Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here's something to think about.

What if Michael Thurmond runs for governor instead? If Roy decline the race, Thurmond may just go for the govermor's race. He has expressed interest in the race. It may have changed by the entry of Thurbert Baker into the race. Thurmond would be the frontrunner for governor if you are going on just by Name I.D. Thurmond has a mix of great communication skills, charisma, knowledge of the issues.
He has a record as a Tax Cutter, moving people from welfare to work, putting folks back to work & his work as Labor Commissioner has been recognized Nationally.
If this becomes the case, a Michael Thurmond-DuBose Porter slate could be a possibility. Both men are about the same age, Thurmond, 56, Porter 55. Both are politically saavy men who knows what it would take to defeat the radical republicans in 2010. Thurmond with his appeal to the urban, & surburban communities & North Georgia.
Porter with his appeal to rural, small town voters would make a awsome combination. Hey, a DuBose Porter-Michael Thurmond is possible as well.
But Roy holds all the cards right now & until he makes a decision, nothing is definite. Things will be become clearer after he makes his decision.

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