Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Endorsement for Attorney General: Ken Hodges (D-Albany)

In the Race to replace Thurbert Baker at Attorney General, Peanut Politics will endorse Ken Hodges over Rob Teilhet for State Attorney General.

Its as simple as this: Experience!

And that what Hodges has as the former D.A. of Dougherty County for 12 yrs. He has gone in front of Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court arguing cases & has a proven track record of success of fighting crime, supporting public safety, & supporting civil rights.

He served as President of the Georgia District Attorney’s Association and in 2002 was given the prestigious honor of being recognized as Georgia’s District Attorney of the Year. He has also chaired the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council (PAC), and is a Fellow of the Lawyer’s Foundation of Georgia as well as being listed on on Georgia Trend Magazine’s “40 under 40” and the Fulton County Daily Report’s “Attorneys on the Rise.”

He has the endorsements of 40+ Georgia Sheriffs, as well as former Ga Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward Sears & Senator Sam Nunn (D-Ga)

Hodges with Sheriff Cecil Nobles

We like Rob Teilhet, but its all about Experience & that's a advantage Hodges has over Teilhet as well as the GOP candidates as well.

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