Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carol Porter is the X-Factor in this Year's Elections

With Georgia in play today, and with Businesswoman Carol Porter (D-Dublin) chances of winning this state with its sizable swath of rural voters, its time to look deeper in this race against Casey Cagle.

From the North Georgia mountains of Union County to the cotton fields of Long County to Glynn County and Crisp County, Carol Porter has been stumping hard for those votes in this general election cycle. But the Republicans have long dominated this part of the state since 2002, mainly by the lack of competition & gerrymandering of local districts.

Its time to ask some questions:

Can a Sam Nunn or Zell Miller help Porter candidacy going forward? Is a potential endorsement too late or will it help Porter here in Georgia, especially in Central & South Georgia?

Can Porter appeal culturally with Rural Voters like myself? Having grown up in Johnson County (Wrightsville) , she has a legitimate shot, if not a advantage over Metro Atlanta Republican Casey Cagle.

The absolute truth is that any Democrat whether its Hodges, JB Powell, Darryl Hicks, who can get through the cultural mine field of rural Georgia can prevail because a Democrat, who actually tries can win easily on overall rural policy.

The reason I say that is that Porter, could not only gain trust, but she also can be that voice for rural Georgia that has been missing for the last 8 years.

Unlike so many so-called political people, I still believe that Carol Porter can get through the rural culture, having grown up in this culture and she could be a great force in making that happen.

Casey Cagle has “screwed” rural Georgia in his time in office, which had taken rural Georgia's jobs, destroyed local economies, put rural school systems on the brink, raising our taxes and made it nearly impossible for our kids to stay home after graduating.

She like Roy Barnes can seize the role of rural advocate. She is the only statewide candidate from outside the metro area to be running on one of the top three offices here in Georgia.

I tell everybody how great an asset rural Georgia is, but we don’t necessarily believe it because we’ve fought forever and very few people in Atlanta pay us any attention, much less give a damn. Porter’s words hit hard on both fronts in a very populist-outsider kind of way, slamming business as usual climate under the Gold Dome. However, Porter is without question an incredible mind and candidate. If she uses her massive charisma and shows how strong her love and respect for rural Georgia really is, she'll take Cagle down which way or another.

An issue that is a top issue for rural Georgians is the lack of economic fairness.

Porter, the daughter of a country doctor & school teacher can evolve into rural Georgia’s champion for economic fairness. She knows more about the dire implications of lack of economic fairness for rural Georgia and can put a face on it better than anyone running for office this year. And if the party really wants the “Reagan Democrats” or in Georgia's case the "Zell Miller democrats back in the tent, I can’t think of anybody better to stand at the entrance than Carol. She’s the bell cow for those guys.

The truth is that in rural Georgia our affection for our natural surroundings can be described as almost spiritual. We worship our nature. That’s why we live in it. Any Democratic candidate who comes to rural Georgia and says simply they will fight the Republicans to protect and restore a wild, natural environment for our children and grandchildren will score points, believe me.

Rural Georgians have been forgotten. The reason is very simple. The Republicans haven’t been going there because they take the ground for granted or when they do come here, they only say the necessary things to get elected & that has gotten old quick. The Democrats haven’t been coming there because for some cowardly, mathematically challenged reason don’t believe they can beat the Republicans. That's got to change this year if they want to win here in November.

As far as capturing us Rural Georgians, Porter needs to do what few democrats have been willing to do...... Go after them & go after then HARD! Same goes for all of the democratic candidates

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