Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Judge denies Lotson's challenge to November election

A Superior Court judge has denied Griffin Lotson's (D-Darien) challenge to his Nov. 4 election loss to Robert Monroe

Judge Louisa Abbot of Savannah, in an order issued Tuesday, ruled that McIntosh County elections officials did not mishandle absentee ballots as Lotson asserted, nor did they improperly prevent any lawfully registered voters from casting their ballots.

Lotson lost by one vote to Monroe in the race for the unpaid position and needed only to prove one ballot was improper or one person was illegally prevented from voting.

Lotson ran for Soil and Water District supervisor in McIntosh County.

Lotson named Elections Superintendent Doll Gale and the Board of Elections and Registration as defendants in the complaint he lodged six days after the general election. Abbot heard evidence at a Jan. 28 hearing at the McIntosh County Courthouse, including testimony from voters who claimed they were wrongfully denied the right to vote.

Lotson, a McIntosh County businessman and community activist, said he's not bitter about the judge's decision.

Lotson ran for Lt. Governor back in 2006 but failed to win the nomination. Wonder would he run for congress if Jack Kingston leaves his seat to run for governor in 2010?

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GriffinLotson_GeorgiaGEECHEE said...

I Griffin Lotson will not run against Congressman Jack Kingston but if he runs for governor of the state of Georgia, I Griffin Lotson just may think about running for Congress, only if Jack Kingston decides not to run for the office of congressman.

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