Monday, March 16, 2009

Poythress: 2010 year of Democrats in Georgia

Democratic gubernatorial candidate David Poythress spoke of a return to "sensible, middle of the road, grown-up government" at the third annual Atkinson-Arnall Tribute sponsored by the Coweta County Democratic Party.

Poythress, a former adjutant general of the Georgia National Guard, is the only declared Democratic candidate for Georgia governor in 2010. He was the guest of honor at the Atkinson-Arnall Tribute, a fundraiser for the local party.

Poythress spoke briefly about Gov. Ellis Arnall, who was still an active lawyer when Poythress served as secretary of state. "He really did bring Georgia into the 20th century," Poythress said. Poythress has also served as commissioner of labor, assistant attorney general and deputy revenue commissioner. He ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1998.

Poythress said he is looking forward to a spirited race for governor and "I
believe that 2010 is the year of Democrats in Georgia."

As he travels around the state in his campaign, Poythress has run into quite a lot of people who have voted Republican for years. But when he talks to them about the current state of things, they're saying "you know, I think I am an independent now."

"They're really saying -- 'I'm giving myself permission to vote Democrat," Poythress said. "I do think Georgia is ready to swing back to a moderate, pragmatic Democratic leadership."

In the past eight years, Georgia's Republican administration "has done absolutely nothing," Poythress said. When it comes to economic development, this administration in fixating on fishing, he said.

"I'm going hunting," Poythress said. "Hunting the governor's office, hunting economic recovery."

With all of the talk about Roy Barnes running for governor in 2010, if he does, it will not be a cakewalk for him, nor any other democrat who wants to run for governor. Poythress has the fire in the belly to take on the GOP & it's failing leadership. For more go to

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