for mayor of Warner Robins to replace Donald Waler, who committed suicide last month. Walker's wife came out & endorsed Chalk for mayor just last week & it maybe the game changer in the election. The race is wide open. It's anyone's guess on who's going to win that race. I'll put my money on Shaheen to win, but it may go to a runoff as well. We'll find out tuesday night.

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