Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Endorsement for U.S. Senate: R.J. Hadley (D-Conyers)

In the race to take on Johnny Isakson for the U.S. Senate, Peanut Politics is endorsing RJ Hadley over Michael Thurmond

Hadley has been campaigning over a year to take on Isakson. He was the lone candidate until at the 25th hour when Michael Thurmond decided to throw his hat in the race.

I like both men, but Hadley has shown the kind of passion, committment, drive needed to run against a establishment candidate like Isakson in the General Election.

Hadley has a message that fits wtih what's going today with voters fustrated with partisan gridlock, runaway deficits, lack of leadership from both sides of the isle.

Hadley at at Tea Party Townhall Meeting

Hadley has gonne & spoken to various groups such as the Tea Party, in which he has well received. He has traveled the backroads of this state, speaking at luncheons, BBQ'S, candidate forums, etc. There maybe a few things that Hadley, a moderate progressive & I, a conservative democrat disagree on, but he is a man of principle & conviction & he is not taking this lection for granted. He has built up a lot of grassroot support from his many travels across this state. Hadley will fight for the average Georgian & he will be a public servant, not a career politician who's only concerned about getting elected every 6 yrs.

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