Monday, September 27, 2010

CQ Politics: Jim Marshall, Bobby Bright, Walt Minnick, Gene Taylor "Unsure about Pelosi remaining as Speaker

Conservative Bluedog Democrats Jim Marshall (D-Georgia), Walt Minnick (D-Idaho), Bobby Bright (D-Alabama), Gene Taylor (D-Mississippi) are unsure if Pelosi will remain as speaker & doubt that they will vote for Ultra-lIberal Nancy Pelosi as speaker again, that is if the democrats keep the majority.

Jim Marshall who is a maverick who doesnt always go along with his party on votes says he would prefer more moderate leadership.

“Who I vote for will depend on who is running and best reflects and advances the interests of my district,” he said. “It’s truly unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi has become a lightning rod, which makes it difficult for Democrats.”

Bobby Bright who won by a razor-thin mrgin to win the conservative southeast Alabama Dostrict said: I would prefer a conservative Democrat, a Blue Dog Democrat like myself. “If that doesn’t happen, then I will vote for who I think will allow me to represent my constituents the best.”

Remeber when Bright said during the August recess that Pelosi could get sick and die before the next Congress. He later said the comment was taken out of context. “I can foresee a scenario where we could team up with Republicans to get a more conservative Democrat” for Speaker, he said. “I can see that very easily if the Republicans are willing to work with us.

Gene Taylor said he “would prefer to see Ike Skelton as Speaker.” But Taylor said he had not spoken to the Missouri Democrat about his preference. Skelton is facing a tough re-election fight this year.

Walt Minnick declined to publicly support Pelosi for another two-year term. Roughly a half-dozen other moderate Democrats also demurred when asked whether they would vote to let Pelosi keep the gavel. Even fellow congressman Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) tried to recruit Minnick to help him draft Hoyer to run for Speaker if Democrats maintained the majority by a few seats. Hoyer is a bad choice to be speaker or leader of the democratic caucus.

Pelosi has bee the 1,000 lbs Gorilla around the necks of democrats representing swing or conservative districts since she became speaker & I say its time for democrats to rid themselves of Pelosi once & for all.

Candidates who should consider Running for speaker after the mid-term elections or minority leader for the democrats are: Lincoln Davis (Tennessee) John Barrow (Georgia) Mike Ross (Arkansas) Baron Hill (Indiana) & Jim Marshall (Georgia) if he wins re-election

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