Tuesday, April 21, 2009

News from around the State.

It looks like Vernon Jones (D), a former 2008 candidate for the U.S. Senate maybe looking to run again in 2010. But noone knows if its for Secretary of State or maybe Lt. Governor, etc.
State Senator Tim Golden (D) looks like a go for the U.S. Senate in 2010.
Michael Thurmond (D), seems like a sure bet for Lt. Governor, now the rumor is that he may look at the U.S. Senate seat held by Johnny Isakson, or stay on as Labor Commissioner, or run for another statewide seat such as Secretary of State or Agriculture Commissioner.
Lynn Westmoreland (R) it seems is seriously looking at the governor's race. I hope he does run for governor because he is a ultra-conservative that can easily be defined by a democrat in the general election & will turn off independents.

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