Monday, March 16, 2009

David Poythress, John Oxendine up in NW Georgia

Two candidates who were the first to announce their plans to seek their party’s nominations and try to succeed Gov. Sonny Perdue say they also have plans that directly impact Northwest Georgia.

David Poythress, 65, a former state commissioner of labor and former state adjutant general, is seeking the Democratic nomination.

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John Oxendine, 46, a four-term commissioner, is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in 2010.

He said as governor he would push for more regional cooperation and construction of reservoirs to solve the state’s water supply shortage. He also wants an “interstate equivalent” alternative to Interstate 75 that could begin in Northwest Georgia or Chattanooga and extend to Savannah.

Mr. Poythress, a retired Air Force brigadier general and former labor commissioner and secretary of state who ran for governor in 1998, is seeking the governorship's post for the first time in 12 years.

He said Friday the immediate goal is economic recovery and development, especially in Northwest Georgia.

“This may happen before my term as governor, but I want to direct as much
federal stimulus money as possible into Dalton and North Georgia where people
are hardest hit and people are most in need of jobs,” Mr. Poythress said in a telephone interview.

The Democratic candidate said he is urging the state’s congressional delegation to help extend unemployment benefits and he is encouraging people to use the state Department of Labor as an asset in learning new job skills and finding jobs.

Article was in the North Georgia Times Free Press.

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