Thursday, March 12, 2009

Roy Barnes on a potential run for governor.

As for whether or not he’ll run for governor, Barnes spoke of being “torn,” but also said he’ll make a decision in the next few weeks. And in fact, conversations with Democrats here at the Capitol indicate that Barnes is under some pressure to make his call as soon as possible — so other potential Democratic candidates can setle in or settle out.

Newspaper publisher DuBose Porter of Dublin, for instance, is ready to formally announce his candidacy.

“I keep hoping that there will be some knight in shining armor,” Barnes said. “I don’t want to shirk a duty.”

Now if Barnes does decide to run for governor, you can bet that DuBose Porter won't run & instead stay in the house. He might decide to run for Lt. Governor, but that's a wild guess. And Barnes will immediately become the frontrunner over David Poythress for the nomination. It'll be a rematch from the 1998 primary. You can see more at

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