Monday, February 15, 2010

Zeph Baker: Next Mayor of Columbus?

Columbus Native Zephaniah "Zeph" Baker (I-Columbus), an independent who challenged longtime democratic incumbent Calvin Smyre for HD 129 in 2008 announced back in January that he will run to succeed Jim Wetherington as Mayor of Columbus. Baker 33 is a graduate of Carver High & is a 1999 graduate of Columbus State with a degree in Biology.

Some of the campaign proposals include:

To bring Columbus well-paying jobs and “to encourage and support small business growth from within our own residents.

To ensure residents’ safety. “Feeling safe cannot be a reality that is determined by ZIP code,” he said.

To promote education and maintain a partnership between the city and the Muscogee County School Board.

To make sure the city is fiscally accountable and its government is transparent.

To “champion green technology” to protect the local environment

Check out this Youtube Video below:

Baker is a proud and devoted father of three children. Led by his passion for children, and respect for education, Zeph founded two education centers, where he currently serves as Director.

Baker announcing his candidacy:

Baker wants to bring Fiscal accountability to the city, along with improving the transportation needs of the city as it braces of a huge influx of new citizens to the Columbus Area due to BRAC, which will bring as many as 30,000 new residents to the columbus area.

Columbus is a city of visionaries says Baker. It’s a city of hopes, dreams, and promises; but most of all, Columbus is a city with a history of greatness. From the discovery of Coca Cola, to the beginning of Fort Benning, to the alluring smells of Tom’s foods, to the duck from AFLAC and the technological innovations of Synovus, Columbus has been a city of distinction, but it would appear to many that over the years we have lost a step, become complacent in some areas, and traded being the best for being among the best. This must stop. We cannot afford to lose our future to our neighbors.

As your Mayor, I will wake everyday with but one mission, to make Columbus the great city that those who came before us intended.

If you want to learn more about Baker just click on the link at the top.

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