Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Citizens To Recall Dooly District Attorney Fachini

The embattled and defeated District Attorney Denise Fachini lost another court case in Unadilla, Ga. Fachini is the DA for the Crisp District. She was defeated by Attorney Chevene B. King, Jr., Albany, GA., who represented Unadilla City Councilman, Dexter Whitaker, one of the four members of the Unadilla city council who were indicted last year by Fachini.

A Dooly County Jury failed to reach a verdict in the trial of Whitaker. The hung jury, comprised of eight Blacks and four Whites, took about five hours to deliberate late July 30 before determining that the deadlock could not be broken and that a guilty verdict was not possible.Dexter Whitaker was supported by several NAACP branches that represented fourteen counties. There was an initial complaint filed against DA Fachini by the band of NAACP Full Story

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