Monday, November 16, 2009

Democrats should not be shy about Religious Beliefs

Rather than being bashful, Democrats should openly talk about their religious beliefs and moral values. The party should court voters beyond the traditional Democratic base to win control of the State Legislature & Staewide Races in 2010.
"If we continue to have this perception in the Democratic Party that faith can't be discussed, we'll continue to lose elections based on wedge issues,".

The view, could irritate liberals who advocate a strict separation of church and state.
But moderates claim that invoking religion will help Democrats connect with churchgoing Georgians — including Republicans and independents — who polls show are more apt to vote with the GOP.

"Democrats have run from the values issues. They now have to deal with those issues of faith,". Although the issues will be water, transportation education & jobs you lnow social issues will be in the conversation.

I fear the Democratic Party could squander its chance to be the party in power if it only focuses on energizing voters in urban Democratic strongholds. Rather, they must reach out to voters including religious Americans in fast-growing Republican-leaning parts of the state.

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