Monday, February 15, 2010

Introducing Richard Woods, Candidate for State School Superintendent

Can a Rural, South Central Georgia Educator become the next State School Superintendent? Yes & that is what Richard Woods is trying to do as he is seeking the republican nomination for the right to face the democratic nominee in November's General Election.

Woods teaches in the Irwin County School System where he is the K-5 cirriculum director at Irwin County Elementary

Richard graduated from Fitzgerald High School in 1980. He holds a Bachelor's degree in secondary education social studies from Kennesaw State University and a Master's degree in educational leadership and supervision from Valdosta State University. Since 1988, Richard has been a part of the Irwin County School System. He taught in the classroom for fourteen years, coached various sports, and was awarded the honor of being the 1992 Irwin County High School Teacher of the Year by his peers. During that time as well, Richard had the opportunity to make presentations around Georgia on social studies content, technology in the classroom, and peer mediation.

Wood's plan for education are:

Developing a curriculum that is obtainable and appropriate for all level of learners

Ensure that the essential content is covered and that it can be taught and learned for mastery during the allotted school yea mastery of the basic reading, writing, and arithmetic during the primary school years. The height of our success will be limited to the strength of our foundation.

Middle school, high school, technical school, the military, and college are not the places for remediation.

A diverse diploma path

Teach critical content across the curriculum to better reinforce essential concepts

Strong personal finance educational component, ETC.

Woods says he is the only candidate running for this position who has had experience as both a teacher and administrator from Pre-K through 12th grade.

He also says: If we keep doing what we have been doing in Georgia education, we will keep getting what we have been getting in Georgia education & that is

Flat-line to mediocre test performance

Subpar national ranking

A revised curriculum that is still too broad with little depth.

Woods is the only candidate from South Georgia to run for statewide office for the GOP. He will be running against Roger Hines & Incumbent Kathy Cox for the nomination.

Just by reading his platform for education, he can easily run as a moderate democrat, but that's just me. He has alot of offer to the office of State School Superintendent, but the question will he be able to peel off some of the republican vote located in North Ga that will go to Kathy Cox & Roger Hines. If he's able to do that, he will be in a runoff.

Woods is married to his wife of 20+ Yrs Lisha, who is employed in the Tift County School System.

For more on Richard Woods click on the link above

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