Monday, March 16, 2009

Macon City Councilman & Blogger Erick Erickson hit the nail on the head:

Substantive reforms have been pushed aside in favor of rewarding preferred groups and pushing individual legislators’ pet projects. There is no compelling narrative to justify a hold on power. There are, however, awkward deals on budgets, fly by night tax proposals, and a failure to take tough stands on tough issues lest voters get upset. Likewise, there is an appreciation that the GOP will not actually lose control of the legislature due to redistricting, so the Republicans see no need for boldness or risk.

In short, there is no leadership. Surprisingly for those of us who follow the goings on in Atlanta, the best leader this year has been Glenn Richardson, a man I have been a frequent critic of. Casey Cagle, the lieutenant governor, is angling to be governor, which requires he make no new enemies. Gov. Perdue is absent from leadership, as is his habit when the legislature meets. The result is chaos without message and terrible PR.

Sonny Perdue has had few in his eight years that remain at the forefront of people’s minds. Meanwhile, we all know about Zell Miller’s accomplishments and even some of Roy Barnes’ initiatives. The Republican candidate will not just be running on his or her own resume, but on what the present Republicans have done. And lately, they haven’t done much worth bragging about.

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