Thursday, April 2, 2009

These maybe the two who battle it out in the primary.

Well folks, this maybe the race we are going to see next year. David Poythress vs. Thurbert Baker. I just don't see how Roy Barnes & DuBose Porter can run now. Roy says he will make his decision in June & DuBose will make up his mind after the session. If Roy's going to run, he's got to have the fire in the belly. He dosen't need to run because he feels that he has to save the day for the dems.

Baker has long been interested in running for govenor for years & feels like it's the best time to run now. Baker appeal will be among black voters & independent & moderate republicans & conservative democrats in rural georgia.

Poythress is the outside candidate, not tied to the Atlanta Political establishment. That will help him among populist voters who are outraged in which the way the state is going. His military credentials will be a huge asset among the veterans living in the state. He has campaign hard since making his announcement on his run for governor.
But it's going to come down to the grassroots for the canddiates. Whoever can get out there & shake hands & go to places ignored like Adel, Jasper, Millen, etc., that candidate will be the one victorious on July 2010 & Nov. 2010. Right now David Poythress is doing just that & he is the favorite at this early stage. I'll take a wait & see approach on Baker, but baker can win statewide. He has proven that.

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