Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Endorsement for Governor: David Poythress (D-Norcross)

This was a very, very difficult one here. All of the candidates are outstanding individuals who would mae great governors, but after much though, Peanut Politics is endorsing David Poythress for Governor over Roy Barnes & DuBose Porter.

Gen. Poythress announced his candidacy in November of 2008, in which he's been campaigning for over a year. He has been Labor Commissioner, Secretary of State, Adjuntant General & in each capacity he has help led or turned around each department & left it in better shape than it was before. A moderately Conservative Democrat, Poythress has the kind of appeal that will be needed if democrats want to re-take the governor's mansion, but most of all win the hearts & minds of rural Georgians who voices have been ignored. He has made a commitment to Rural Georgia by his visits to places democrats haven't campaigned in years, if not decades.

Nothing against Porter, Barnes, Baker, but it Will come down to who's the strongest candidate, who's the most electable of all the candidates?

And from what I've seen that person is General Poythress. He's not a gimmick, he's not bought & paid for, he's the real deal. He maynot be the most flamboyant, the most charismatic candidate of the group, but what you will get is alot of steak with little sizzle & that matters more than sizzle.

The Macon Native have gotten endorsements from County Commissioners, Mayors, Sheriffs, City Councilmen & women. Gen. Poythress is the right man for the job at this critical time in Georgia as it faces a uncertain future.

Porter, Barnes, Baker are all good candidates & one of them may end up as the nominee & if so I'll support one of them, but like I said, Gen. Poythress is ready, Tested & doesn't need on the job training. He's been there, done that!


RHAnthony said...

I agree that oythress will make an excellent governor. Only three candidates were concerned enough to show up in Columbia County to debate about the critical water supply in our state. I would like for Barnes, Handel, Oxendine and the rest of the candidates to tell us if they plan on draining water from the Savannah River and dumping it into the Chattahoochee. This action would involve us in a costly water war with South Carolina and endanger Georgia’s commerce at the Port of Savannah. We are already in a legal battle with Florida and Alabama concerning the use of water in our region. Porter, Poythress, and Camon stated they are opposed to draining water from the Savannah. Roy Barnes do you have the intestinal fortitude to tell us where you stand on the issue?

Keith McCants said...

Lots of voters that emailed me say Barnes has been waffling on a whole host of issues ranging from the Water issue & Healthcare.

The Water issue is a big deal, especially to rural Georgians who depend on agriculture as their way of livig & local economies that rely on agriculuture to pump their local economy with much needed cash.

Porter supports raising the lake levels at Lake Lanier to 2ft to deal with the water crisis

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