Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Agriculture Commissioner candidate J.B. Powell Calls for Breeders’ Cup World Championship in Georgia

JB Powell, running for Agriculture Commissioner, calls for the Breeders’ Cup World Championship to be hosted in Georgia after horse racing is legalized.

“Today, I called the Breeders’ Cup and expressed our interest in bringing the Breeders’ Cup World Championships to Georgia as soon as we legalize horse racing” said JB Powell. “Georgia has hosted major sporting events including the Olympics, the Superbowl and the World Series, and Georgia would be a perfect location for one of the biggest horse racing events of the year.”

The Breeder’s Cup World Championships is a prestigious horse racing event that attracts the best horses from North America and Europe. Like the Olympics, future sites are selected by a committee that evaluates a state’s ability to host such an event. With experience hosting world sporting events and a strong hotel industry, the only thing Georgia needs to capitalize on this opportunity is to legalize horse racing in Georgia.

The Breeders’ Cup historically generates in excess of $50 million in annual economic impact for host states.

“Georgia could really benefit from $50M being spent here if we host the Breeder’s Cup” said JB Powell “and as Agriculture Commissioner, I will work bipartisanly to give Georgia voters the chance to legalize horse racing and bring major horse racing events to Georgia that help our economy.”

JB Powell has already publicly expressed his support for horse racing in Georgia, which could boost Georgia’s economy by up to $1B, create between 10,000 and 20,000 jobs and increase revenues to help offset state budget cuts without raising taxes on hard working Georgians.

Another bold, outside of the box idea from Powell.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carol Porter is the X-Factor in this Year's Elections

With Georgia in play today, and with Businesswoman Carol Porter (D-Dublin) chances of winning this state with its sizable swath of rural voters, its time to look deeper in this race against Casey Cagle.

From the North Georgia mountains of Union County to the cotton fields of Long County to Glynn County and Crisp County, Carol Porter has been stumping hard for those votes in this general election cycle. But the Republicans have long dominated this part of the state since 2002, mainly by the lack of competition & gerrymandering of local districts.

Its time to ask some questions:

Can a Sam Nunn or Zell Miller help Porter candidacy going forward? Is a potential endorsement too late or will it help Porter here in Georgia, especially in Central & South Georgia?

Can Porter appeal culturally with Rural Voters like myself? Having grown up in Johnson County (Wrightsville) , she has a legitimate shot, if not a advantage over Metro Atlanta Republican Casey Cagle.

The absolute truth is that any Democrat whether its Hodges, JB Powell, Darryl Hicks, who can get through the cultural mine field of rural Georgia can prevail because a Democrat, who actually tries can win easily on overall rural policy.

The reason I say that is that Porter, could not only gain trust, but she also can be that voice for rural Georgia that has been missing for the last 8 years.

Unlike so many so-called political people, I still believe that Carol Porter can get through the rural culture, having grown up in this culture and she could be a great force in making that happen.

Casey Cagle has “screwed” rural Georgia in his time in office, which had taken rural Georgia's jobs, destroyed local economies, put rural school systems on the brink, raising our taxes and made it nearly impossible for our kids to stay home after graduating.

She like Roy Barnes can seize the role of rural advocate. She is the only statewide candidate from outside the metro area to be running on one of the top three offices here in Georgia.

I tell everybody how great an asset rural Georgia is, but we don’t necessarily believe it because we’ve fought forever and very few people in Atlanta pay us any attention, much less give a damn. Porter’s words hit hard on both fronts in a very populist-outsider kind of way, slamming business as usual climate under the Gold Dome. However, Porter is without question an incredible mind and candidate. If she uses her massive charisma and shows how strong her love and respect for rural Georgia really is, she'll take Cagle down which way or another.

An issue that is a top issue for rural Georgians is the lack of economic fairness.

Porter, the daughter of a country doctor & school teacher can evolve into rural Georgia’s champion for economic fairness. She knows more about the dire implications of lack of economic fairness for rural Georgia and can put a face on it better than anyone running for office this year. And if the party really wants the “Reagan Democrats” or in Georgia's case the "Zell Miller democrats back in the tent, I can’t think of anybody better to stand at the entrance than Carol. She’s the bell cow for those guys.

The truth is that in rural Georgia our affection for our natural surroundings can be described as almost spiritual. We worship our nature. That’s why we live in it. Any Democratic candidate who comes to rural Georgia and says simply they will fight the Republicans to protect and restore a wild, natural environment for our children and grandchildren will score points, believe me.

Rural Georgians have been forgotten. The reason is very simple. The Republicans haven’t been going there because they take the ground for granted or when they do come here, they only say the necessary things to get elected & that has gotten old quick. The Democrats haven’t been coming there because for some cowardly, mathematically challenged reason don’t believe they can beat the Republicans. That's got to change this year if they want to win here in November.

As far as capturing us Rural Georgians, Porter needs to do what few democrats have been willing to do...... Go after them & go after then HARD! Same goes for all of the democratic candidates

Barnes in Peach County This Morning addressing Farmers

One of the members of the Republicans for Roy Committee, ex-Houston County Commissioner Larry Snellgrove was on hand as well.

No Democrats Below South of Macon? Huh! None in Lowndes County?? Lord Have Mercy!!

Apparently there is still this notion that there are "NO" democrats living in South Georgia.

Yesterday I got a email from a former staffer for DuBose Porter unsuccessful run for governor saying that a person connected with the Democratic Party who wants him to work central Georgia for the Dems told him that besides Macon-Bibb County & Baldwin County that basically there aren't any democrats below the Gnat-line, (South of Macon). That is B.S!!!

This the type of mentality that needs to be changed among democrats here in Georgia when it comes to Rural Georgia.

And this person connected with the democratic party also told him that there were 0 democrats in Lowndes County according to "so called" numbers he'd seen.


Lowndes County has two democratic State Representatives & one democratic State Senator from that area & to say that lowndes County doesn't have any democrats down there is again....B.S.!

I've said this before & I;m gonna say it again: For democrats to be successful again in this state, they are going to have be competitive here on the countryside.

That's the bottom line!!

If they settle for just a regional approach of Metro Atlanta & urban canters like Macon, Albany, Columbus, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, etc for votes & just concede the rural vote to the GOP, then the party might as well be dead in Georgia.

This person needs to go back & do his homework before making such a misinformed statement. This person can't be from Georgia if he thinks that there are no democrats living here in Central & South Georgia. If so then he needs to be kicked to the curb!

I wonder what the Lowndes County Folks have to say about this? As well as the Central Georgia Folks as well

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thoughts on Barnes, Deal Race so far.

Let me call it like I see it: Right now Barnes looks like a Strong, Decisive, Confident leader, while Nathan Deal looks Weak, ineffective & in some ways naive.

Deal is the weakest candidate that the GOP have fielded here in Georgia since the 1980s with no ability to inspire the public’s imagination.

With the state facing a record unemployment rate, rising deficits, a stalled economy, and a education & water crisis that bit by bit is eating away at Georgia's pride, this may very well be the year of all years that democrats may see a light at the end of the tunnel. Deal has fallen at or below 45% while Barnes is stalled between 39-43%. But the more I look at this race, the polls may not be an indicator on what might happen on November 2. The Rural Vote will determine whether or not Barnes will become governor again.

Someone told me this yesterday that some republican-leaning voters who maybe supporting Barnes aren't going to do it openly like displaying a Yard Sign in his/her yard or mentioning it among their friends. There might be some truth to that notion!

What Barnes & other "competitive" statewide democrats need to do is to enlarge the state electorate, democrats have relied on the Urban, Liberal votes hoping it would be enough to carry them over the finish line. I saw this as a problem when Mark Taylor was running for governor in 2006. Trips to rural Georgia were minimal at best while using the National Democratic strategy of ignoring the rural vote altogether.

The ability for Thurmond, Barnes, Porter to stir Georgians at a deeper level than politics ordinarily does is the biggest advantage they have. If you look at Isakson's Ads, its full of GOP talking points & you see the same thing from Deal & Cagle.

None of these candidates can inspire the electorate Barnes can tap into a repressed memory of what politics can be like when it lifts our aspirations instead of dashing them when at a time its badly needed.

In addition you got to look at both men's character (Barnes, Deal)

To address the character point its absolutely vital because they give people the best possible guidance as to what you're going to do, in the end the real test of being a governor, is how you respond to the difficult crises that are put in front of you. That is when character and your reaction come to the fore. Can you build a good team, can you listen to people, do you think before making decisions, do you basically understand the instincts of those you're trying to govern? That's all about character, and in the end I think that's more important than any one particular policy. Like many out there, I can't get a good feel about Deal. He never had a tough challenger in his entire political career except when first ran for congress in 1992 (as a democrat).

Now faced with a tough race, many of his skeletons that were kept in the closet are all coming out now & it seems like every other day or week something new is coming out about Deal that'll continue his drop in the polls & eventually voters will makeup their minds & come to a conclusion that they do not have confidence in Deal's ability to govern this state out of the economic & educational mess it has been left in by the Perdue Administration & weak leadership from the General Assembly.

If you can't keep your own house in order, how in the hell can you keep the state's house in order with close to 10 million people living in it?

CQ Politics: Jim Marshall, Bobby Bright, Walt Minnick, Gene Taylor "Unsure about Pelosi remaining as Speaker

Conservative Bluedog Democrats Jim Marshall (D-Georgia), Walt Minnick (D-Idaho), Bobby Bright (D-Alabama), Gene Taylor (D-Mississippi) are unsure if Pelosi will remain as speaker & doubt that they will vote for Ultra-lIberal Nancy Pelosi as speaker again, that is if the democrats keep the majority.

Jim Marshall who is a maverick who doesnt always go along with his party on votes says he would prefer more moderate leadership.

“Who I vote for will depend on who is running and best reflects and advances the interests of my district,” he said. “It’s truly unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi has become a lightning rod, which makes it difficult for Democrats.”

Bobby Bright who won by a razor-thin mrgin to win the conservative southeast Alabama Dostrict said: I would prefer a conservative Democrat, a Blue Dog Democrat like myself. “If that doesn’t happen, then I will vote for who I think will allow me to represent my constituents the best.”

Remeber when Bright said during the August recess that Pelosi could get sick and die before the next Congress. He later said the comment was taken out of context. “I can foresee a scenario where we could team up with Republicans to get a more conservative Democrat” for Speaker, he said. “I can see that very easily if the Republicans are willing to work with us.

Gene Taylor said he “would prefer to see Ike Skelton as Speaker.” But Taylor said he had not spoken to the Missouri Democrat about his preference. Skelton is facing a tough re-election fight this year.

Walt Minnick declined to publicly support Pelosi for another two-year term. Roughly a half-dozen other moderate Democrats also demurred when asked whether they would vote to let Pelosi keep the gavel. Even fellow congressman Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) tried to recruit Minnick to help him draft Hoyer to run for Speaker if Democrats maintained the majority by a few seats. Hoyer is a bad choice to be speaker or leader of the democratic caucus.

Pelosi has bee the 1,000 lbs Gorilla around the necks of democrats representing swing or conservative districts since she became speaker & I say its time for democrats to rid themselves of Pelosi once & for all.

Candidates who should consider Running for speaker after the mid-term elections or minority leader for the democrats are: Lincoln Davis (Tennessee) John Barrow (Georgia) Mike Ross (Arkansas) Baron Hill (Indiana) & Jim Marshall (Georgia) if he wins re-election

Isakson Leading Thurmond in New Rasmussen Poll

Yesterday Rasmussen released a new Poll showing Isakson leading Mike Thurmond by double digits.

Johnny Isakson (R) 52%

Michael Thurmond (D) 36%

Chuck Donovan (I) 5%

Some other candidate 1%

Not sure 6%

The last poll by Rasmussen showed Isakson leading Thurmond 55% to 41%

Isakson lost 3%, while Thurmond lost 5%.

You would think Isakson would be up by 20 or more points over Thurmond by the barrage of Isakson Ads we've seen on TV lately. If Thurmond were to go on television with a Ad, (which I expect he will), he maybe able to bring Isakson down below the 50% range.

Friday, September 24, 2010

ROY 2010 Launches ‘Republicans For Roy’

Presser from the Barnes Campaign:

Yestderday The Campaign of Roy Barnes unveiled "Republicans for Roy 2010".

In the wake of recent revelations regarding Congressman Nathan Deal’s shady business deals, Georgia’s Republicans are endorsing Roy Barnes in the race for Governor.

After months of refusing to disclose his complete tax returns, last week voters learned that Congressman Nathan Deal has been hiding $5 million in outstanding loans – $2.85 million of which he failed to include on his state ethics commission report.

Tom Perdue, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ (GA-R) former campaign strategist, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that "People in the party feel betrayed and they feel cheated because if they had known about all of this earlier, there would have been a different nominee,” and consequently "[Deal] should step down as the nominee."

Even political pundit Larry Sabato told his twitter followers on Wednesday that the “GOP made a big goof in nominating Nathan Deal 4 GOV in a squeaker.”

On Thursday, the Barnes campaign released the names of its initial Republicans for Roy Steering Committee along with where Georgia’s Republicans can sign up to join their fellow conservatives and request a 'Republicans for Roy' bumper sticker to show their support.

“Increasingly, Georgia’s Republicans are contacting the campaign to express their support for Roy,” Spokesman Emil Runge said. “Roy's record on balancing the budget, creating jobs, and fighting tax hikes is clear. As Governor, he created 235,000 jobs and left the state with a $700 million surplus. Unlike Congressman Deal, who voted for the largest tax hike in Georgia's history, Roy push through the largest property tax cut in our state's history.”

“Right now, Georgia is falling behind and more than ever before, we must elect a true fiscal conservative who doesn’t need on-the-job training to begin the task of making Georgia work again on day one,” said State Representative Bob Lane (Statesboro-R). “That’s why I’m a proud Republican for Roy.”


Mr. Curtis B. Avery, Jr. - Retired Cattle Farmer, Harris County

Dr. Gale Buchanan - Former U.S. Under Secretary of Agriculture, Cook County

Mr. Carlton E. Joyce – Attorney, Chatham County

Honorable Bob Lane - State Representative, Bulloch County

Mr. Martin Nesmith - Local Businessman, Evans County

Honorable Steve Roberts – County Commissioner, Berrien County

Honorable Larry Snellgrove - Former County Commissioner, Houston County

Honorable Charles B. “Charlie” Tanksley – Former State Senator, Cobb County

Mrs. Lisa Underwood - Former GAE Republican Caucus Co-Chair, Lee County

Mr. Jeff Wainwright - Past President of Georgia Peach Council, Taylor County

Republican’s financial woes recast Ga. race, Associated Press, 9/21/10

There’s time to get it right, Macon Telegraph, 9/19/10

Larry Sabato: Georgia GOP ‘goofed’ in picking Nathan Deal, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 9/22/10

Endorsement for governor: Roy Barnes, Marietta Daily Journal, 9/22/10

No doubt there will be plenty of republicans who'll be supporting Barnes for Governor & this new tactic will attempt to sway republicans who are uneasy at the prospect of Nathan Deal becoming governor while dealing with serious financial & ethical problems

Sanford Bishop's First TV AD in over a Decade

Very Nice Ad!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zell Miller Endorses Jack Lance (D-Blairsville) for HD 8

Former Governor & U.S. Senator Zell Miller (D-Young Harris) endorsed Jack Lance, a conservative democrat who is challenging incumbent Stephen Allison (R-Blairsville) for State Representative for HD 8.

Here's what Miller said about Lance:

"Jack was an excellent staff member when he worked for me when I was in the United States Senate. Well informed and independent, he has common sense and good judgment. His mountain values and work ethic set him aside as someone special. I am certain that he would bring these same qualifications to the Georgia House of Representatives.”

Lance also served on the staff of former State Senator Carol Jackson (D-Cleveland), which his duties included legislative research and coalition building & he also represented Senator Jackson before constituent groups in the counties that currently compose the Eighth Legislative District.

After working for Senator Miller, Jack attended Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law in Macon, Georgia, where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 2008. He and his wife, Carmen Smith Lance then returned to Jack’s hometown of Blairsville to practice law with his sister Kenya L. Patton.

He coaches recreation league sports and provides leadership for other youth programs. Jack co-founded Smiles Through the Spirit, a Christian based project dedicated to providing Christmas gifts to children in need. He co-founded the Glenda Gooch Foundation and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The foundation is an organization aimed at providing basic needs for underprivileged youth in the community and engaging them in serving others.

I think its easy to say given the former governor's popularity up in North Georgia that Jack Lance has the leg up in this race against Allison

Barnes in Rural Georgia

(Taken at Taylor Orchards) State Representative Lynmore James (D-Montezuma)

Chuck Byrd at Taylor Orchards speaking for Barnes

Sheriffs endorsing Barnes

Baker, Tomlinson Seen as Favorites for Mayor of Columbus on Nov. 2

A race that's has been off my radar a bit & that is the Columbus Mayoral Race which will take place on November 2 as residents of Columbus seek a repalcement for outgoing mayor Jim Wetherington.

The candidates are: Zeph Baker, Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Paul Olsen & Wayne Anthony

Baker who challenged State Rep Calvin Smyre as a indepdnent back in 2008 is looking to become the first African-American mayor in the city's history. He is a graduate of Carver High School & 1999, Zeph received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Columbus State University. A widower, Zeph is a proud and devoted father of three children. Led by his passion for children, and respect for education, Zeph founded two education centers, where he currently serves as Director.

Tomlinson is native Georgian, moved to Columbus in 1994 from Atlanta and married Trip Tomlinson, who was raised in Columbus graduating from Hardaway High School. Since the year 2000, Teresa has been a member of Columbus' Metropolitan Planning Organization's Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), which studies issues of regional growth and provides citizen input on important state and municipal transportation decisions. She serve two years as the CAC's Chair and as its representative on the Planning Organization's Technical Committee and Policy Committee.

Anthony is was born in Columbus and raised on a poultry and livestock farm. He attended Midland Elementary, Arnold Junior High and Jordan High where he was Student Body President for his school and the entire Bi-City. His education includes a B.A. from Asbury College, a Masters of Divinity from Emory University, and an M.B.A. from the University of Georgia. Plus, he is a Professional Financial Planner as a graduate of the College of Financial Planning in Denver and he is the recipient of the Certificate of Recognition from the Georgia Municipal Training Institute.

Wayne’s corporate management experience is extensive. He managed a KFC while working on his M.B.A. His fast food restaurant went from losing money to a profitable, award-winning operation. He was then promoted to corporate RJR Nabisco/KFC in Atlanta where he was responsible for multiple restaurants, annual revenues of $10 million and over 250 employees. For eighteen years, Wayne served as Director of the Business Resource Center, providing financial counseling and management training to more than 150 organizations.

Olsen calls himself the "Real" conservative in the race. Paul came to Columbus via Ft. Benning in 1978 and purchased his first home here in 1980. Paul is originally from Iowa, where he came from a large farming family of seven children. After graduating from Ft. Dodge Senior High School in 1969, he volunteered to serve his country in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division. He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran earning the Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Ribbon, plus numerous other Medals.

He served his country honorably for 37 years collectively on Active and Reserve duty retiring at the rank of Major. He was also awarded the Meritorious Medal, Parachutist Badge among numerous other Medals and Awards. During those years he served in many numerous leadership roles gaining experience and knowledge as a Company and Field Command Staff Officer and Battalion Commander. He will enhance our city's rapport with the expansion of the Armor School.

This race will most likely go to a runoff, with Baker & either Tomlinson or Anthony in the runoff. Olson looks like a impressive candidate, but it will come down to who can capture the African-American vote in this race.

The Darkhorse in this race is Wayne Anthony. Wayne has a proven record (40 YRS) of serving the community and leading organizations that transform individuals, families, neighborhoods and cities such as:

-Founder and President, House of Heroes
-Past President, Leadership Morality Institute
-President, Columbus Mental Health Network
-Leader, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
-Past President, SHRM Columbus
-Past President, SHRM Georgia
-Minister, Asbury United Methodist Church
-Past President, Columbus High PTA
-Past President, Arnold Middle School PTA
-Student Body President, Asbury College
-Student Body President, Jordan High School

Anthony is the one to keep an eye on in this race. My many accounts, Tomlinson is the leader in the race, while Baker is right on her heels. Anthony is a minister at Asbury United Methodist Chruch, which is locate near the southside of columbus, which will give him a advantage at picking off a chunk of the AA vote away from Baker. Stay tunes for more on this race.

Rasmussen Poll: Deal 45% - Barnes 39%

A new Rasmussen Poll out shows Deal leading Barnes by 6% according to their new poll.

Nathan Deal (R) 45%

Roy Barnes (D) 39%

John Monds (L) 5%

Some other candidate 6%

Not sure 5%

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Georgia Voters finds Deal with 45% support, while Barnes earns 39% of the vote when leaners are included. Libertarian candidate John Monds trails with five percent (5%). Six percent (6%) prefer another candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

This marks a fallback for Deal whose support has been steadily rising from 43% in March to 51% last month. But Barnes is also at the low end of his support, having earned 39% to 43% of the vote in those same surveys back to March. This is the first survey to include Monds.

The survey of 500 Likely Voters in Georgia was conducted on September 21, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Deal has the support of 81% of Georgia Republicans, while 76% of the state’s Democrats back Barnes, who hopes to reclaim the governorship he led from 1999 to 2003. Voters not affiliated with either party prefer the GOP candidate by 10 points. Monds earns single-digit support from all three groups.

Sixty-seven percent (67%) of Deal supporters say they’ve already made up their minds how they will vote in November. Sixty-two percent (62%) of those who favor Barnes also say they are certain of how they will vote, as are 76% of those who support Monds.

Twenty-eight percent (28%) of Georgia voters consider themselves a part of the Tea Party movement or know someone who is. Sixty-one percent (61%) do not. This is comparable to findings nationwide.

Deal earns 77% of the vote from those who are part of the Tea Party movement or know someone who is.

Nearly half (49%) of voters in the state believe the Tea Party movement is good for the country, while 30% think it’s a bad thing.

Forty-nine percent (49%) of Georgia voters have a favorable opinion of Deal, with 13% who view him Very Favorably. He is viewed unfavorably by 40%, including 20% with a Very Unfavorable view.

For Barnes, favorables are 44% and unfavorables 50%, including 17% Very Favorable and 29% Very Unfavorable.

Monds is regarded favorably by 28% and unfavorably by 26%. This includes six percent (6%) Very Favorable and nine percent (9%) Very Unfavorable. But 46% don’t know enough about the Libertarian hopeful to voice any kind of opinion of him.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of Georgia voters approve of the job being done by Republican Governor Sonny Perdue, who defeated Barnes in 2002. Forty-four percent (44%) disapprove. This is a slight improvement from a month ago. Perdue is term-limited and cannot seek reelection.

IA/WSB Poll shows the two tied at 42%, while Mason/Dixon shows Deal 45% Barnes 41%.

One thing for sure, Deal has taken a big hit in the polls, while Barnes has been between the 39-43% range.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video of Bacon Co Republican Darwin Carter's endorsement of Richmond Co Democrat J.B. Powell at the Ga National Fairgrounds

GOP gathering boosts Sellier Talton

A crowd of about 100 Houston County Republicans gathered Thursday at Cheddar’s Restaurant to show support for incumbent state Reps. Tony Sellier and Willie Talton.

Atop the guest list were Speaker of the House David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge; Speaker Pro-Tem Jan Jones, R-Alpharetta; Majority Leader Jerry Keen, R-St. Simons; state Sens. Cecil Staton of Macon and Ross Tolleson of Perry; and in addition to Sellier and Talton, state Reps. Larry O’Neal, R-Perry; Allen Peake, R-Macon; Buddy Hardin, R-Cordele; and a host of local politicians, friends, well-wishers and county residents.

Why can't the democratic leadership do this for democratic incumbents & democratic challengers, I have no Idea!

Read more: The Warner Robins Patriot - GOP gathering boosts Sellier Talton The Warner Robins Patriot - GOP gathering boosts Sellier Talton

Marietta Daily Journal endorses Roy Barnes for Governor

Here's what they say:

If there was ever a time that Georgia voters should take to heart the axiom that "all politics is local," this is it. As they mark their early voting ballots or prepare to go to the polls Nov. 2, voters should focus on the fact that they are choosing a new governor of Georgia - and not voting on the woeful job performance of President Obama and the Democrats in control of Congress.

Rather than trying to send a message to Obama, the task of Georgia voters is to consider which of the two major candidates is best equipped to lead Georgia during a time of crisis.

Running on the Republican ticket is former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal of Gainesville, winner of his party's nomination by less than 2,500 votes over former Secretary of State Karen Handel in a spirited GOP primary runoff. Elected to Congress as a Democrat in 1992, Deal switched parties three years later, and during 18 years in Congress he was a strong supporter of reforms in immigration, welfare and fiscal policies, backing cuts in spending and taxes. Unfortunately for the Republican nominee, he has been dogged by a congressional ethics office report raising questions about his financial disclosures and lucrative state contract for his auto salvage and inspection business in Gainesville. Recent revelations of financial difficulties involving a failed family business have dominated news about his campaign instead of the issues vital to Georgia's progress in the future. As a result, a growing number of voters are conflicted over their choice of candidate.

Laying partisanship aside, by any objective yardstick, Deal's experience and leadership qualities come up short in comparison with those of the Democratic nominee, former Gov. Roy Barnes of Marietta.

Barnes and his wife, Marie, are both natives of Cobb County, where he grew up working in his father's Mableton hardware store and graduated from South Cobb High School.

Barnes has spent decades serving the people of Georgia as a state senator, a state representative and then, from 1998-2002, as governor. Barnes took a proactive approach to dealing with education, transportation and other issues. Unfortunately, the direct way in which he took on such matters - as well as his success in removing the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag - generated strong opposition that contributed to his defeat for a second term in 2002. His successor, Sonny Perdue, learned from Barnes' mistakes. Rather than take an activist approach to solving problems, Perdue has let most of them fester for as long as possible. The result is that Perdue's successor will inherit a state where public schools in many places are still substandard, traffic congestion is worse than ever and the state is far from ready for the next drought.

And while the recession is hardly the fault of Sonny Perdue, the next governor will take the reins of a state government facing its greatest fiscal crisis since the days of the Great Depression. Even revenues from the state lottery are down markedly, threatening the viability of the HOPE Scholarship program.

Such times call for a leader of vision and leadership skills - and Roy Barnes is that leader. His successes as a businessman (he's a banker), a lawyer (he's one of the best in the state) and legislator have prepared him well for the challenges just ahead. There would be no steep learning curve as governor for Barnes, unlike what Deal would face. Georgia does not need a governor in days like these who is undergoing on-the-job training. Gov. Barnes would enter the governor's office ready to go from Day 1.

Moreover, his entire focus would be on Georgia and its needs. It is to Deal's credit that he was willing to underwrite his daughter's decision to become part owner of a sporting-goods store. And it is not his fault that it has now gone belly-up like so many other businesses. In addition, Deal is to be applauded for saying he plans to pay off what he owes rather than declare personal bankruptcy. But the fact is that if elected, he would enter office in January against the backdrop of a darkly looming Feb. 1 deadline to pay off the $2.3 million loan in the case. Whether Deal is elected or not, that deadline would be constantly preying on his mind, and we wish him only the best as he considers how best to meet it. Deal also is still fending off serious allegations that he used his influence as a congressman to enrich himself via no-bid deals with the state for his auto salvage and inspection business.

Critics of Barnes are trying desperately to tie him to Obama, whom Barnes barely knows. Our former governor has always been a political moderate, not a liberal, and has staked out a centrist position in this campaign. On key issues, he is in tune with the majority of Georgians, opposing admission of illegal aliens to public colleges and universities - and sharply critical of Obamacare and its financial impact on this state.

Roy Barnes is well known to the people of Cobb where he has been one of the county's most esteemed public figures for four decades. That status won't change, come what may at the polls in November - and regardless of the strained efforts to transform him into Obama's supposed evil twin. Those allegations are laughable to those who know Barnes. They have about as much credibility as saying Obama is a protege of George W. Bush.

Georgians need to base their vote not on which way the country is going, but on which candidate is best prepared to take the helm of this state during troubled times.

And clearly that candidate is Roy Barnes.

Susan Holmes wants to serve HD 125, But what do voters know about her?

Very troubling revelations have been uncovered about Republican State Rep. candidate Susan Holmes, who is running for the open HD 125 seat against longtime Jones County Commissioner David Gault (D-Haddock). During 12 years as Mayor of Monticello, Holmes left the City of Monticello $5,900,000 in debt after 12 years serving as Mayor and other serious revelations.

Now I got this from the Mary Alice Carter's website, who Holmes defeated in the republican primary on July 20. I'll have more on her before the primary.

Bipartisan Group of 91 Georgia Sheriffs stand behind Ken Hodges for Attorney General

Sheriff Harold Lancaster, Bleckley County (D)
Sheriff John Cary Bittick, Monroe County (D)
Sheriff Darren Mitchum, Twiggs County (D),
Sheriff Mike Jolley, Harris County (R),
Sheriff Wiley Griffin, Decatur County (D),
Sheriff Pete Smith, Sumter County (R)

Claiming law and order trumps politics, Republicans and Democrats joining bi-partisan effort to elect race’s only law enforcement candidate

In an unprecedented show of support for a non-incumbent candidate, yesterday 91 Georgia Sheriffs, Republicans and Democrats, endorsed Ken Hodges for Attorney General today (list below). They join a growing number of law enforcement officials across Georgia, including prosecutors. More Sheriffs are expected to endorse Ken publically in the coming weeks.

Georgia’s Attorney General is the state’s chief prosecutor and law enforcement officer. Ken Hodges, a prosecutor for fifteen years and the only law enforcement candidate in the race, is the most qualified to be Attorney General.

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley, (R) said “Supporting Ken Hodges is not about the letter he has after his name on the ballot. I don’t care if he is a Republican or a Democrat; he has the kind of values that cross over party lines. Who doesn’t want an Attorney General who has been tested as a prosecutor and we can say for sure, ‘This man is fair to all, no one is above the law, and he does not sway with the political winds.’ That is the kind of man I want as Georgia’s next chief law enforcement officer.”

Monroe County Sheriff John Cary Bittick (D) said, “I have known Ken Hodges for many years. I have the upmost respect for him personally and for his ability in the courtroom. As an elected Sheriff, his pro-law enforcement stance resonates with me, as well as his background prosecuting officers and other public officials who have broken the law and don’t deserve the badge. I think Ken Hodges is the best man for Attorney General.”

Ken prosecuted former DeKalb County Sheriff Sidney Dorsey who was convicted of murdering his successor, Sheriff-elect Derwin Brown. It was a difficult time for DeKalb County citizens, recalled current DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown (D), “Restoring trust in the Sheriff’s office, and law enforcement in general, was critical after such an unspeakable crime. Ken Hodges played an integral role in helping DeKalb County citizens heal, by finding justice for us with the conviction of Sidney Dorsey. For Ken, clearly, no one is above the law.”

Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith (R) said, “I have observed Ken’s work ethic and ability, both in the courtroom and as an administrator, over the years. I really do believe if every voter looks at Ken’s record, and how he has taken on cases that others simply don’t or won’t, the voters of Georgia will realize they are getting a true public servant, who puts the interests of the citizens above his own.”
“I am humbled to have the support of law enforcement officials from every region of the state,” said Ken Hodges. “I have spent my career working hand in hand with sheriffs, police officers and prosecutors to fight crime, keep our communities safe and uphold the law. If elected, I will bring this experience to the Attorney General’s office to ensure that enforcing the law is my office’s top priority.”
For a complete list of the Georgia Sheriffs publically endorsing Ken Hodges for Attorney General, see below or you can click (here).

Ken Hodges was the first District Attorney in the state to take on predatory lenders and recover damages for them, shut them down, seize their assets and kick them out of Georgia. He prosecuted corrupt public officials, including his former assistant chief of police and more than a dozen police officers. As D.A. in Albany, Ken brought the conviction rate of child predators from below 50% to nearly 100%.
Ken has served as President of the District Attorneys Association, Chairman of the Prosecuting Attorneys Council, and was named District Attorney of the Year in 2002.
Ken Hodges was the District Attorney in Dougherty County for 12 years. To learn more about Ken, please visit his website

Sheriffs for Hodges:
1) Richard R. Foskey – Bacon County (D)
2) Dana Mead – Baker County (D)
3) William C. Massee, Jr. – Baldwin County (D)
4) Bobby L. McLemore – Ben Hill County (D)
5) Jerry Modena – Bibb County (D)
6) Harold Lancaster – Bleckley County (D)
7) Robert C. Thomas – Brantley County (D)
8) Mike Dewey – Brooks County (D)
9) Gregory T. Coursey – Burke County (D)
10) Gene Pope – Butts County (R)
11) Josh Hilton – Calhoun County (D)
12) Tommy Gregory – Camden County (R)
13) Phil Summers – Catoosa County (D)
14) Glynn Cooper - Chattahoochee County (D)
15) John W. Everett – Chattooga County (D)
16) Ira Edwards, Jr. – Clarke County (D)
17) Kemuel “Kem” Kimbrough, Sr. – Clayton County (D)
18) Winston C. Peterson – Clinch County (D)
19) Al Whittington – Colquitt County (R)
20) Johnny Daughtrey – Cook County (D)
21) Lewis S. Walker - Crawford County (D)
22) Donnie R. Haralson – Crisp County (D)
23) Patrick Cannon – Dade County (R)
24) Billy Carlisle – Dawson County (R)
25) Thomas E. Brown – DeKalb County (D)
26) Wiley Griffin – Decatur County (D)
27) Jeff Hinson – Dodge County (R)
28) Kevin R. Sproul – Dougherty County (D)
29) Jimmie. R. Murkerson – Early County (D)
30) Randy Courson – Echols County (D)
31) Jimmy McDuffie – Effingham County (R)
32) Barry L. Haston – Elbert County (D)
33) J. Tyson Stephens – Emanuel County (D)
34) Randall H. Tippins – Evans County (D)
35) Theodore Jackson – Fulton County (D)
36) Dean Couch – Glascock County (D)
37) Harry C. Young – Grady County (D)
38) Chris Houston – Greene County (R)
39) Tomyln T. Primus – Hancock County (D)
40) Mike Jolley – Harris County (R)
41) Ross Henry – Heard County (D)
42) Donnie Youghn – Irwin County (D)
43) Charles Roper – Jasper County (D)
44) Richard Deas – Jeff Davis County (D)
45) Gary Hutchins – Jefferson County (D)
46) Robert Oglesby – Jenkins County (D)
47) R.N. “Butch” Reece – Jones County (D)
48) Nick Norton – Lanier County (D)
49) Cecil Nobles – Long County (D)
50) Chris Pine – Lowndes County (D)
51) Reggie D. Rachals – Lee County (R)
52) Charles M. Cannon – Macon County (D)
53) Horace Snider – Marion County (D)
54) Logan Marshall – McDuffie County - President of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association (D)
55) Steve Whitlock – Meriwether County (D)
56) H. E. “Buddy” Glass – Miller County (D)
57) Clarance Sanders – Montgomery County (D)
58) John Cary Bittick – Monroe County (D)
59) Ezell Brown – Newton County (D)
60) Scott R. Berry – Oconee County (R)
61) Terry W. Deese – Peach County (D)
62) Howard R. Sills – Putnam County (I)
63) Jimmy Thomas – Pike County (R)
64) Billy Cape – Pulaski County (D)
65) Steve Newton – Quitman County (D)
66) Gary Yochum, Sr. – Randolph County (D)
67) Ronald Strength – Richmond County (D)
68) Shane Tondee – Schley County (D)
69) Mike Kile – Screven County (D)
70) Heath Elliot – Seminole County (D)
71) James “Dee” Stewart – Spalding County (R)
72) Randy Shirley – Stephens County (R)
73) Larry Jones – Stewart County (D)
74) Pete Smith – Sumter County (R)
75) Marc Richards – Taliaferro County (D)
76) Herman Howard – Talbot County (D)
77) Quinton Rush – Tattnall County (D)
78) Jeff Watson – Taylor County (D)
79) Johnny O. Smith – Telfair County (D)
80) John Bowens – Terrell County (D)
81) Roy Wiley, Sr. – Turner County (R)
82) Darren Mitchum – Twiggs County (D)
83) Scott D. Stephens – Union County (D)
84) Steve Wilson – Walker County (D)
85) Thomas H. Smith – Washington County (D)
86) Randy Dely – Webster County (D)
87) James Peacock – Wheeler County (D)
88) Neal Walden – White County (R)
89) Stacy C. Bloodsworth – Wilcox County (D)
90) Mark A. Moore – Wilkes County (D)
91) Freddie Tompkins – Worth County (D)

Open Apology to Don Weigel, House Democratic Caucus Director from Peanut Politics

I want to send a (sincere) open apology to House Caucus Director Don Weigel for a post I wrote a couple days ago regarding his "inaction" concerning House Races for democrats, specifically rural democrats. (The post was titled "Don Weigel & Jane Kidd both get "F's" for Bad Performances 9/15")

Don is working very, very hard in trying to get rural democrats elected to the General Assembly, as well as metro democrats. He has taken heat from all sides of the democratic party for the perception that he's ignoring candidates pleas for help, or not showing interest in getting democrats elected to the General Assembly.

The post I wrote regarding both he & Kidd (Jane) deserving to be fired for a bad performance thus far was regrettable & for that I want to apologize to Don Weigel for my blog post & the damage that it may have caused to his efforts.

For the record, Weigel & Co are working extremely hard right now to get more Dem's elected to the General Assembly.

Financially majority of the democratic candidates have not gotten money.........YET!

Races that are very high on the House Caucus list are (not in alphabetical order):

John Tibbetts, HD 153
Chris Irvin, HD 28
Maryline Blackburn,HD 34
Fenika Miller, HD 145
Marjean Boyd, HD 172
Will Avery, HD 19
Sandy Murray, HD 80
David Gault, HD 125
Audrey Stewart, HD 179
Quentin Howell, HD 141
Steffini Bethea, HD 106

and others as well.

As y'all know I'm passionate about Rural Georgia & would like to see democrats make a comeback here in this part of the state that for so long democrats have dominated for over 100+ years.

I should have called Don Weigel before I did that post to get a more clearer & accurate picture before proceeding on with my rant about his job performance as Caucus Director. Don & myself talked for about 20-25 minutes last night, in which I offered a apology to Don, (which he accepted by the way) after appearing at conference call with Communications Director Eric Gray of the DPG & I can rest assure all dems running or defending their seats that Don is working extremely hard at helping get more democrats elected this november.

I know this is a tough job & he is doing the very best he can with the resources he have at the moment, so I just ask for all democrats, either running for seats held by a incumbent republican, or the ones who are defending their seats against GOP challengers to cut Don some slack, be patient, given we have over 40 or so days remaining until the Nov 2 elections. Don & the Caucus have y'all's best interest at hand & just like me, I hope y'all would ease up on Don & let him do his job.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sally Yates: The Person Who Could Put the Nail in Nathan Deal's political Coffin

There's one person who is forgotten in all of the Deal Ethical & financial Saga:

Sally Yates, who is U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia could hold the key to determining if Nathan Deal will get the hammer brought down on him regarding the no-bid contract between his auto salvage business and the state.

Here's the low-down:

Nathan Deal, the republican candidate for governor, personally intervened with Georgia leaders to preserve an obscure state program that earns his company nearly $300,000 a year. Deal on three occasions in the past year and a half met with state Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham to question proposed changes Graham wanted to make in the way Georgia inspects rebuilt salvaged vehicles. Deal coordinated his efforts through the office of a political ally, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle who make up one half of the "Gainesville Mafia" along with Deal.

Deal and Ken Cronan own and operate Recovery Services Inc., also known as Gainesville Salvage & Disposal, which for nearly 20 years has enjoyed a lucrative agreement with the state that earned the company $1.5 million from 2004 through 2008 according to state records. The company provides a location and equipment for state inspectors to examine salvaged vehicles. Deal left congress just before the heat was about to get on him.

Keep an eye on Yates in the whole Nathan Deal SAGA. What if she come down on Deal with some sort of a indictment, how would that affect the governor's race, as well as down ballot candidates as well. Does she have the spine to do such a thing?

Candidate Spotlight: Kimberly Alexander (D-Douglasville) HD 67

West of Metro Atlanta, Kimberly Alexander will challenge Bill Hembree for HD 67, a district that is trending democratic.

Alexander is a resident of Douglas County, a single parent working in Corporate America grew up in Paulding County, Georgia. Kimberly has one son that is a student in college. She comes from a family of eleven sisters and brothers. Her parents were married for 52 years prior to her father’s death in 1999. She holds a Master’s of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University and is an HBCU graduate of Morris Brown College.

Miss Alexander has a passion to serve and improve the lives of all families. Kimberly has spent over 15 years of giving back to her community as a volunteer. She has served as a member of two professional organizations and is a life-time member of the Civil Rights organization - NAACP.

In addition, Kimberly has received numerous of awards for her volunteer work in the community. Perhaps her most memorable work is serving as the key coordinator for local efforts protesting the sentencing of six young teenagers in Douglas County which resulted in the Georgia Legislature amending the child molestation law to include the Romeo and Juliet Clause. Kimberly’s work has been featured on the following networks; CNN, BET, MTV, Prime Time television and Romania International news network.

Kimberly has a diverse background in Social Change, Insurance, Business and Finance which will be an asset as a member of the State House of Representatives. Kimberly is currently employed at a large Fortune 500 Company as an Internal Auditor.

Says Alexander: I have watched foreclosures grow in District 67, we have families losing their home daily. Our property taxes remain the same while our property is not worth what we paid. Georgia's unemployment rate continues to spiral and the economy is moving at a slow pace. I would never think that I would see Georgia teachers losing jobs and classrooms increase in size.

Alexander has over 15 years of experience working in Corporate America in business and finance & hold a Certified Business Manager Certification, Master's of Science & Administration Degree and a Bachelors Degree in Sociology with a minor in Family Counseling. Alexander says she has the qualifications to watch wasteful spending and vote the will of the people and not the will of the lobbyist.

Her key issues are: Jobs, Education, Crime, Housing.

Candidate Spotlight: Mike Burton (D-Cave Spring) SD 52

Meet Mike Burton, a life-long North Georgia Boy that will run for the open State Senate Seat being vacated by Preston Smith who left to make a unsuccessful run for State Attorney General.

He says he is running for office because he believe many of our elected officials have lost sight of who we are. Burton goes on to say they bring their personal values and ambitions to the table, and they ignore ours. They serve only the big money interests and other politicos who they believe can get them elected. They’re out of touch with the everyday world of ordinary Georgians, and our state has suffered for it.

Some of Burton's core issues are Education, Energy/Technology & Jobs.

Burton is a retired educator & is making his first run for office.

Nathan Deal: "I don't Know about it"........REALLY?

In a article by Aaron Gould Shenin of the Atlanta Journal Constitution yesterday Nathan Deal says he didn't know about his son-in-law had previously filed for bankruptcy when when he invested $2 million of his own money into a business venture with his daughter and the man she married.


Here's Deal trying to explan:

We believe that they understand these are tough economic times,” Deal said. “A recession of this magnitude, that takes down the largest banks, the largest insurance companies, the largest car companies in the country, has taken down hundreds of thousands of small businesses, not only in our state but all across the nation. Unfortunately, my daughter and son-in-law were in a retail business that happened to. So I don’t know. I don’t know what the impact is

It time to call Deal's judgment, honesty into question as well as his trustworthiness as he vye for the governorship which is slipping away day after day.

Former Army Ranger & Macon Mayor Jim Marshall Leads Austin Scott by 12% in new conducted by DCCC

U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall, a conservative democrat is leading State Rep Austin Scott by 12 according to a new poll released by the DCCC late Monday.

The poll was conducted by Grove Insight:

Jim Marshall 48%
Austin Scott 36%

Now I do believe Marshall is leading Scott, but I don't know if its by this much. I still say despite all of the hype surrounding this race that Marshall will win re-election, not by 12% though, probably in the 52-54% range.

And Marshall haven't even talked about his vote against Healthcare Reform, Cap & Trade & his support for the Bush Tax Cuts, along with his reservations for the repeal of DADT.

Darryl Hicks in Coffee County Tomorrow Evening

Darryl Hicks will be in Douglas, Ga tomorrow evening for a meet & greet. If you live in Douglas, go out & meet this great candidate who is battling Mark Butler for State Labor Commissioner at the Heritage Station Museum. Event starts at 4:30

Monday, September 20, 2010

What Barnes needs to do to get over the 42-43% Threshold?

Recent polling have showed Roy Barnes at the 42-43% mark, despite Nathan Deal losing steam as controversy continues over his financial & ethical issues.

Listening to the Kudzu Vine Blog talk Radio show this a.m., host David McGlaughin asked the question: what does Barnes need to do to get over the 42-43% mark?

That's a great question. From my vantage point, it looks like that voters who are on the fence, or undecided are looking for a "OK", or a "signal" to go ahead & vote for Barnes.

There are two things Barnes can do to get over that 42-43% position.

(1) Endorsements!

People like to say endorsements don't mean much, but it depends where the endorsement is coming from. An endorsement coming from these two individuals can really swing the election to Barnes' favor: Former Senator Sam Nunn & yes former Governor Zell Miller. An endorsement from one or both of these conservative democrats who are independent thinking men would be the "ok" that voters need to go cast a vote for Barnes.

It maybe alot to ask, but an endorsement from both of these two giants of Georgia Politics would boost his standing among white male voters, put him ahead for independents/undecideds & bring more dissatisfied republicans who are wary of Nathan Deal to Barnes' corner. Plus that will strengthen his campaign in rural Georgia, which by the way is going very well at the moment.

(2) Carol Porter

Yet we haven't seen the two of them together at any campaign appearances across the state. With October looming now is the time to present a united front, by holding a press conference detailing their agenda if one or both are elected in November. Highlight the GOP's Tax Increases on the backs of middle class & low-income Georgians, steep cuts to Georgia Public Schools, Georgia's high unemployment rate, which is higher that the national average, the state budget & water.

Barnes & Porter are very effective communicators. Although Barnes was governor before, he is pretty much a outsider to the Washington Insider Nathan Deal & so is Carol Porter to the Metro Insider Casey Cagle, who like to refer to Deal & Cagle as the "Gainesville Mafia".

Both should do a week of barnstorming of the state together talking to voters about their plans to fix Georgia's ailing economy, assisting small business owners, restoring the Homestead Property Tax Exemption that the GOP got rid of last legislative session, addressing our water situation, ethics & plan to create jobs to put Georgia Back to work. Hell it wouldn't hurt if both appeared in a campaign ad together running on fiscal responsibilty & discipline

One or both of these suggestions would go a long way of getting Barnes over that line of 42-43%.

From Stateline.Org: Georgia Works Expands

The Brainchild of Michael Thurmond, Georgia's Labor Commissioner, Georgia Works has expanded.

Started in 2003, the nationally recognized program allows jobless workers to become trainees for selected businesses at no cost to the employers. Starting today (Sept. 20), Georgia is more than doubling the number of people who can benefit from the program by opening it up to anyone without a job, not just those collecting unemployment checks, as originally designed.

Under the program, job seekers can spend 24 hours a week for up to six weeks in on-the-job training and continue to collect unemployment checks. If not receiving unemployment benefits, workers would agree to become unpaid trainees. In both cases, the state would provide each worker up to $600 to help defray job-related expenses such as transportation, child care and clothes.

It has been cited by two organizations — UWC Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation and the American Institute for Full Employment — for its innovative approach to helping people get back to work. The program has been described in the Congressional Record as a model for other states; New Hampshire and Missouri created carbon copies of the program this year, and other states are considering it.

Thurmond, who is a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, says he decided to expand the program because a majority of jobless workers either don’t qualify for unemployment.

On the campaign trail with Thurmond, former President Bill Clinton praised him for “figuring out how to move people from unemployment to job placement at the very time when the country’s quickest route to putting people to work is simply to train people for the jobs that are open now.” Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi has also come out in support of Georgia Work$.

Tom Crawford's Georgia Report: Reasons for Deal’s campaign to worry

Tom Crawford of Capitol Impact says the Deal campaign has plenty to worry about between now & November 2.

Read it here:

If there was no other reason for Nathan Deal to worry about his campaign for governor at this particular point in time, there would be this: a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon shows he is ahead of Roy Barnes by four points.

It should be remembered that Mason-Dixon did the polling in the primary elections for the Georgia Newspaper Partnership, that awkward coalition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other newspapers that is attempting to make up for disappearing editorial staffs by pooling their political coverage. Mason-Dixon, to put it politely, was probably the least accurate of the firms who were out in the field polling the primary voters (you can read a brief analysis of it here).

The fact that the AJC and its partners are still using Anne Cox Chambers’ assets to pay money to Mason-Dixon for polling services will remain one of the big mysteries of Georgia politics, but there you are. The latest Mason-Dixon poll shows Deal is leading Roy Barnes by 45-41 percent. Given the polling firm’s performance in the primaries, that could well mean Barnes is actually leading Deal by 45-41 percent.

There are plenty of other reasons for Deal’s supporters to be worried, of course. One of them is the FDIC’s decision at the end of the week to shut down three more Georgia banks for making a series of bad loans to developers and other business types. That naturally calls attention to the loans that Deal and his wife, Sandra, took out for a sporting goods business run by their daughter and son-in-law that failed.

Deal and his wife still owe more than $2 million on one of the loans they signed (their daughter and her husband have long since gone bankrupt), and it looks like he’s on the verge of becoming financially insolvent and filing for bankruptcy himself (although Deal insists he will live up to all his obligations).

Now that the AJC has broken the dam with the initial story from Alan Judd about Deal’s destitution, other stories are sure to follow – such as the latest one from the AJC’s Steve Visser about how Deal’s son-in-law went bankrupt in 2001, just a few years before Deal loaned him $2 million for that failed sporting goods store. I understand that opposition researchers – including people not affiliated with the Barnes campaign – are digging into Deal’s background as well.

I’m confident there is more to come on the media front that will give Deal and his folks plenty of reasons to worry between now and Nov. 2.

Crawford is right on the money with this assessment. With little over a month until the elections, you can expect more on this to come out. Let's not forget the possibility of an indictment coming down on Deal between now & the elections? Things are just heating up!

New Ad from Roy Barnes

This is a good ad from Barnes. It keeps the foot on the pedal regarding Deal's ethical & financial problems

Ga doesn't need the unethical, corrupt Nathan Deal & Casey Cagle a.k.a. "The Gainesville Mafia" running the state!

Read the report from CREW on Deal's crooked backroom manuvering with Casey Cagle:

Representative Nathan Deal (R-GA) is a nine-term member of Congress, representing Georgia’s 9th congressional district. His ethics issues stem from his abuse of his position for his personal financial benefit.

Recovery Services, Inc. a/k/a Gainesville Salvage & Disposal

Rep. Deal and Ken Cronan own and operate Recovery Services, Inc., a/k/a Gainesville Salvage & Disposal, which for nearly 20 years has provided a location and equipment for Georgia state inspectors to examine salvaged vehicles.

Since 1982, Georgia has required any vehicle wrecked and rebuilt to pass a safety inspection before the state will issue a title allowing the car to be sold or driven. Initially and inefficiently, inspectors traveled to where the vehicles were located, but in 1989, the state authorized a station in Athens, Georgia to serve as an inspection site. The program was expanded in 1990, the same year Rep. Deal and Mr. Cronan incorporated Recovery Services, Inc., which became one of the first of eight regional inspection stations, though there is no record explaining how the stations were chosen and Rep. Deal has been unable to provide an explanation.

The stations provide a garage bay with a hydraulic lift and an employee to help move cars while the state provides the inspectors.5 Station owners charge vehicle owners a fee to have their cars seen at the stations.6 While Rep. Deal and Mr. Cronan charge $100 per vehicle, most other stations charge only $60 or $75.7 In 2008, Rep. Deal’s and Mr. Cronan’s Gainesville station hosted over 2,800 vehicles out of the 17,000 vehicles inspected by the state. Recovery Services, Inc. has never had to compete for the contract, which between 2004-2008 alone, earned the company $1.4 million.

Rep. Deal personally earns $150,000 a year from the business.

When Georgia Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham became responsible for the system, he discovered it cost nearly as much to operate as it brings in and the locations of the inspection stations are relatively far from the largest metropolitan areas, making the stations into regional monopolies. As a result, by 2008, the commissioner began making efforts to reform the system by increasing the number of inspection stations and awarding the sites through a competitive bidding process.

Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle ordered Comm. Graham to meet with him in his office to discuss the matter. On January 28, 2008, Comm. Graham arrived to discover he was meeting not only with Lt. Gov. Cagle and his then-chief of staff Brad Alexander, but also with Rep. Deal, Rep. Deal’s congressional chief of staff, Chris Riley, and Rep. Deal’s business partner, Mr. Cronan.14 Rep. Deal has admitted to requesting the meeting, during which Rep. Deal and Mr. Cronan questioned Comm. Graham about his intentions.

Lt. Gov. Cagle and Rep. Deal are both from Gainesville and represented the same district in the state Senate. Recovery Services, Inc. contributed $1,000 to Lt. Gov. Cagle’s 2005 campaign and Rep. Deal contributed an additional $5,000 to the campaign in 2006. In June 2008, Comm. Graham was called to another meeting with Rep. Deal, Mr. Cronan and others. After the meeting, Comm. Graham proposed privatizing the system and opening it up to more competition, at the same time eliminating the $1.7 million for the program from the state budget. The plan was adopted by the Georgia House and sent to the state Senate.

At that time, Rep. Deal’s chief of staff used his official House email account to contact Georgia state officials in an effort to keep the money in the state budget. The Atlanta Journal- Constitution obtained emails to and from Mr. Riley. On March 2 , 2009, Mr. Riley emailed Georgia Deputy Revenue Commissioner Mack Chandler advising him, “We would like to discuss with DOR your intentions regarding inspections, but the House version of the bill is pretty clear, never the less (sic), we would like to work with you. We have to be in Atlanta next Friday, does that work for you?”

On March 23, 2009, an aide to Lt. Gov. Cagle emailed Mr. Riley, “I just want to clarify that you are asking the DOR Salvage Inspection Program be fully funded at the previous continuation budget of $1.7M.”

On March 27, Comm. Graham again was forced to meet with Rep. Deal and Mr. Cronan and state Senate staff, but Comm. Graham, explained to reporters that he insisted the meeting be held on neutral ground: Gov. Perdue’s conference room. According to Comm. Graham, Rep. deal and Mr. Cronan made quite clear they did not want the inspection system changed.

Just three days later, on March 30, 2009, the Senate Appropriations Committee put the
money for the program back into the budget. In a transparent effort to conceal Rep. Deal’s interference, less than an hour after the vote -- after the program’s continuation was basically guaranteed -- Mr. Riley sent an email to Lt. Gov. Cagle’s office saying, “Following our meeting with Commissioner Graham, we would like to withdraw our request to fully fund the DOR Salvage Inspection Program and accept the House’s language.

Rep. Deal denies contacting anyone in the Senate to ask that the money for the program be left in the budget and both state Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jack Hill and Subcommittee Chairman Mitch Seabaugh claim to have no idea how the money was restored to the budget. Lt. Gov. Cagle’s current chief of staff, Bart Gobeil, refused to say whether Lt. Gov. Cagle asked that the money be restored.

Rep. Deal has defended Mr. Riley’s use of his House email account to pursue Rep.
Deal’s personal financial interests, claiming Mr. Riley “is on 24 hours,” and he is “ responsible for setting up meetings for me. . . that’s part of what he does.” Rep. Deal claims to have been acting on behalf of his constituents: his business partner and the “fellows who work in the office.

Honest Services Fraud

Federal law prohibits a member of Congress from depriving his constituents, the House of Representatives, and the United States of the right of honest service, including conscientious, loyal, faithful, disinterested, unbiased service, performed free of deceit, undue influence, conflict of of interest, self-enrichment, self-dealing, concealment, bribery, fraud and corruption.33 By using his position as a member of Congress as well as congressional resources, including House office staff time, to financially benefit himself and his business partner, Rep. Deal may have deprived his constituents, the House of Representatives, and the United States of his honest services in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1341, 1346.

An employee shall not use or permit use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office in a manner that is intended to coerce or induce another person . . . to provide any benefit, financial or otherwise,
to himself or to friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity.

Rep. Deal, by using his position to influence Lt. Gov. Cagle to require Comm. Graham to attend meetings to discuss Rep. Deal’s personal financial interests, clearly violated 5 C.F.R. § 2635.702(a). Rep. Deal further violated this prohibition by using his position to influence the Georgia state legislature to void the action of Georgia’s Commissioner of Revenue and instead act in Rep. Deal’s personal financial interest

In addition, House conflict-of-interest rules provide that a member should never accept “benefits under circumstances which might be construed by reasonable persons as influencing the performance” of his official duties.37 To do so “would raise the appearance of undue influence or breach of the public trust.” By using his position as a member of Congress to influence Lt. Gov. Cagle and the Georgia state Senate to benefit his personal financial interest, Rep. Deal violated House conflict-of-interest rules.

Conservative Democrat Marjean Bord (D-Bainbridge) on Redistricting

The redrawing of legislative and congressional district maps will begin in earnest 2011 based on the new census data. Redistricting in Georgia is done by the state legislature.

After the 2000 census the Republican majority legislature drew the boundaries of each electoral district we have now. Taking a page straight out of the playbook of Democrats when they were in the majority, Republicans gerrymandered districts to achieve desired election results for their party.

The district that the voter resides in should be drawn so that voters know exactly where their district boundaries begin and end. Unusually shaped districts with distorted lines contribute to why many voters feel that voting doesn’t matter.

The politics need to be taken out of the redistricting process. Voters’ best interest should take top priority. The redistricting process should not become a partisan fight. I pledge that I will not create a party-friendly district to ensure I remain an incumbent. I will not be a participant in a partisan struggle.

I whole-hearted agree with Marjean on this topic. Bith Democrats & republicans have tainted the redistricting process.

Friday, September 17, 2010

IA/WSB-TV Poll: Barnes 42% - Deal 42%

The Race for governor is tied at 42% according to The Insider Advantage/WSB-TV Poll.

Here's what it reads:

Deal (R) 42%

Barnes (D) 42%

Mondes (L) 5%

Undecided 11%

Insideradvantage CEO Matt Towery:

“Clearly this was a tough week for Deal as the poll showed a substantial drop in support among female voters and nearly 10% of Republicans voting for Barnes. Barnes gained among independent voters but Deal still leads him in that category. There are two ways to look at this situation. Yes, the poll took place while news stories about Deal’s loans were coming out. But it also was taken before Barnes had the chance to run heavy ad buys beating Deal up on the issue.

What this really boils down to is whether Barnes’ status as a Democrat in a state where President Obama and Democrats in general are highly unpopular will keep voters in the Deal camp and turning out in higher numbers on election day. This poll in no way suggests that Deal is a “cooked goose.” However, the race is clearly up for grabs and likely will be competitive until election day.”

Well so much for the Survey USA Poll showing Deal with a 11% lead & you wonder why the DGA pumped $1 million into Barnes' campaign. If this poll was taken before Barnes started to run ads slamming Deal on his ethical issues, then Barnes is in good shape. Let's not forget about the ads the RGA began running desperately trying to tie Barnes to Obama, so we don't know how voters are thinking right now.

But Barnes is in good shape & Deal is stumbling a little bit. Stay tuned!

HD-145: Willie Talton avoids debating with Fenika Miller, fears losing his House Seat

Which I predict he will (lose his seat) come Nov 2.

When a candidate, a incumbent candidate avoids debating his challenger, that's a sign of fear over losing his seat.

Over in Warner Robins, the race for House District 145 is one of the few seats that are in play for the democrats as Fenika Miller battles Willie Talton for the right to represent the North Houston County Seat in the Georgia General Assembly.

But Talton, a 34 yrs Law Enforcement Officer from Houston has gotten a case of stage fright as he has been ducking debating Miller on issues ranging for economic development for Warner Robins, affordable housing, & funding for Houston Co. Schools.

After seeing Miller speak at the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women's Luncheon last weekend, I see why he's been duckin' & dodgin', slidin' & hidin" from Mrs. Miller, works in Real Estate & manages a affordable housing community in Perry & who's husband is also in Law Enforcement (Police Sergeant & Detective for the Ft Valley P.D.)

It appears that Talton's people are telling him not to debate Miller, in fear of looking out of touch with the concerns of the rapidly growing city of Warner Robins, which is home to Robins Air force Base. Miller has built a broad coalition of support from democrats & republican voters in the district that is 39% African-American.

If you ask voters what has Willie Talton done since being elected in 2005, no one can come up with a answer.

Is Nathan Deal Electable?

Nathan Deal wants to become Georgia's next governor, but is he electable?

Right now I would say NO!

First he is under investigation for violated House rules by interfering with a state contract involving a business he owned, a unanimous decision that could hurt Deal’s political career. The report, issued by the Office of Congressional Ethics, alleges Deal met with state officials to allow his company to continue conducting vehicle inspections on GA’s behalf. The program, according to the allegation, “generated significant personal financial benefit for him and a business partner.”

The 138-page report details how Mr. Deal and his chief of staff intervened in 2008 and 2009 on behalf of the company, Recovery Services Inc., also known as Gainesville Salvage and Disposal. The report also said Mr. Deal had improperly failed to disclose that he was a corporate officer at the company, meaning that the $75,000 he earned from the business in 2008 violated a House limit on members’ outside income.

Recently he released his tax returns, but not those related to his business dealings that has him in hot water right now.

And yesterday he amended his financial disclosure form on Thursday after facing questions from The Associated Press about two active loans worth a combined $2.85 million that did not appear on the document. This is more financial bad news for Deal who acknowledged he is facing economic turmoil from a bad investment in his daughter's failed sporting good business. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on Wednesday that Deal faces a Feb. 1 deadline to pay back a $2.3 million bank loan for the venture. His daughter and son-in-law declared bankruptcy. Deal and his wife, Sandra, are trying to sell their Gainesville home to help satisfy the debt.

The loans from a pair of banks were made to Deal and his business partner Kenneth Cronan in 2009 but were not included on the financial disclosure Deal filed with the state Ethics Commission for that period.

Yes times are hard, & there are alot of people who are in deep trouble financially like Nathan Deal & may feel sorry for Deal, but will Georgians, who are concerned about their own financial security elect someone who doesn't have his own financial house in order? And will they even consider electing someone, whose fate is unknown when it comes to ethics violations concerning his Auto Salvage Business, in which an indictment could come down at any time before the November elections?

Deal has baggage no doubt about that & this latest revelation is just another skeleton that has arisen out of Nathan Deal's closest! This is the time to question Deal's fiscal responsibility.

Electing Nathan Deal as governor is too risky for Georgia when we have problems with our schools, the lack of job creation, high unemployment, tax increases, water issues & more.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mike Thurmond to be in Warner Robins on Saturday

U.S. Senate Candidate Michael "Mike" Thurmond will be in Warner Robins on Saturday to speak at a multi-county democratic luncheon.

Who: Mike Thurmond, candidate for US Senate

What: Multi-county luncheon to meet Mike! A star-studded event!!!

Where: Ryans Steak House on Watson Blvd in Warner Robins

When: Saturday, Sept 25, at 11:30 am

Procedure: Each pays for her/his own lunch upon entering the restaurant.

JB Powell Receives Republican Endorsement from GOP Ag Commissioner candidate Darwin Carter

In a press conference this afternoon at the Georgia National Fairgrounds, JB Powell, the Democratic Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, received an endorsement from Darwin Carter, a 2010 Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and former Reagan administration official. This is the only cross-party endorsement from a statewide candidate in over a decade in Georgia politics.

“I am honored to receive Darwin Carter’s endorsement today. We need to move past partisan politics and come together as Georgians, and I look forward to working with Darwin Carter to earn the support of Democratic, Republican and Independent voters this November.”

“As a conservative Republican who was appointed by Ronald Reagan to work in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, I know real leadership when I see it, and I believe JB Powell will do a great job of representing conservative principals as Agriculture Commissioner for Georgia” said Darwin Carter. “I felt that in good moral conscience, I could not support the Republican nominee for Agriculture Commissioner because his ties to special interests as a lobbyist will hurt Georgia farmers and Georgia families. I support JB Powell because he has bold ideas that will help grow Georgia’s agricultural economy and help protect our food safety and I encourage all Reagan conservatives like me to vote for JB Powell this November.”

Darwin Carter was appointed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture by President Reagan from 1981 to 1989. From 1981 to 1982 he served as the Georgia State Executive Director for Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. From 1982 to 1989, Darwin Carter served as the Assistant to the Undersecretary for International Affairs, Commodities and Programs and the Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture. In these roles, he oversaw the exportation of 454 million pounds of beef and 120,000 live dairy animals. Darwin Carter ran in the Republican primary for Agriculture Commissioner of Georgia in 2010 and is a lifelong resident of Bacon County.

Now supporters of Gary Black is going to look at this as nothing, but you consider the face that this is rare for a candidate from the opposite party endorsing another candidate from another party in a long, long time. Carter gives Powell instant credibility for the Ag job & proves that Powell is the true conservative candidate in this race.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DNC Sends Cash Infusion to State Parties, Georgia being one of them

The DNC has transferred another big chunk of cash to its affiliated committees and state partners, according to reports to be filed with the FEC next week.

The committee set aside $1.67M each for the DCCC and the DSCC, giving the party's House and Senate campaign arms a critical infusion of cash for the campaign homestretch. The DNC has given each committee a total of about $3.17M this cycle.

And national Dems also handed out 6-figure checks to 7 state parties, ensuring that local affiliates have the money necessary to run turnout operations for critical contests.

Connecticut Dems, a party dealing with several tough House races, an open Senate seat and a governor's race, got $125K. Georgia, where ex-Gov. Roy Barnes (D) is running for re-election, received a $350K transfer. Both Wisconsin and Texas, where Dems are vying for other governor's seats, won $250K transfers.

The DNC has invested most heavily in 3 states critical to Dem hopes this year, and to Pres. Obama's chances at winning re-election in '12.

An additional $200K transfer in August gave the Florida party a total of $933K in national funds. The DNC added $500K to the Ohio party, boosting their investment in the Buckeye State to $833K. And Pennsylvania, where several House Dems are working to save their seats and the state party is trying to keep both open Senate and governor's seats, got another $250K, bringing the party's total investment in the state to $583K.

The money is part of a $20M commitment the DNC has made to help directly fund House, Senate and governor's races this year. DNC chair Tim Kaine pledged the money earlier this year, in addition to $30M in cash and services the DNC is spending on turning out Dem voters who cast ballots for the first time for Obama in the '08 election.

It'll be an added boost for both the DCCC and the DSCC, which received 7-figure infusions from Obama's dormant presidential campaign. Earlier this month, Obama's campaign cut checks to the DNC, the DCCC and the DSCC in the amount of $1.5M each.

Dems will need the cash, as national GOPers are beginning to close the gap between the 2 parties and as the national landscape shows disturbing trends for the majority. Already, Dems have shown they intend to flex their financial muscle; the DCCC has reserved more than $50M in ad time, while the NRCC has blocked off just over $20M, according to figures provided by both parties.

Endorsement Announcement for JB Powell Today

Press Conference Announcing Significant Republican Endorsement

JB Powell, Democratic Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
Republican Endorser


Endorsement Announcement


September 15, 2010 at 3:00 PM


East Entrance
Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter
401 Larry Walker Parkway
Perry, GA 31069-1367

Don Weigel & Jane Kidd both get "F"s for bad performances thus far! Is it time to give them their pink slip?

I say YES!!!!

I once was high on Jane Kidd. Not anymore!

I had high hopes for Don Weigel as House Caucus Director. Not anymore!

The Georgia Democratic Party, once a party of strength, dominance rich with tradition is on the verge of blowing one of the biggest opportunities to make gains in this state since the GOP takeover in 2002.

Lead by Jane Kidd who beat out the likes of Mike Berlon, former State Senator Carol Jackson & others, the party has been unable to make any significant gains in the state since she took over as chairwoman of the party.

Don Weigel, who is the House Caucus Director of the Democrats who is in charge of determining which candidates would get support & resources from the House Caucus in his of bid for State Rep or State Senator has been awful in that capacity as he has left democratic candidates hanging out to dry against republicans who no doubt will get support from their own caucus members as well as the State GOP.

Weigel you sir has failed & its time for you to be shown the door. You're Fired!!!

Jane Kidd who came into the job promising a 159 county strategy has failed at her job at creating a strong, vibrant democratic party that will lead the next generation of democrats in this state, failed to deliver on that 159 county strategy she promised when she was elected chairman of the DPG & has been a lackluster fundraiser for the party.

Kidd you ma'am has failed & its time for you to be shown the door> You're Fired!!!

Right now both get a "F"- for the awful job each has done in leading the party back to competing for the GOP for the right to govern the state in a effective manner.

Regardless of the outcome in November, both need to be fired from their perspective positions & be replaced by a new slate of leaders who have a clear vision for the party with new ideas & the ability to rebuild the democratic bench, which after this election will be non-existent.

There are 9-12 House Seats that are very winnable for the democrats & 3-4 State Senate Seats that are winnable as well but with the party not having its act together to aid these strong democratic challengers, it'll be a lost cause. It getting late with more that a month remaining until the Nov 2 elections & it is clear to me that our leadership does not have the ability to lead the democratic party now & in future elections.

Bad Strategy, weak fundraising, misguided information are some of the major factors that democrats in this state are in such a bad shape now. Getting involved in races like the non=partisan Atlanta Race that close to $100,000 was wasted on & the involvement of primary races which I thought the DPG didn't get involved in, but boy was I wrong. Hypocrites!

Its very possible that democrats will not hold one single statewide office after the elections take place, which is a shame given the silver platter of issues that the GOP have given democrats to run on, but like I said, the folks at Spring Street doesn't have their act together, never had & never will.

Calvin Smyre, the long time State Rep out of Columbus spends more time going to Golfing Tournaments, Black-Tie galas & mingling with the D.C. crowd than working to help elect democrats here on the local & statewide level. One would think being the second highest ranking democrat in the house, with all of his deep connections across the country that he could help pull in some cash to help fund some of these local & statewide candidates, but no, Calvin Smyre is looking out for Calvin Smyre.

Robert Brown, who is looking to run for mayor of Macon in 2011 hasn't shown interest in leading the democrats in the senate, despite being the minority leader, nor hasn't shown a willingness to go out & campaign for & raise money for State Senate candidates for office.

DuBose hasn't been involved in that aspect since giving all of his responsibilities to Weigel & the other members of the democratic caucus to run for governor & now helping Carol Porter, his wife run for Lt. Governor.

I mentioned this before, there are some democrats who are sitting on money going as high as six figures while not being challenged by a single republican. But they will not contribute a single cent towards a democratic candidate running for office.

Lt. Colonel (Ret.) & ex-Milledgeville Mayor Floyd Griffin, who is running for SD 25, (a seat that is winnable) he represented for 6 years before giving it up to run for Lt. Governor in 1998 told me last night in a phone conversation that he haven't heard from anyone in regards to his race, which is occupied by Johnny Grant (R), as well as other candidates who are running this year.

Where is this coordinated campaign they promised they were going to run? Haven't seen it! Were all of the promises to help candidates for office year a big fat lie? At the moment it sure looks like it!

One thing they did this week is announced the opening of field offices all over Georgia for the 2010 elections, which is a good thing, but should have opened one in Vidalia to reach out to voters over in East central Georgia.

The democratic party need to return to its roots: The People, the folks on the ground, Georgia Oriented. The State Party has always been more conservative than their National Counterparts & as a result was successful in getting democrats elected to offices over & over again despite other states in the south falling victim to the republican dominance that started in the late 1960s.

What Im trying to say is that its time to clean house at the Georgia Democratic Party. Except for the communications director Eric Gray, every single high-level official at the state party needs to be shown the door, or FIRED!

Just found out this a.m that the DNC has sent a $350,000 check to the DPG to ensuring that local affiliates have the money necessary to run turnout operations for critical contests, plus Roy Barnes got a $350,000 infusion as well. That's small in comparison to other states. Like Andre Walker at Georgia Politics Unfiltered ask: what will Georgia Democrats do will all that money? We'll find out the answer to that question in the next few weeks.

Its time for someone to hold the leadership accountable for the lack of structure & organization of the democratic party, but Peanut Politics will. Regardless of the outcome this november, its time to overhaul the Georgia Democratic Party as well as the leadership in the democratic caucus of both chambers.
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