Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Get Mail

Much ado is made today about the right wing Republican Party here in Georgia. However, little is said about why the Democratic Party cannot win in areas of the state that have Black Populations less than 40%.

It`s because they are universally viewed by many voters in these areas as being all left-wing with no middle of the road or conservative dissent from anyone inside the party. Furthermore, if anyone with the slightest of right-wing leanings speaks out, they are looked upon with disgust, silenced and never heard from again by the public.

Like many in Georgia, I had always voted Democrat up until I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984. But I still voted democratic here in Georgia from Sam Nunn until he retired in 1996 to Max Cleland until he lost in 2002 to Jim Marshall who lost his re-election bid in 2010. Since 2002, I have voted for republican candidates (with the exception of Jim Marshall) ever since. This was due to the Republican Party’s openness for conservative leaning types in their party.

All this while the Democratic Party was excluding conservatives from its party, which it still does. If the Democratic Party wants to win in Georgia anytime in the near future like starting this year, they need to become more tolerant, inclusive and create more diversity within their party by making room for rural, small town and white conservatives such as myself.

I would love to vote in the great Georgia Democratic Party once again, but not at the cost of anything and everything goes.

C. Dunaway

Irwinville, Georgia
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