Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Tea Party will re-elect Barack Obama in 2012?

And here's why:

If Barack Obama is somehow able to win reelection, the Tea Party should be on his list for a thank you note. President Obama’s prospects for reelection are decidedly mixed, but better than we’d expect given all else in the environment.

The economy is terrible, unemployment is high, and President Obama’s approval rating is extremely low. Normally, this bodes badly for a president seeking reelection, although in this case, Obama’s approval rating is still much higher than the ratings for Congress or the Republican Party. The Tea Party deserves some of the credit.

At least two Tea Party achievements are now helping the president: By invigorating the Republican Party’s base and helping it make huge gains in the 2010 elections, activists have been able to pressure members of Congress to work on their agenda that isn’t very popular with the rest of the country.

The Republican Party in Congress is now comprised of people elected with Tea Party support, others who fear being challenged in primaries by Tea Partiers. The House passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s model budget, which would slash both taxes and government and turn Medicare into a voucher program. Policy merits (or de-merits) aside, it’s awful politics. Republicans turned the debt ceiling debate into a debacle, and are now blocking an extension of the reduced payroll tax on working Americans to protect low rates on–really–millionaires.

Tea Party enthusiasts are still disappointed. Others are scared. And the Republicans need a presidential candidate to beat Barack Obama. Without discussing intelligence and integrity at this point, candidates for the Republican nomination have created the weakest field of hopefuls in my opinion in either party for generations.

The party out of power wants to nominate a presidential candidate who can win elections, and has demonstrated that ability in the past, preferably by winning big elections. Practically, this means governors and senators, preferably from large and/or swing states. Among the top tier of candidates, only Mitt Romney (Massachusetts) and........ Rick Perry (Texas), yes Rick Perry qualify on this front, and Governor Perry has disappointed as a campaigner so you can almost stick a fork in him. Ex-Governor & Ex--U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman (Utah) have generated minimal support, but he out of all the GOP candidates is the most well-positioned to take on President Obama & win because he doesn't come off as a scary, or a loon or too hardcore for voters who are independent/moderate.

Meanwhile, the rest of the field has included Herman Cain, a radio host who could have surprised political pols had not been for the various women who came out against him who alleged he had either sexual harassed them or affairs with them, former Senator Rick Santorum, who had been at the bottom of the barrel has found new life in a new polls showing him surging with the Iowa Caucuses only 5 days away, & two sitting members of the House, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul), and a former Speaker of the House Newton "Newt" Gingrich who was forced to resign in disgrace by his own party more than a decade ago & someone who I said could give Obama a run for his money if he somehow makes it to the general election.

The Tea Party mobilization within the Republican Party scared off or silenced many establishment Republicans, and nourished several weak and improbable candidates. It has also moved the entire debate far to the right, with candidates trying to cultivate the enthusiasm demonstrated by Tea Partiers.

Because he started organizing and fundraising early, and because he has been willing to pander to the Tea Party, Governor Romney has survived all of this, but left little space and money for anyone else from the party establishment. Romney has been unable to increase his support, and thus far, no one else has been able to topple him.

While journalists and political junkies may fantasize about the excitement of a brokered convention, it’s likely that one of the candidates still in the field will win the nomination through the primary process. If it’s Governor Romney, he will be a less than inspiring choice for the Tea Partiers and some evangelicals at the Republican base, but he will have made enough pandering statements to them to fill the ads of his Democratic opponents.

Any of the other Republican candidates would be substantially weaker in a general election. Either way, the Tea Party has had the perverse effect of helping the electoral prospects of its prime target.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Peach State's "Affirmative Action" Racial Redistricting

Racial Gerrymandering is no longer needed if you ask me. I'm a strong believer that majority-minority districts are no longer needed because blacks have made vast improvements in American society. The strides blacks have made in American society are greater than any other minority group in this country. But I will admit that black had the furthest to go & blacks still occupy a lower socioeconomic position in society, but chooses to focus on the improvements blacks have made.

Those arguing for majority-minority districts believe that because of continued racism whites will not vote for black candidates, which is not true. Look at former Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder as examples of Black(Moderate) candidates who won contest in their perspective states.

Now those candidates with drastically liberal views, be if they're black or white, will rarely be elected to office in the south. Blacks constitute an ideological minority and this explains their inability to be elected in the south. When blacks are elected in the south it is often because they are conservative.

One thing is certain, that the creation of majority-minority districts unfairly stigmatizes black voters. It gives the perception that blacks are relegated to a position of helplessness in our society. They can get no where in society unless they are given special favors. Further, underlying the creation of majority-minority districts is the premise that race is the most important factor when choosing representatives. Creating districts categorizes people in terms of race that is a dangerous practice. The entire goal of the civil rights movement was to stop viewing people in terms of race and to start viewing people in terms of individuals and the majority-minority districting system does just that.

Despite the fact that blacks are in general more liberal on some issues, majority-minority districts are not necessary for blacks to win elections. Those supporting racial gerrymandering commonly believe that 65 percent of a district must be black to ensure a black representative will be elected. However, a number of blacks have been elected in districts in which less that 50 percent of the districts’ population was black. (Sanford Bishop, Floyd Griffin, State Senate in 1992, Michael Thurmond, State House in 1986)

Also interests are not linked to race. In other words, a white person can represent the interest of blacks just as a black can represent the interests of whites. This is because interests can not be identified solely on the basis of race. Substantive representation is more important that descriptive representation. Descriptive representation has no bearing on substantive representation. there is no guarantee that a black official will support the same policies as most blacks do. Gerrymandering is becoming an ineffective method of ensuring minority representation. When majority-minority districts are created, first a pocket of blacks must be target. We are running out of areas to target and create majority-minority districts. 10 years from now, we can expect severe limitations on what can be achieved by relying on the creation of black districts to ensure the election of black politicians.

Yesterday, the Department of Justice approved the new maps redrawn by Georgia Republicans & as a result the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus has threatened to fight the DOJ over the "Affirmative Action" Racial Gerrymandering Maps.

How to best draw representational lines raises a fundamental philosophical and practical issue for African-Americans--the problem of duality. The problem takes many forms: integration versus separation, inclusion versus communal obligation, and as we can see in the reapportionment battle, direct representation by blacks versus black influence over mostly white officeholders. Strong arguments can be made on both sides. 10 years ago, Many African-American political leaders, including many members of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, felt that having direct representation is more important than preserving or "saving" white Democratic seats. So they, along with the-then minority Republicans came together to create more black districts, which in effect hung white rural democrats out to dry. As a result of those actions, you now have a democratic legislature that is 98% Black. Now they're saying the new maps discriminate against African Americans. Black Dems suck as Rep Tyrone Brooks (R-Atlanta) who led the effort to maximize black representation now have to lay in the bed they made themselves.

"Affirmative Action Racial Gerrymandering," as I call it, creates more division within the state and may not be in the best long-term self-interest of the African-American community. Drawing districts--whether they be school districts, city or county council districts, legislative districts, or U.S. House districts--with a first priority of maximizing the number of majority-minority districts re segregates communities, causes representatives to see issues mainly in terms of black and white, divides communities into multiple districts so that they lose a clear single voice devoted to them, and has a general negative impact on race relations. Creating majority African American districts tends to pack districts with African-American voters so that representatives from neighboring nearly all-white districts pay little attention to the needs of blacks.

Concentrating black voters in districts to elect black representatives dilute support among other representatives for bills favored by blacks. Spreading black voters across more districts resulted in the election of representatives who were more sensitive to black interests. Its a waste of time & effort for democrats to go to court over the maps. Just Let it be! With 63 democrats in the house, 20 in the senate, this map will force democrats to compete in areas that they had written off in the past. The "Big Tent Party" now has to live up to that monikor & re-open it arms for conservative-minded democrats in its ranks. If not, then they better get comfortable being in the wilderness for the next 10, 20, 30 years.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

We'll Be Back After New Year's 2012

Peanut Politics will be back roaring & ready to go in January 2012. Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Businessman Thomas Coogle II to run for Georgia State House in 2012

Yesterday at the Macon County Courthouse, BlueDog Democrat Thomas L "Tom" Coogle II (D-Montezuma) announced his candidacy for State Representative HD 135 (139 under new proposed map) which includes Dooly, Macon, Taylor & southern Peach County. Incumbent Lynmore James (D-Montezuma) will step down after the 2012 legislative session due to various health issues he's been dealing with over that last few years.

Coogle, a 33 year old Businessman & Vice-President of Reynolds Foodliner hopes to succeed James as representative to bring about more jobs to the district which includes Macon County, the third poorest county in the state of Georgia. This will be Coogle's first time running for elected office

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs is the key issue for Coogle, who business background gives him an advantage over other potential candidates, which includes Taylor County Commissioner Patty Bentley who announced her candidacy back in October.

Coogle says he's running as a Democrat, but hopes to bridge the gap between the two political parties under the Gold Dome in Atlanta.

A father of three, Coogle is a Lutheran, member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Macon County Chamber of Commerce & the Georgia Food industry Association & a graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University. His wife Jill Tatum-Coogle is a elementary school teacher for the Macon County School System

Coogle's grandfather T.L. Coogle a Conservative Democrat served as State Representative from 1948-56.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

2012 a Litmus Test for Georgia Dems?

With the 2011 season coming to a end, now is the time to start talking about the 2012 political season.

With all of the attention being to paid to happenings up on Capitol Hill & rightfully so, down here in Georgia, 2012 will be sort of a litmus test for the future of the Georgia Democratic Party.

Now if you want to talk about a party that's at a serious crossroads look no further than the State Democratic Party here in the Peach State & 2012 will be the year that sets the tone for the party going forward

Operatives at the State Party have to decide what direction the party should they want to continue to take it to the murky waters of the left, which will never gain a strong foothold here in the empire state of the they want to reposition it to what it was when they had its most successes of the 1990s all the way up to 2001......back to the center?

There are some who think that taking the party to the left will eventually appeal to everyday mainstream Georgians who mostly are centrist/conservative in nature. NO IT WILL NO'T!

There are those who think that the Latino population will rescue the party from its doldrums, but you're talking about 10-15 years down the line. And there's no guarantee that the Latino population will continue to increase here in Georgia over the next few years & who's to say that they will be a monolithic voting bloc for the party like African-American have been for over 45 years? Do you really want to put all of your eggs in that basket?

I remember attending a democratic party meeting down in South Georgia last year where a white liberal burst out saying..."Hey let's forget about the white working class vote, we don't need then anymore" & let's focus on increasing our minority strength here in Georgia. Now that's where the "Let's wait for the population to shift" theory comes in. That kind of attitude will absolutely hurt the party even more in its attempt to appeal to Whites.

There will be some Conservative Democrats running for office next year for the state legislature & it will present the democrats with another opportunity to show that they are really a BIG TENT PARTY because right now that moniker doesn't apply to them. Its not healthy for the party in the long run....hell RIGHT NOW to be a party basically made up of only majority Black Georgians, sprinkled with Latinos, Gays, Lesbians & a handful of Urban/Suburban White Liberals.

2012 will the litmus test for the party. Will they show a openness for helping elect Moderate/Conservative Democrats, black or white? Or will they continue to support one track minded, out of touch, weak candidates who can only appeal to one demographic & have the inability to appeal to those who doesn't share the same views as they do?

The key person to keep an eye on is Miguel Camacho who was elected to recruit candidates for the party. This is a whole different ballgame, this isn't Chatham County where you can look around the corner to find a candidate with a snap of a finger, you're talking about statewide, especially Rural Georgia where he's got to find democratic candidates that has the ability to appeal, to connect to every person no matter of race, religion or background. That's going to be the hard part for Camacho who probably has never ventured to isolated areas of rural central 7 South Georgia

Friday, October 21, 2011

Herman Cain Needs Sam Nunn Right Now

Former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain is on a roll right now despite what some like David Gergen, a highly respected Political Analyst are saying that Cain has hit his ceiling or hit his peak. Yes Cain took some hits during the last debate especially over his 999 Plan, but that comes with the territory when you have the big "MO" going for you.

Cain will be fine with his 999 Plan, as well as his entire economic proposal, but he needs to get a serious crash course in the Foreign Policy Arena & that's his biggest weakness to date.

That's why he should turn to fellow Georgian & former Democratic U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, who who knowledge of foreign policy runs much deeper then those currently in the GOP field as well as those in Congress.

Nunn is highly respected in in this area by many, democrats, republicans, independents, foreign policy experts alike. Cain should reach out to Nunn to be his Consultant on Foreign Policy to show many than he is serious (not to say that he isn't) about a run for the White House in 2012.

Nunn who advises President Obama from time to time on Foreign Policy would give Cain a heavy hitter to beat back charges from critics that he's not the man voters would want in the White House to answer that 3 a.m. Call.

The GOP nomination is wide despite what the polls say & if Cain could get a man of Sam Nunn's wisdom on his campaign team, that would only strengthen the main who manage to beat back stage 4 cancer or he wouldn't be here today making this historic run for the GOP Nomination

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will Austin Scott Go Unopposed in 2012?

That's the question I've heard from readers of this blog lately & my answer is.....He should be!

Scott, the 8th Congressional District Congressman who rode the Tea Party, anti-government, anti-Obama, anti-Pelosi wave to defeat Vietnam Veteran & BlueDog Democrat Jim Marshall will be up for re-election for the 8th , which has been altered to reassure his re-election as 95% of democratic stronghold Bibb County has been moved in the 2nd Congressional District of Sanford Bishop, while absorbing some of Jack Kingston's 1st CD pending approval of the courts & DOJ

As it looks right now, he won't be challenged in the primary like some of his fellow Georgia GOP Congressmen will be in 2012. So.......How about the General Election?

Its hard for me to see a freshman congressman go unopposed in a newly redrawn district, so I say yes, he will be challenged in the General Election.

So the next question would be from who?

Well, you can write off Jim Marshall making a return. With Saxby Chambliss U.S. Senate seat up for re-election in 2014, as well as Gov. Nathan Deal, its a safe bet that he will seriously look at one of those seats, probably governor.

DuBose Porter, forget about it. With Laurens possibly being in the 12th, that's unlikely, besides he already gone on record twice, that he's not interested in running for congress.....governor, I suspect is still in his sights.

Could someone move into the 8th & challenge him like Maria Sheffield could be planning to do against John Barrow? Yes!

If he does get a challenge, it could come from four places: Monroe County, Houston County, Ben Hill County, Wilcox County.

There's one guy down living down in the wiregrass of South Georgia who's laying in the weeds right now. He's a Christian Conservative, his wife is a senior pastor at a south Georgia Church, he's been a mayor, good friends with Jack Kingston, served on numerous state boards, Army Veteran, he has been listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers four times, and was selected as "Teacher of the Month", and was nominated as "Teacher of the Year & a few years ago was selected as one of Georgia Trends 40 under 40, & he's a country boy......I'm talking about...................

12th CD: Don't Look Now, But Here Comes The Carpetbagger From Cobb

Former Insurance Commissioner candidate Maria Sheffield is the latest GOPer to consider running in the newly proposed 12th District against John Barrow (D-?????)...Barrow plans to relocate in the 12th, where, no one knows. I suggest Metter (Candler County) or Statesboro.

But back to Sheffield, she says she “has been approached by business, community, government, tea party and Republican leaders” to enter the contest. Are these the 12th CD business, community, government, tea party, republican leaders? Or are these folks from the Metro Area she currently resides?

Now get a load of this explanation she sent to her spokeswoman, Kathryn Ballou:

”My family – the Sheffield family – has long and deep roots in this special part of Georgia. For many years my father lived in Laurens County. Many of my family members still live in Laurens.

“The interesting fact is that my potential opponent is from Athens and lives in Savannah – neither of which is in the 12th District. The bottom-line is the people of the 12th District — if I run — will have a choice between my opponent, who is from Athens, lives in Savannah, and supports President Obama or myself with deep family roots in Laurens County and opposes the liberal agenda of President Obama.”

Well........John Barrow’s family has lived, worked, farmed, taught, practiced law, and preached in east Georgia for over 7 generations, so he like Sheffield has deep, deep family roots in the 12th District

So let me get this right, its wrong for Barrow to relocate within his district to continue representing his constituents, but its ok for you to move from Suburban Cobb County into Rural Laurens County to run for a congressional seat?

Many of you may remember the old 12th that was created included Athens, which was Barrow's home at the time. After he defeated Max Burns for the seat in 2004, the GOP orchestrated a mid-decade redistricting plan that took out Barrow's home of Athens & placing it in the 10th CD, which led Barrow to relocate within HIS district to continue serving the people of the 12th. With that came the "Carpetbagger" charge against him.

Its understandable to see why many GOPers see Barrow's seat as a easy one to steal away, but like I said before, do not underestimate John Barrow abilty as a campaigner because he's one of the hardest campaigners I've ever seen, plus new counties like Laurens, Telfair, Wheeler, Coffee are not like Columbia & Appling Counties, which are ruby red high performing republican areas.

So for many who think Barrow's goose is cooked, in the words of ESPN College GameDay Commentator Lee Corso....NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!!!!

Thoughts on Last Night's Montezuma Debate

I attended last night's debate over in Montezuma held by the Macon County NAACP for the Mayoral & City Council seats & I came away impressed by the individuals on stage last night.

It was a smooth debate among the candidates for 3 seats currently held by Incumbents Charles Ivey, Norman Carter & a open seat left vacant by Jim Trask who decided against re-election on the Montezuma City Council & the two up for the mayoral seat currently held by Willie Larry

Newcomers Judy Gilmore, who moved back to Montezuma in 1999 after a long stint in Savannah (30 yrs), Judy Hasselkus, who moved here from Clearwater Florida in 2002 & is currently a member of the Macon County Chamber of Commerce, Beau Palmer, a opera singer who also moved back to Montezuma a coupe of years ago did fairly well in last night's debate

Incumbents Charles Ivey & Norman Carter didn't miss a beat as they both showed a great knack of the issues facing the city of Montezuma. Both gave very impressive performances & didn't hurt themselves among those in the audience & listening on Radio WMNZ 1050 AM which carried the debate live.

Tarshea Fudge-Riley showed why she is considered the favorite for one of the council seats at one time going head to head with Incumbent Mayor Willie Larry. She was sharp, crisp & quick on the answers & it would surprise me if she didn't win it this time around.

Although she didn't say much during the debate, but Judy Hasselkus was solid in her performance. Her problem could be that she is low key, but she has signs signs all around montezuma.

Incumbent Mayor Willie Larry & challenger LeVonda Journey- Bush are both fighting for the chance to be Montezuma's next Mayor in next month's municipal elections. I must say I was surprised how effective Journey-Bush was in the debate, especially for a first time candidate. She felt very comfortable in her own skin, she was precise & direct with her answers & clearly was the better debater over Mayor Larry who didn't perform all than well, at times reading his answers from a sheet of paper he had at his disposal.

The winners: LeVonda-Journey Bush, Tarshea Riley, Charles Ivey, Norman Carter, Dee Gilmore

The Losers were: Mayor Willie Larry, Frank Lester III

My prediction on who might win:

City Council:

Tarshea Fudge-Riley, Charles Ivey, Norman Carter.....BUT (It wouldn't surprise me if Dee Gilmore or Judy Hasselkus wins one of those three council seats)


If the disdain of City Hall is legit, LeVonda Journey Bush will defeat Willie J. Larry on 11/8/2011. Larry is the favorite because of name recognition, but based on what I saw in last night's debate, it wouldn't surprise me if Journey-Bush unseat the long-time mayor of Montezuma. From my view, Mayor Larry is running on the status quo & for a city that has lost so much over the last 6 years, that may not be enough this time....but I could be wrong!

Looking ahead to 2012, if Mayor Larry wins re-election one have to believe that Councilman Charles Ivey will get a serious push to run for Mayor. He has all the tools to become a great mayor, question is would he make that jump?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crucial Debate Tonight for Races for Montezuma City Council & Mayoral Seats

Tonight there will be a debate at the Preston Williams Center in Montezuma for seats on the Montezuma City Council, as well as the office for Mayor.

Incumbent Willie J. Larry is facing a tough challenge from LaVonda Bush-Journey.

Incumbent City Councilmen Charles Ivey & Norman Carter seats are up as well as Jim Trask, who decided not to seek re-election.

Challenging for the three seats are:

Tarshea Fudge-Riley who narrowly lost by a razor-thin margin in her first bid for council back a few years ago.

Frank Lester, who lost his seat last time around & is looking to get back on the city council this time around

And you have first time candidates Beau Palmer, Judy Hasselkus & Judy "Dee" Gilmore

All Council seats are elected citywide...

Issues likely to dominate the forum are: 1) The future of manufacturing plant Allens, Inc. 2) The contined rising cost of water/sewage rates that are plaging the citizens of Montezuma, with no answer as to why were the water/sewage rates were increased in the first place. 3) Economic Develpoment. 4) Transparency in City Government, etc, etc, etc

Macon County Branch 2011 Political Forum
When: Tuesday Oct 18th 2011
Where: Preston Williams Community Center-Montezuma, GATime:
TBA (5pm or 6pm)
For: Cities of Ideal and Montezuma All candiates, incumbents and citizens invited to attend

Monday, October 17, 2011

Conservative Democrat Jammie Williams (D-Sharpsburg) to run in Special Election for SD 28

Conservative Democrat Jammie Williams (D-Sharpsburg) is one of 7,8,9, (who's counting) candidates to throw his hat in the ring to succeed Outgoing State Senator Mitchell Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) for Senate District 28.

Williams came to Georgia three years ago from Michigan. He works at Tie Down Engineering in Atlanta, which is involved in the metal fabrication of parts supplying the Marine aftermark.

The Christian Conservative says Tax breaks for small businesses hiring locally and restoring the original funding goals for HOPE Scholarship are two of the main issues. Williams will be running on in the special election.

Says Williams in the Newnan Times-Herald: "I want to see us having the right policies going forward so we don't harm ourselves. Those policies include better tax breaks for small businesses, getting control of the state's water, and refunding cuts to HOPE". "We need to give tax breaks to small businesses that hire locally," he said. And I'm a strong supporter of HOPE," Williams added. "If we are going to support businesses in the area, we have to give them quality employees. We need to restore HOPE to its original funding."

Its good to see a democrat from Coweta County run for this seat, a conservative one at that! Williams mix of Conservatism, Christian Values & Military Service is a great for for the conservative district

The Special Election set for early November is non-partisan

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Georgia Democratic Leadership Council: Would it be the answer to the party's woes?

Could a organization like this be beneficial to the party & state like it was for the National Democrats at one point in time? I think so!

Like the National Democratic Party of the 1980s, the Georgia Democratic Party are out of power and along with it the lack of new ideas coming from the party.

Like the National Democratic Party, the Georgia Democratic Party have gotten too cozy with the left wing of the party, mimicking everything the National Party Stands for nowadays. Regardless how far to the right the Republicans have gone in two years, that doesn't mean that the party should march to their left corner as well. There's a big gap that's not being filled in the political arena right now & that's the middle.

There still should be some soul searching going on in the party of Sam Nunn, Zell Miller, Herman Talmadge.

In the wake of the Georgia Democratic Party's landslide defeat in 2010, losing every single constitutional statewide office, legislative seats along with party switching, there should be members of the legislature, even on down to the local level who are middle of the road conservatives who should come together & form a organization that would focused on re-orienting the Democratic Party toward swing voters, independents & even deserters of the party to craft a policy agenda that spoke to their concerns.

So how about creating Georgia's version of the now defunct Democratic Leadership Council, the Georgia Democratic Leadership Coalition.

The creation of such a potential transformative organization for the political landscape of the state would be healthy not only for the party, but for the people of Georgia. It could still adhere to the first principles of the Democratic Party, but furthered them with fresh ideas and modern means coined in centrist/conservative terms, the citizens of Georgia would once again turn to them for statewide leadership.

But for this to happen, the party needs New Blood in its ranks to make it a reality. There are a few current democratic legislators would be perfect for such a organization like this, but it'll take some newbies to make it happen.

The Party need a new generation of leaders whose political philosophies are in line with the state as a whole, which is center/right who can transcend party, race & gender lines. Those types would be ideal for such a organization. But you have to find these kind of leaders & once you find them, you them have to persuade him or her to run & that's where it gets tricky.

So to my new left democrats don't scoff at the idea. All you have to do is look at the numbers, 63, 20 & 0.....that is 63 State Reps, 20 State Senators, 0 Statewide officials & tell me why wouldn't this work?

Friday, September 30, 2011

(Updated with Video) Baldwin County's Howell Visits Washington D.C.

Conservative Democrat & 2010 HD 141 Candidate Quentin T. Howell (D-Hardwick) was in Washington D.C. on Wednesday as part of a congressional delegation to meet the administration of President Obama as he talked about issues that are facing rural Georgia & voicing the concerns of everyday hardworking families. Howell asked citizens to submit questions to him to take to officials of the Obama Administration during this trip

Howell, a local Radio Host which broadcast across much of central Georgia & community activist says: "this is for Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party members, liberals and conservatives alike,” He goes on to say “Our community has been on life-support for a long time. It is going to take action across political lines and outside of our comfort zones to make us well again"

The Obama administration officials have met with rural leaders from states across the nation to find out information from the people.

Howell said the people in the group all share a passion for their communities.“The people who are going have been extremely active throughout their cities and counties,” he said. “Within the group from across the state, we will be part of a group hoping to narrow the focus on middle Georgia.”

Like much of Georgia, Baldwin County where Howell resides has been hit extremely hard by job losses over the past decade. Howell has made it his mission to turn the fortunes around in Baldwin County who job looses range from the Rheem Manufacturing Plant closing to the closing of two of its prisons to name a few.

Howell, who said he plans to focus on jobs, has taken part in administration discussions before, previously with members of the George W. Bush administration.

Howell ran for HD 141 last year getting 43% of the vote against Rusty Kidd (I). Not bad for a first time candidate. The odds are that he will make another run for HD 141 in 2012 against Kidd.

This is a great example of what a "PUBLIC SERVANT" is supposed to be. Only if we had more like Quentin T. Howell

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dr. Jeane Dugas Resigns as DPG Chairman of the 2nd Congressional District

After 8 months on the job, Dr. Jeanne Dugas former Chairwoman of the Muscogee County Democratic Party resigned from her post as Chairman of the 2nd Congressional District for the Democratic Party of Georgia last week according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Reason why Dr. Dugas is unknown.

Dugas, a liberal democrat, who hails from Columbus ran for the 2nd Congressional District seat back in January at the DPG Leadership Elections held in Warner Robins, bested her opponent (yours truly) Conservative Democrat Keith MacCants, Founder & Editor of Peanut Politics & ex-Vice-Chair of the Macon County Democratic Party to succeed Margaret Tyson who didn't seek re-election.

There will be a special election held in November to elect a new Chairman of the 2nd Congressional District to finish our the four year term.

So who wants it?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

GGW (GOP Gone Wild): What's their Real Goal?

Every since the 2010 elections in which the GOP won 60+ seats in the House of Representatives, the GOP have pretty much blocked, delayed, or stalled anything the president puts forward to try to get this economy moving again.

Every since last year's elections, the GOP (Grand 'Ol Party) ideology has harden to extreme levels to the point that "Compromise" is now a dirty word in Republican Circles.

So my question is what is exactly the republican's goal here?

They say its to reduce the deficit (which many agree), cut spending (yep) & reform entitlements (ok), but today’s Republican Party instead is holding our country’s fiscal solvency hostage in order to achieve radical ideological and political goals.

The ideological motivation for hardline conservatives here is that they think they finally have within their grasp their dream of drowning in the bathtub; any portion of government that benefits the middle class, working class, or poor. They have long wanted to get rid (or drastically) Medicare, Social Security, investments in infrastructure and education, and the social safety net, but they know that such steps would be politically disastrous for them. So, Republicans have spent the past 30 years driving up deficits in order to create a situation where voters feel that we “must” destroy government programs in order to restore fiscal sanity.

Now I admit, government has gotten way too big & have made a mess of things here in the U.S. but why would you hit SS, Medicare, things that many are relying on in today's weak economy?

Now I haven't been a been a supporter of the president & some of his policies, but Im going to come to his defense here: Under Republican presidents, they have drove the deficits up during the Reagan and Bush 41 & 43 Administrations by then record numbers & now it seems that the years prior to 2008 didn't exist & now UN-OH look our deficit is spiraling out of control under president Obama. Yes the president has added to a already skyrocketing deficit & debt, but you need to acknowledge that all this got started long before Obama got into the White House.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Path to Poverty plan devotes all of the “savings” from abolishing Medicare and cutting social programs to further reductions in taxes for the wealthy, rather than to deficit reduction. And that is why the Republicans are opposing a balanced approach to deficit reduction that involves both spending cuts and revenue increases and, instead, pushing for a “Cut, Cap, and Balance” approach that involves $5.5 trillion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and discretionary social spending, and zero in new revenue. The way I loom at it, their priority is destroying government, not reducing the deficit.

The GOP’s pathological intransigence is also motivated by the cold economic calculation that a bad economy bodes well for their desire to defeat President Obama in 2012. That is why from the day that President Obama took office in January 2009, the Republicans have done everything they can to prevent job creation, including weakening the stimulus bill, (who depending who you ask work or didn't work) filibustering TANF and extended unemployment benefits, refusing to approve non-controversial appointees to important positions in the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve, and opposing tax relief to small businesses and a temporary cut in payroll taxes that they supported before Obama was President. And in 2010, the GOP campaigned on jobs, but they still have yet to propose any legislation that would create actual jobs. And then they rattled the economy and the markets by pushing our nation to the brink of having to default on its debt. As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has made clear, the Republicans’ number one priority is not job creation or economic recovery but, instead, is to try to ensure that President Obama is defeated in 2012. Holding the debt ceiling increase hostage in the name of dismantling our government is a critical part of the GOP’s attempt to achieve that goal.

In short, the GOP has walked away from the debt ceiling negotiations because their goals are destroying government and defeating President Obama, not because they want to reduce the deficit. It is sad that today’s GOP has put their ideological hatred of government that helps anyone but the rich, and their dislike of our President, love him or hate him is trying his best!

I can see this ad being remade in 2012 by the Republican Nominee against Incumbent Barack Obama

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lyndon Johnson in '68....Barack Obama in '12?

An unpopular Vietnam War, Partisan Divisions in Congress & among the American People, Economic Woes & the rise of the anti-War New Left & Neo-Liberalism were reasons Lyndon Johnson decided not to seek re-election in 1968

Are a worsening Economy, rising Unemployment, sinking poll numbers, exrteme partisan divide in Congress & among the American People where the word 'compromise' has become a dirty word, deep animosity towards his presidency & the rise of the anti-government Tea Party will be reasons president Obama decides not to run for re-election? Not in a million years, but you have to wonder..........

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Montezuma Election 2011: Your Vote, Your Voice, You Decide!

This coming November will be no doubt the most important city election Montezuma has ever witness as the direction & future of the city will be decided in November.

4 years ago saw the election of Bobby Lewis & Carl Peaster to the Montezuma City Council, while Tarschea Fudge Riley came within inches of victory.

Well here we are again as Incumbent Mayor Willie J Larry of Montezuma will have to defend his record as Montezuma Mayor, which has been less than stellar as LeVonda Journey-Bush will seek to unseat him as mayor of the City. This maybe the best shot to unseat Larry who was elected in 1999 as the city continues to deteriorate. If Larry runs on his lackluster record, his goose is cooked!! COOKED!!!! Expect him to run a personality based campaign to distract voters from his not-so-stellar record as mayor. Journey-Bush who has been a regular at the Montezuma City Council Meetings will be making her first bid for office, but she will a formidable candidate, make no mistake about it!

JOBS, ECONOMIC DEVELPOMENT, PUBLIC SAFETY, ACCOUNTABILITY are the issues in this election. You can also apply this to the city council races as well

Also incumbent City Councilmen Charles Ivey, Norman Carter & Jim Trask will have to defend their seats against challengers Beau Palmer, Frank Lester III (who previously served as councilman), Juliath 'Dee' Gilmore, Judy Hasselkus & Tarschea Fudge-Riley who lost by a mere margin back in 2007.

No need to highlight elections of Oglethorpe, Ideal, Marshallville. Montezuma is the one to watch!

The race to watch is Montezuma as the city has been hit hard by loss of businesses, jobs, friction among the city council members & the mayor. One of the main issues will he the ridiculously high wate & sewage rates the voters have been saddle with for years now..........some citizens have seen their bill go as high as $290, even higher!

This is what I call a BACK DOOR TAX INCREASE!

The city is definitely at a crossroads with no light at the end of the tunnel. Rumors of its major employer Allens, Inc leaving town continues, the loss of population over a 10 year period deepens & with no real plan for the city on the horizon, this is a opportunity for voters to make it known that they are fed up with the lack of progress the city has made & want to stop the regression the city has been in during the last 6 years.

I rarely cover happenings in my home county, but I will be keeping my eye on this one leading up to November

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

President Obama: The Least Respected President in our Lifetime?

President Obama will go down as the least respected president in our lifetime.

President Barack Obama wanted to deliver his economic speech to the joint session of Congress next Wednesday. House Speaker John Boehner, told him no. He'll have to do it on the 8th. Boehner cited a scheduling conflict, but the real "conflict" appears to be the GOP presidential debate scheduled for the same date. The president has been forced to capitulate and will now have to compete with the opening night of the NFL season for viewers.

What may seem like a minor slight underscores the crux of the problem in Washington: A blatant, sustained and unabashed disrespect of the president of the United States of America.

And it is historic.

Never in our nation's history has a president been publicly denied access to the chamber for an address, according to the House historian.

This is just the latest in a string of eyebrow-raising and even historic slights..

And for those who want to say it's just partisan politics as usual, or just the kind of thing that goes with being an unpopular president, let's consider a few lowlights:

The "You lie!" shout from South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson during the president's speech on health care reform before the joint session of Congress in Sept. 2009

The recent posturing, walk-outs and tantrums thrown over the debt ceiling debate, which eventually led to our country's credit being downgraded.

Newt Gingrich referring to the president as "the food stamp president" and saying that Pres. Obama "knows how to get the whole country to resemble Detroit

Congressman Mitch McConnell's bold proclamation that he wants to be Senate Majority Leader to make sure that Obama is a one-term president.

Rush Limbaugh saying that he wants to see this president fail. (Note: Limbaugh has modified that statement to say he meant his "policies." But when it was said, it was less than a year into Obama's presidency and he was still cleaning up the mess from the previous president's policies, which Limbaugh had very little to say about during the Bush era).

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck declaring on the air that the president hates white people" and "the white culture."

Television personality Donald Trump's over-the-top taunting of the president, hyping unprecedented demands to see the president's birth certificate.

The shouts of "We want our country back!" by the Tea Party. (Where has it gone?)

And the frequent habit of not calling the president by his proper honorific: "President Obama", rather than just "Obama" -- by quite a few elected officials, pundits and others.

The question among some of us who love this country and want to see it succeed is what is all of this really all about? Because it just seems as if there is a pissing contest going on, but the only ones getting wet are the American people; many of whom are suffering through the worst economy of their lives.

Some may call this obstructionism. But I think there's something else going on here. And despite what many people are saying, there is also a 'Racial Undercurrent" to this as well, make no mistake about it, (so much for a post racial society). But if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck...

At the very least it's un-American. Because while all of this is going on, Americans are suffering.
This shouldn't be about President Obama. All 535 lawmakers who were sent to Washington to make a difference must ask themselves this question: is opposing everything this president does for the sake of opposition, or worse for a more insidious reason, helping this nation get back on her feet?

If the answer is no, then they need to knock it off. And if they're not going to do it, it's time for the silent majority to do it for them. Enough is enough!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rep. Clarence J. Brown - Socialism, 1949

Listen to his Congressman descibe what socialism is......

Herman Talmadge 1974 Interview

Listen Closely!

Oh, The Minority Party Blues: The Present and Future of the Georgia Democratic Party

Following the 2002 elections, the Democratic Party was on its way to being firmly ensconced as Georgia's New Minority Party. Roy Barnes loss in 2002 & again in 2010to NathanDEAL Democratic Party will have been absent from the Governor's Mansion for at least another 4 or 8 years depending on the circumstances. The legislative side, they lost the state senate due to party switchers & retirements & in 2005 lost the house due to division & disagreements among the Black Urban Democrats & White Rural Democrats.

But the Democrats’ status as the minority party is not just a product of its failure to recapture the Governor's Mansion; Democrats’ fortunes have been declining in all three facets of a political party’s existence: in government, in the electorate, and as an organization.

At the state level, the Democratic party in government has declined from its once dominant position losing every single statewide constitutional office last year. Only at the local level democrats still reign supreme, but that's too is being threaten by the locomotive that is the Republic Party of Georgia. The democrats here in Georgia have no where to go but up. Demographic changes are one of the keys democrats can start winning again. But that doesn't mean that they should totally write off white voters in its quest to regain some of its lost stature as the party who was responsible of making Georgia the jewel of the south, the empire state of the south, the leading state of the south.

How did they get to this point has to do with political realignment, new citizens moving in from all parts of the country who didn't know what all the Georgia Democratic Party had done to make Georgia such a attractive place to live & raise a family. But poor decisions by party leaders have also contributed to the decline. Taken together, realignment and the Democrats’ own behavior, the growth of the state of Georgia and its increasing identification with the
Republican Party have made it difficult for Democrats to win in a state once considered
a Democratic stronghold go a long toward explaining how Democrats ended up in the minority.

Like much of the South, the state as a whole is becoming more conservative. Republicans set out to attract “traditional” Democrats who felt at odds with their party on issues of national security, law and order, preferential treatment for women and minorities, and social issues such as abortion and school prayer, etc.

But one should not solely attribute the Democrats’ misfortunes to the processes of realignment.
Democrats themselves certainly share in the blame, as many of their decisions over the past ten years have proven unwise. Not having organized county party committees, a built-in ground game (Grassroots Organization), developing a bench of democratic talent (a Farm Team) & nomination candidates who cannot appeal statewide ( like Georganna Sinkfield Secretary who ran for Secretary of State last year & Jim Martin who was the U.S. Senate nominee in 2008) for example.

While the Democrats’ tendency to nominate liberals for Metro Atlanta or liberals from other progressive bastions from the state that has kept them from winning races for statewide, it is not as if they haven’t been trying extremely hard to break out of that rut.

The remaining Democrats in state government are charged with trying to promote the Democratic agenda or at least slow down the Republican Agenda. But Democrats also faced the challenge of rebuilding the party organization in a way that might make future electoral success possible.

The first task for Democrats was the selection of new leadership to reinvigorating the party Organization: (Michael Berlon: Chair of DPG, Stacey Abrams: House Minority Leader, Steve Henson: Senate Minority Leader). Without an occupant in the Mansion, Democrats would rely on a these people to be both the public face of the Democrats in government as well as the field general, marshalling the Democratic response to the Republican agenda. The selection of Michael Berlon over Darryl Hicks who made two unsuccessful statewide attempts for office showed that democrats wanted a progressive counterpoint to the republicans instead of a centrist approached offered by Darryl Hicks.

And while this was largely received as a win for the Progressive vision for the Democratic Party, Berlon also worked to reach out to the center in an effort to broaden the appeal of the Democratic Party.

Together, Berlon, Abrams & Henson face the task of working together to create a viable
message for Georgia Democrats as well as substantive positions on a host of issues. But they didn't stick together when it came to the revamping of the valued Hope Scholarship, which willl make it extremely harder for rural stsudents, as well as students in low performing school districts to obtain a Hope Scholarship so they can attend a college of their choice. Now students have to make a 3.7 GPA in order to obtaion one of these scholarships.

The immediate future of the Democratic Party looks to be a trying time. On the other hand, however, the prospects for ascension to the majority party in Congress are extremely limited but promising. First off, they must get their organization down here below the Gnat Line together. Secondly, Young Democrats of Georgia Committees must be set up in many counties as possible, as well as high school campuses in addition to college campuses like Ft Valley State, Georgia Southwestern State, South Georgia College, Gordon College, Albany State, Brewton-Parter College. Third, they must recruit candidates that fits the background of a house or Senate District. A one size fits all method isn't going to work. I know a few candidates who ran in red districts tried to run as progressive. Not going to Work! Fourth: Stop trying to mimick the DNC. Become the GEORGIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY AGAIN!

And last COMMUNICATION! Patrick Davis who's a politically astute columnist in Macon said this & I quote: "This gap between Atlanta and 'rural' Georgia is still very wide and the Republicans continue to win due to myths and mis-information and I believe this hinders candidate recruitment in various local and state elections. I hate to say this, but as a state party, we are still allowing Republicans to control the debate -- even in counties in which Democrats should do MUCH BETTER in.. One example is Telfair County and its county seat McRae that's usually vote REPUBLICAN. McRae's demographics have dramatically changed in TEN YEARS. It has gone from a population of 2,600 to 5,300. In 2000, it was 53% white, but now in 2010 it is 37% African-American, 32% white and 27% Latino.Where's is the DPG on the issue of immigration reform and HB-87? Local media is non-existent down in this part of Georgia.

And quote Davis again: "Better communication is the main cure for Georgia Democrats. In many places in rural Central and South Georgia, daily media is almost non-existent. So public discourse on an issue such as how the HOPE scholarship being cut and how it... affect rural Georgia goes virtually un-discussed. Most weekly rural newspapers are primarily advertisers with little content or substance. THE DPG has to take on a larger role of getting the Democratic message out. The communication department of the DPG needs to be revamped and expanded. Thus far, those folks have been non-existent.

I absolutely agree with Patrick Davis 100% on this. I have seen stories being reported in the news that occurred 2-3 days ago & sometimes the week before. Communication is key. Hit the small town newspapers, send weekly columns to the editor. This is a area that the party is severely lacking. A state as huge as Georgia, there should be multiple communications people working under Eric Gray at the DPG to get the word at a rapid-like pace.

The democrats have a long, (not too long) way to go before they fix what's been ailing the party.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The GOP's Small, but Still Shrinking Tent!

We always hear that the Democratic Party is the Big Tent Party.

Well............ I question that by the way the left treat more conservative democratic members of its own party & calling for their defeat in contested primary races.

But over in the GOP, their tent is not getting bigger.....Its getting smaller by the day.

Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” Republican Party is getting smaller every day. One wonders who the national Republican leaders expect to vote for them now and in the future.

Richard Nixon traded the Party of Lincoln for votes from former segregationists with his Southern strategy. The black vote post-Nixon is reliably delivered to the Democratic Party.

The fastest growing minority in America these days is Hispanic immigrants. It is certainly proper to deplore illegal immigration and demand that we secure the border. But harsh rhetoric and draconian state laws to harass anyone of Latino descent are delivering this huge potential future vote to the Democrats.

Gay bashing is also a popular sport among right-wingers in the Republican Party, candidates who seem to think gays are all Democrats and a small minority, so they can be trashed with impunity. What they don’t realize is that the younger generation has grown up with gay friends in school, in their family and at work, as more and more people decide to live openly. Young people are really turned off by gay bashing and it confirms their belief that the Republican Party is intolerant and behind the times. Yes, the young vote less than older people but they will get older and they will pay attention and they will vote. Will they vote for the Michelle Bachmanns of the world? Look at the number of young people who voted for the first time for Barack Obama.

The base of the Republican Party of late has been older white people. It works generally because they are the most reliable voting bloc. But Congressman Paul Ryan got all his Republican House colleagues to vote for a budget plan that calls for a drastic change in Social Security. Or, as the Democrats say, it was a vote “to abolish Social Security as we know it.” Yes, Social Security needs reform. But tinkering with means testing and raising the age or other tweaks are one thing—privatizing Social Security is political suicide, it will not happen, and to run around carried away with rhetoric of hardcore republicans will be noted by the older voter.

The middle-class voters out here also see that nothing has changed on Wall Street. Jobs are scarce, wages are in decline. The gap between the very rich and the middle class grows wider every day. And when they see the Republicans as standing in opposition to closing tax loopholes or raising taxes on the very wealthy, they wonder who’s looking out for them. When Republicans quite rightly raise questions about an alarming debt, we are sympathetic. But we also remember that it was the Republicans who spent a trillion dollars on two wars and another trillion on a Medicare prescription drug entitlement without paying for any of it.

Since the Reagan days it has been the goal of conservatives to “starve the beast.” The theory being that if you reduce government revenue there is less money for overweening federal spending and wasteful programs. The Republicans have continued to cut taxes to starve the beast, but they let the beast continue to feast on borrowed money. They ignored the other side of the equation.

So when the Republicans have finally achieved their lemming-like goals and have convinced blacks, Hispanics, gays, young people, the elderly and the middle class that their party doesn’t represent them, who will be left?

There aren’t that many Wall Street brokers and bankers.

For now, many of the traditional Republican voters are still committed to the party. Mostly because the Democrats are even more feckless, leaderless, and ineffectual. There is also widespread antipathy toward President Obama. That’s enough to perhaps give them a victory in the short run. But how long can they depend on the mantra that the Democrats are worse?

Traditional Republican voters do have an option between the Democrats and the Republicans.

They can stay home on Election Day.

The Big Tent is starting to look more like a pup tent every day.

Who will Challenge John Barrow?

With the creation of a republican leaning district, many people expect numerous candidates to come forward to challenge the BlueDog Democrat who first won the seat back in 2004 defeating Max Burns (R).

Potential candidates include:

State Senator Greg Goggins (R-Douglas)

Goggans is a born and raised South Georgian and is a proud graduate of our public schools, ABAC and the University of Georgia. He received his orthodontic and dental training education from the Medical College of Georgia and orthodontic specialty training from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Goggans has operated a successful practice in Coffee County.

State Representative Jon Burns (R-Newington)

Burns graduated from Effingham County High School and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Georgia Southern University. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from John Marshall Law School. Burns is a member and Sunday School Superintendent at Mizpah United Methodist Church. He is a member of the Rotary Club, past member of the Georgia Southern University Alumni Association Board of Directors, Member and Past President of the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Georgia Agribusiness Council, Member and Past President of the Effingham County Young Farmers Organization, member of Sigma Chi Fraternity and proudly served in the Georgia Army National Guard.

State Reprsentative Lee Anderson (R-Grovetown)

Anderson is the hot name being rumored to challenge Barrow for the 12th. Anderson currently serves as state Representative for District 117, which includes Lincoln County, and portions of Columbia and Wilkes Counties. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 2008, and currently serves on the Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Intragovernmental Coordination, Natural Resources and Environment, and Transportation Committees.Representative Anderson now sits on the Columbia County Farm Bureau Board of Directors after serving as President of the organization for over 26 years. He is also a member of the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association and was Chairman of the Georgia Farm Bureau State Young Farmer Committee in 1987. In addition to these leadership roles, he is also an active supporter of several youth organizations, including 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Groups, and the Future Farmers of America. Every year he hosts an annual fishing tournament for these organizations on his property in Columbia County.

Greg Morris (R-Vidalia)

I consider Morris a longshot at making a bid for the 12th. Born and raised in Vidalia, Georgia, Representative Greg Morris attended the Robert Toombs Christian Academy before pursuing a Political Science Degree from the University of Georgia.
The businessman served his native county for three years as a Toombs County Commissioner. Morris was first elected to the Georgia State House of Representatives in 1998 as a democrat until he switched parties back in 2006

Honorable Mention: Tommie Williams, State Senator out of Lyons said yesterday that he will not seek the 12th CD at this point in time. I still say before its all over, he will run for the 12th CD.

Raymond McKinney who ran for the seat a few yars ago could make another run for it, as well as Jeanne Seaver.

All of these men would be strong challengers to Barrow, but like I said yesterday, do not underestimate John Barrow's ability to get the job done.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are Republicans Underestimating John Barrow's ability to win in new 12th?

A look at the newly proposed 12th District finds Conservative Democrat John Barrow in the same position former Congressman Jim Marshall was in when the republicans redrew the old 3rd district (now 8th) in a mid-decade redistricting effort to oust him in favor of ex-congressman Mac Collins back in 2006.

Back then it was said that Marshall political career was over when the republicans redrew the district to favor Mac Collins who was seeking a return to congress after his failed attempt at the open U.S. Senate seat vacated by Democrat Zell Miller in 2004.

But it wasn't as Marshall went on to win in the newly redrawn district 51% to Collins 49%, in which Collins to this day hasn't conceded, which shows how much class Collins has.

It took a anti-government, anti-Obama, anti-Pelosi, Tea Party 2010 wave election to finally defeat Jim Marshall. Republicans back then underestimated Jim Marshall ability to adapt & win over his new constituents in the southern & Norther Half of the 8th District.

The same thing is occurring here with John Barrow. His 12th district has been drastically altered in a effort to defeat him in 2012. Barrow, the only remaining White Southern Democrat in the deep south is now one of the most endangered democrats in the county as a result. The new district is now a republican leaning district, rather the democratic leaning district Barrow once occupied.

Republicans are making a mistake & underestimating Barrow's ability to appeal to independent conservatives & swing voters alike. Counties such as Laurens, Coffee, Telfair, Wheeler are counties that Barrow should do well in, as well as Jeff Davis, while republican strongholds Appling & Columbia Counties are areas that he will have to crank it up a bit.

Barrow is a able campaigner & a strong fundraiser, in addition he has crossover appeal among some republicans just as Jim Marshall had when he was serving as 8th District representative.

I expect Barrow to do well in the new 12th district. Barrow will have to relocate to another city in the 12th with all of Chatham County now in Rep. Jack Kingston's 1st District. The logical location would be Augusta, but if I were Barrow, I'd move to Metter, Dublin, or Statesboro for strategic purposes.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hard Times for Georgia Democrats. What's the cure?

Georgia Democrats haven't been this down & out since the aftermath of the Civil War when the party don't exist for a few years until the early 1870s when it roared back to power. But the Civil war isn't the blame for a party that had basically controlled the state of Georgia for over 135 years.

A rapidly growing population by the influx of transplants from different corners of the country who came in around the time Georgia Republicans was beginning to make noise in the early 1990s, mass retirements of democratic officials who held seats in the state legislature, some as much as 40 years or more, party switching by democrats who felt the change was on the horizon after the shocking defeat of then gov Roy Barnes in 2002 & a party that was being taken over by Urban/Suburban Democrats, as rural democrats were beginning to desert the party.

Democrats were caught sleeping at the wheel 10 years ago & when they finally did, the truck was turned upside down. It was a total loss!

Georgia Democrats have now got to get back behind the wheel & catch up with a Republican Vehicle that's traveling well over 120 MPH. (Ga GOP).

Redistricting is a ugly affair. Dems did it 10 years ago, Republicans are trying to replicate it. So what's a party to do?

Three straight statewide elections lost for governor, minimum or no gains in both chambers of the legislature since 2006, a bench that is almost empty, I mean there's no where to go but up!

The local level is the party's last hope. Many of these local (rural) democrats on the City Council, County Commission, Mayor, etc are mostly moderate/conservative democrats. The progressives are found in the cities (Macon, Savannah, Augusta...etc)

But many of these local democrats are not about to leave relative safe seats to run for a legislative seat. The reasons have to be concrete, legitimate & most of all they have to know that they will have the full & unbinding support of the Georgia Democratic Party.

Political Consultant Jay Stalnaker, former candidate for Butler (Taylor Co) City Council said something that makes alot of sense: Democrats need to reach out to former democrats who have now retired like Robert Ray (Fort Valley), Newt Hudson (Rochelle), Carol Jackson (Cleveland), Rooney Bowen (Cordele), I can on & on, especially candidates who are running in areas that these legislator once held. Dems up in Atlanta don't realize that former legislators like them still carry sway on the local level in their counties & towns. Their word goes along way in these small communities.

Embrace democrats who hold different views that the typical democrat who is progressive. Turning a cold shoulder towards Bluedog Democrats does not help a party that is now down to 63 house members & 20 senate members. In 2012, there will be many democratic candidates who are in the mold of John Barrow, George Busbee, Jim Marshall, Zell Miller, Sanford Bishop (yes Bishop is a moderate, not a liberal many are trying to make him out to be). Running progressives/liberals in swing or conservative districts is a recipe for disaster as that candidate will not have a chance in hell of winning. I said this once & I'll say it again: A PARTY MADE UP OF ONLY BLACKS, HISPANICS, GAYS, LIBERALS CANNOT & WILL NOT WIN IN GEORGIA....PERIOD!

The so-called Big tent party is no big tent without some centrist/conservative democrats in its ranks. Democrats, you need 'em. Don't fool yourselves! The National Democrats made the same thing & look what happened.....lost control of house. Why? Many democrats who made up their majority were rural democrats.

Become the Democratic Party of GEORGIA again!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Georgia New Congressional Map: Barrow on the move.....AGAIN??? Bishop a lock! Scott more safer?

Today the New Georgia Congressional Map is out & with no surprise, Conservative Democrat John Barrow (D-Savannah) is on the move once again. Hos home of Chatham County is now occupied by Jack Kingston (R-Savannah). New counties in Barrow's district are Laurens, Coffee, Appling, Jeff Davis, Telfair, Wheeler, & republican south Columbia County.

Other Bluedog Sanford Bishop is made safer with the removal of Thomas County from his district. He now has Bibb County & much more of Muscogee County (Columbus) going into midtown Columbus.

Freshman Austin Scott is made safer by the removal of democratic Bibb County, but he has republican North Bibb County in the district. He takes in much of Kingston's western half of the district of Lowndes, Clinch, Lanier, Cook, Berrien, Atkinson, Echols, & he takes democratic Brooks County from Sanford Bishop.

Arch Conservative Paul Broun of Athens now has a much more competitive district for democrats to contend with. He takes Barrow & Walton Counties from Rob Woodall of the 7th CD, & he takes John Barrow democratic areas of Hancock, Baldwin, Taliaferro, Johnson, Warren, republican lean Glascock, Jefferson, Washington (Dem leaning counties) & Takes old portions of 8th CD Jasper, Butts, Newton & eastern Henry County.

The new 14th CD now hovers over NE Georgia, with Hall County the anchor county

Tom Price 6th CD now occupies Bartow County & snakes into north central Fulton County.

The other Districts are pratically the same Tom Graves now takes Floyd, Polk & Haralson Counties, as well as Paulding County.

What to make of this?

This opens the door for State Senator Tommie Williams (R-Lyons) to run for this seat. Based on the proposed district, it was drawn specifically for him. Greg Morris, (R-Vidalia), a former democrat who switched in 2006 could also be another possibility.

Bishop is less likely to received a challenge from a republican, but given the mrgin he won, its like he will receive another challenge.

Austin Scott must be happy camper right now. With Thomas County now included, the 8th appears to be much safer for him, but who knows? Although North Bibb is republican, there are democrats up there as well & could get a challenge from that portion of the county. Or it could come from Houston County or down somewhere in South Georgia.

Paul Broun is in a totally new district! If this stands, former Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond would be the ideal candidate to run in this district. Its much more friendly for democrats.

The 12th & 10th CD in my opinion are tossup districts because they have been so altered by the ruling Georgia GOP.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Counties, Communities, Cities Get Cut, Chopped & Chewed Up in Georgia GOP's Redistricting Efforts

In the proposed redistricting Maps put out by Georgia's GOP ruling majority, Counties, Cities & Communities get chopped, cut, chewed, & divided in the GOP efforts to maximize their already majority status & weakened democrats even more. Democrats did the same thing back in 2001 when they held control of the state & the GOP howled in protest over those hideous maps

That was then.......

And now the same party who protested the maps then are now doing the exact same thing, just take a look at the House Map:

Everything from Cracking, Packing, Gerrymandering, Retrogression has been done to the house districts, especially down in Rural Georgia. Counties such as Lowndes are divided up into 4 House Districts, Ware into 3 House Districts, Thomas, 3 House Districts, Houston, 5 House Districts, Laurens, 3 House Districts, etc, etc. Now supporters of the map are saying that this was necessary to achieve the required 53,000 needed for each district.


In some cases its true, but in others its not. Of the two maps, the house maps will be under severe scrutiny when it goes to court for passage. I say its a 60/40 chance it gets approval from the courts.

In the proposed Senate Map, take a close look at SD 14.....WELL ITS GONE! George Hooks (D-Americus) home of Sumter County has broken up leaving him in a district with Freddie Sims (D-Dawson. Gone are the City of Andersonville (located) in Sumter Co now located in......John Crosby State Senate District! The Andersonville National Historic Site is located in Macon County. The two should be represented by the same individual. Dooly Co & Sumter Co share the same interest & are being separated in the GOP's attempt to oust Senator Hooks because.......he is the only remaining white conservative democrat left in the state senate, or it may have something to do with that little episode back in April when there was a attempt by Hooks to have powers restored to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle which was stripped by the GOP Caucus.

Robert Brown's Old Senate District 26 which was a majority minority district already is now a super blue district with the inclusion of Hancock & Washington Counties to increase republican advantage of SD 25 (Johnny Grant) & SD 23 Jesse Stone, who's district is now a tossup with the removal of Washington & the inclusion of McDuffie & Warren County.

Tommie Williams SD 19 gets expanded all the way into Telfair & Treutlen County. Williams could a likely candidate to take on John Barrow for GA-12 in 2012.

But overall the Senate Map doesn't look bad & may get a pass from the courts & DOJ.

State Democrats will watch helplessly as the new maps get its likely approval from the legislature. Their only hope is for the court & the DOJ rule that these maps doesn't pass the smell test!

Retirement Watch: State Rep. Lynmore James (D-Montezuma) to retire in 2012

State Rep. Lynmore James (D-Montezuma) will step down as representative for HD 135 in 2012. This has nothing to do with redistricting of his district which basically remains the same except it loses northern Talbot County & picks up the rest of Dooly County in the proposed map presented by the GOP which renames the district HD 139.

James, who will turn 75 in two weeks have been recovering from back surgery since 2009 have been battling heath problems since that time & recently early this year he spent some time in a Atlanta Hospital battling a unknown illness.

Elected in 1992 riding the Zell Miller, Pierre Howard gubernatorial ticket, James, a moderate democrat & farmer have represented the constituents of Dooly, Peach, Talbot and Taylor Counties. Presently, he is serving on several House Committees: Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Appropriations, Regulated Industries, and Retirement.

James is a graduate of the Flint River Farm High School in Montezuma and earned a Bachelor’s of Science from the Tuskegee University in Alabama & he has been a member of the Flag Bank Board of Directors, the Flint River Community Hospital Governing Board, the Georgia Center for Youth Advisory, Georgia Agri-Leaders Forum, the Fort Valley State University Foundation Board and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

So if the new map of HD 135 holds up, there will be a new state representative for the counties of Macon, Dooly, Taylor & Southern Peach County. Already several names have been mentioned as possible candidates for James house seat. There is a strong possibilty that the next State Rep will come out of either Macon or Dooly County.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Georgia Redistricting Maps are Out!

The Senate Maps aren't bad. I don't see any legal challenges coming towards this map.

In the proposed State Senate Map, George Hooks (D-Americus) is drawn out of SD 14 into Freddie Powell Sims (D-Dawson) SD 12 district, which will pit the two one on one in a primary in 2012. The Northern Portion of SD 14 is now being taken by Ed Harbison (D-Columbus). Sumter County is split into two Senate with eastern Sumter now in John Crosby's SD 15 seat as well as democratic leaning county Dooly.

Harbison who is approaching 70 years old now has the counties of Macon, Schley, Tayor, Marion & Talbot to contend with. The new district is now solidly democratic, but don't expect Harbison to coast towards re-election (if he decides to seek in in 2012). I expect other democrats to challenge for the seat in 2012.

Now if there's one district that could see a challenge its SD 23 held by Jesse Stone (R-Waynesboro). The new district loses Washington, Wilkinson Counties & picks up McDuffie & Warren County & a tiny sliver of southern Columbia County. The Columbia County portion could be challenged by democrats because it wraps around Richmond County. But if it does, I expect it to stand legal challenges. One thing that's noticable: The city of Blythe, which is the home of J.B. Powell & Chuck Pardue are now in Hardie Davis Senate District. Clever move by the GOP.

SD 26 becomes more democratic & it increases in Black Voting Population with the inclusion of Hancock & Washingtom & more of Jones County

SD 25 held by Johnny Grant becomes more republican which now takes in southern Walton County & the city of Social Circle.

The proposed house districts is where all the fuss is located. One of the big GOP talking points was that they wanted to keep communities in tact...........WELL, so much for that!

In some of these districts, the minority population is diluted or "weakened" & some counties such as Ware is split into three different districts.

The 10 incumbent pairings, six with two Democrats paired and four with two Republicans paired, are:

1. Ely Dobbs (D-Atlanta) and Sheila Jones (D-Atlanta)

2. Pat Gardner (D-Atlanta) and Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta)

3. Simone Bell (D-Atlanta) and Ralph Long (D-Atlanta)

4. Stephanie Benfield (D-Atlanta) and Howard Mosby (D-Atlanta)

5. Elena Parent (D-Atlanta) and Scott Holcomb (D-Atlanta)

6. Mack Jackson (D-Sandersville) and Sistie Hudson (D-Sparta)

7. Gerald Greene (R-Cuthbert) and Bob Hanner (R-Parrott)

8. Darlene Taylor (R-Thomasville) and Gene Maddox (R-Cairo)

9. Chuck Sims (R-Ambrose) and Tommy Smith (R-Nicholls)

10. Mark Hatfield (R-Waycross) and Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine)

There are 49 total majority minority districts.

There are open majority minority districts in Valdosta, parts Fulton and Fayette, Douglas, parts DeKalb and Rockdale, parts DeKalb and Gwinnett, and parts Gwinnett and Hall.

As crapy as the proposed House Map is, its very likely that it will pass the legislature, with the POSSIBILITY of minor changes to a few districts. Democrats have to realize when you only have 63 members in your ranks, there's basically nothing you can do about it except raise hell over it & hope that citizens who live in these districts disapprove of the way they are drawn. The Dems main concern is over the metro Atlanta seats. Very little or no mention of Rural Georgia & this shows how far apart rural conservative democrats & liberal urban/suburban democrats are in this state.

Enough of all this talk about "We are all in this together"! That's not true & never have been since the late 1980s/1990s.

The main goal of the Georgia GOP is to solidify the Georgia Democratic Party as the Minority Party made up of Blacks, Latinos, Gays, with liberal whites as the icing on the cake,along with far-left special interest groups! They are close to making it a reality.

And the current reality is that the Georgia Democratic Party has become the mirror image of the National Democratic Party, dominated by liberal pols who aren't what you called Georgia Born. And once they did that, moderate/conservative democrats said "ITS TIME TO HAUL ASS FROM HERE" except for a few!

And one more thing, these new maps hopefully will force the State Party to get back to its roots, the party of Georgia & not trying to be like its national counterparts. Its a recipe for disaster!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wanted: Business Saavy People in the Georgia Legislature, especially in the Democratic Party!

With all of the attention focused on Washington these days, let's not forget about what's happening here in Georgia.

Under GOP rule, Georgia has a unemployment rate of 10% which exceeds the national average & for now shows no signs of going down. Now you can blame it on the National Economy & like many blame it on the policies of the Obama Administration.

While Georgia has gained jobs in the form of Kia over in West Point, Ga & the NCR Corp. relocating in Columbus from Ohio, Georgia still has lost 167,000 manufacturing jobs over the last 10 years despite steep Tax breaks for Corporations & big businesses

And the painful consequences of lost jobs, reduced wages and a problematic future for millions of Georgians are hurting people in ways unimaginable just three, four years ago.

I’ve been heard to say publicly that free markets routinely rise and recede, and that politicians don’t really create jobs, businesses do. But economically IGNORANT politicians and bad public policies can make a economic recession much worse and kill jobs. This is exactly why we’re in a hole here in Georgia and digging it

It can’t stay this way, or every single one of us in this great state is in deep trouble; failure to fix our state economy is simply not an option.

We’ll have to get people out of the way who know little to nothing about our free market economy and private enterprise. More lawyers ( nothing against y'all), and people with no private sector experience in charge, simply can’t fix our economy.

Men and women with business savvy can and must.

And we’ll never get enough of them into public service because most just want to grow their businesses, taking justifiable pride in their accomplishments and contributions to Georgia's as well as America’s economic successes.

I also believe that they can resuscitate higher-end manufacturing in this state, which will keep jobs here and create new ones. Creating a more competitive business environment will be required, but the benefits are apolitical and flow to everyone.

If we had more business savvy business minds in the legislature, they could implement policies and regulations to “promote” business formation and growth, instead of policies that are lopsided & caters to a few, Georgia could be one of the leading states in job creation.

High unemployment is bad enough, running off jobs is a killer. Georgia can do better!

Why good business leaders are essential to the recovery is because they’re trained to create jobs, make profits to grow companies, and perhaps most important “think out of the box” to effectively compete in their respective marketplaces.

If you’ve done this with success, applying that experience in creating solutions is an invaluable contribution in fixing this terrible recession we’re in. Business Savvy Public Servants are what's needed in the legislature RIGHT NOW! The current crop of legislators (mostly republicans) in Atlanta have no clue what's going on beside doling out Tax Cuts which has done very little in stimulating Georgia's Economy. Bigger & Bolder ideas as well as "SMART Tax Cuts that will benefit EVERYONE are needed to get this state out of its rut or more jobs will be leaving the state sooner rather than later.

The Georgia Democratic Party needs to attract talented business savvy, business friendly conservatives in its ranks who can think outside of the box. Who can offer new ways to create jobs. The same 'ol policies going back to the LBJ era aren't going to work anymore. Be different than the current Georgia GOP who are following the lead of its National Counterparts, the National Republican party in enacting policies that only help the very comfortable, well-to-do constituents that line their pockets with campaign donations. Like the liberal democratic policies of the 60s & 70s, the Conservative republican politics of the 80s are not going to work either. Something new is needed, not recycled policies of the past.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Conservative Democrats: The New Movement in Georgia?

This piece was written by Former Gubernatorial Candidate & Ray City Mayor Carl Camon

The mysterious smoke screen between Conservatives and Liberals is dissipating rapidly and both sides seem to be afraid of what will be revealed once the smoke is gone. Can a Democrat have conservative ideals? In the minds of some strong liberals, this just can't be possible. A new breed of conservative Democrats is on the horizon and I am proud to be amongst them. Many people are afraid of the unknown and feel threaten by what they don't understand, without even making an effort to confront their fears. Is it possible that a democratic candidate can be Pro-Life; a supporter of the Constitutional Amendment regarding the right to bear arms; a non-supporter of same-sex marriages/civil unions; a defender of those whom crimes are perpetrated against because of their sexual orientation; and an advocate for an employee's right to work and challenge unfair treatment on their jobs? I think that it is possible! However, those who are willing to take this kind of a stand are often ridiculed and are not too popular amongst extreme partisan supporters from both sides of the aisle.

If we all just stop for one minute and examine the sheer strength of such candidates, we would probably be amazed at the possibilities. In my opinion, most of those who have switched from being long-time Democratic Party supporters to becoming a Republican did so because their former party's message did not align with their beliefs. I would even venture to say that the beliefs of those who switched have not changed all that much, but the doctrine of the Democratic Party has changed significantly. This new breed of Conservative Democrats supports the ideals of people in general. This bold new approach can and will prove to be successful.

During my candidacy for Governor of Georgia, I learned several important things. One of the most important things that I learned was that Democrats and Republicans are from the same planet and we agree on more things than we disagree on. On my journey, I met concerned people who were democrats, republicans, libertarians and those who supported the Tea Party Movement. They were all tired of business as usual, and wanted a candidate who would do the right thing. However, most were just not willing and ready to accept the notion that there could be a candidate who would listen to the concerns of all the parties and who would work in an united effort to seriously address those concerns. In a Utopian world, the business as usual candidate would be a thing of the past. I would even go a step further and say that in our state, a business as usual candidate can still be a thing of the past, if we, the people, accept nothing less.

I am mindful of the fact that any time one voices his or her opinion and that opinion doesn't align with the status quo, massive efforts are often made to dilute the message and the destroy the messenger. There will be others who will do their level best to start a fire and put up a more dense smoke screen. One thing that Georgians can be reassured of though is the fact that this new Conservative Democrat Movement has a consistent message and an army of messengers who are not afraid to go into battle on behalf of the hardworking people of this great State of Georgia. I don't know what my political future holds, but from my past experiences I do know two things, and they are I finish what I start, regardless of the obstacles; and if I do decide to seek another political office, I will gladly carry the Conservative Democratic Banner. From day one, I'll remove that smoke screen and the people will be clear on where I stand.

Written By: Carl Camon - 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kidd lives in Putnam, not Baldwin County

My sources tell me that E. Culver "Rusty" Kidd (I) who was elected in a special election to replace longtme democrat Bobby Parham (D-Milledgeville) does not live in the district he was elected to represent HD 141 consisting of Baldwin & a sliver of Putnam County.

Turns out he lives at a home he owns in Putnam County, not Baldwin, so my question is how long has he lived in Putnam & not Baldwin Co? Since he was elected? Or did this occur just recently?

Look for the Reapportionment Committee to make some tweaks around Putnam County to ensure he gets re-elected.
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