Thursday, August 5, 2010

State Group Homes to be Privatized along with Central State Hospital

I have some news about Central State and State jobs. Basically, 100-something Central State employees are about to have their jobs privatized, thus losing their "state employee" status. It's obviously sad for those employees who have 15 or 20-something years of tenure.

The state is basically is privatizing all of its state-run group homes. We're talking about Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Augusta, Thomasville and wherever else. All those communities with state-run group are in the same boat. The state saves a lot of money and has a built-in excuse/reason with "complying with the Olmstead decision." That's basically what's happening. But it sucks for the employees who are approaching retirement age. Their healthcare provider is GEO Care.

Well you can thank our governor Sonny Perdue for this.

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