Monday, February 15, 2010

Former Georgia Association of Educators President Ralph Noble endorses Brian Westlake for State School Superintendent

Ralph Noble, former President of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) and Vice President of the Whitefield Education Association endorsed candidate Brian Westlake in his campaign to become the State School Superintendent.

In his endorsement Mr. Noble stated, “Brian has the knowledge and the passion to stand up for real education reform in Georgia and to stop the ideology based madness now masquerading as reform in this state. As a classroom teacher and an education activist he has committed to this race for the right reasons – to make education in Georgia better for the 1.75 million children of this state.”

Former U.S. Marine and current classroom teacher Brian Westlake responded to Mr. Noble’s endorsement by saying, “I am humbled and grateful to have the support of such a respected educator. My campaign is about bringing a fundamental change to the way our state treats its teachers and educates our children—something Ralph Noble has also spent a great deal of time and effort working on.”
For nearly ten years, Brian has been teaching high school social studies in Georgia public schools.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and a Master of Science Degree in Sociology from Florida State University. He also received a Juris Doctor from Georgia State University’s College of Law and a Master of Public Administration from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

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