Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cagle Quitting Governor's Race

Breaking news from Insider Advantage Georgia: According to the Insider Advantage Georgia, Casey Cagle is quitting the governor's race. He has scheduled a 1:30 press conference at the capitol. Cagel will instead run for Lt. Governor again in 2010. But he will have opposition as Senate President Eric Johnson & State Senator David Schafer will stay in the race for Lt. Governor.
Now with Cagle out of the gov's race, the republican field is now wide open for anyone to take the nomination. I won't be surprised to see Jack Kingston, who is also rumored to run for governor to jump in as well as Cobb County Commissioner Sam Olens who will make an announcement on friday to jump in as well. And watch out for Lynn Westmoreland who may give it a second look.
For now cagle will run for re-election, but if he does how will that affect the democrats? My opinion is Michael Thurmond may stay on as Labor Commissioner until 2014 to then challenge Saxby Chambliss for the U.S. Senate or run anyway for Lt. Governor, (that is if Roy Barmes does run for Governor).
I do think Tim Golden (D-Valdosta) will run for Lt. Governor. Judging by his actions the past two weeks, he's either leaning toward running or maybe close to running.
Two darkhorse dems to look out for are Cathy Cox, former Secretary of State & Trial Lawyer Jim Butler who has been mum on his intentions.

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