Thursday, August 5, 2010

Despite Repeated Attempts by the GOP, Marshall always Prevails in the 8th District.

And expect the same outcome this time in 2010 as Vietnam Veteran & Former Macon Mayor James "Jim" Marshall has held the 8th Congressional seat (formerly the 3rd District) for 8 yrs now, beating back opponents Calder Clay to Rick Goddard in the process. The son and grandson of Army Generals, Marshall is a seasoned, hard nosed political veteran who has continued to win in a district redrawn mid-decade by the Georgia GOP in 2005.

They have attempted to tie him to the ultra liberal members of congress like Nancy Pelosi the late senator Edward Kennedy. In each case, neither have worked as Marshall , a moderately conservative democrat continue to rack up vixtiry after victory.

The new challenger to try to defeat Marshall in November is longtime State Rep. Austin Scott of Tifton who was persuaded to run against Marshall at the urging of Georgia GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhardt who didn't want to see a potential matchup for Lt. Governor against Casey Cagle, in which Cagle's skeletons would have likely been revealed in a contentious primary.

But Scott will have to answer for his voting record such as continued cuts to education funding for Public Schools, & the elimination of Income Tax Cuts for those making less than $20,000 yr & the Homestead Tax Cut which increases, which saw prpoerty owners taxes increase to $300, for example.

Marshall voted against the highly controversial Healthcare Reform legislation, but voted for the Stimulus proposed by president Obama back in 2009.

So Both men will have to answer to their critics on their perspective voting records.

But if you at Marshall, you can easily say he's the candidate for the Bluecollar Voters in the largely rural district. Marshall has held jobs such as a short order cook, laundry sorter, restaurant manager, welder, mechanic, wilderness instructor, hunting guide, high school teacher and logger.

He recently authored a forward for the newest edition of The Army as a Profession and has been extremely pro-active in his efforts to protect and enlarge the missions of Georgia 's military bases, particularly Warner Robins Air Logistics Center . Jim co-chairs the Air Force Caucus and serves on the Board of Visitors of the United States Military Academy . He is also a member of the steering committee of the Rural Health Care Coalition.

According to the National Journal, the most respected non-partisan political publication, Jim's voting record makes him one of the few centrists in Congress, which have been taken over by the extremes in both the Democratic & Republican Parties.

He has been endorsed by the NRA on each occasion in his run for congress. He has a 100% voting record with the NRA, and he has co-sponsored a lot of NRA priority bills & the GOP leaning group Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC).

He opposes abortion, gay marriage and gun control, and supports a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning. He has cited the concerns of people who have ethical objections to embryonic stem-cell research as influencing his votes on federal funds for such research: he supports allowing cell extraction only if embryos are not destroyed.

Marshall is the favorite to win re-election again to the 8th District over Austin Scott. Barring some unforeseen event arising between now & November, Marshall, in my opinion will return to congres as representative of the 8th District.

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