Monday, July 9, 2012

Macon County: It's Time To Rise Up!

Its Time To Rise Up Macon County. Enough of the talk about Im tired  of this, Im tired of that, we need change, there aren't any jobs here, our school system are underperforming, our young people are moving away, we're losing population, our healthcare is the worst in the state, our poverty level is the top 3 worst in the state, Enough! Enough! Enough!

We as a county have a prime opportunity to send a strong message that yes our vote counts & it will be heard. We need Hope, We need  fresh blood, we need new blood in the state legislature, we need J.O.B.S.! J.O.B.S.!! J.O.B.S.!!!

This election is all about Jobs & that's it! Education matters, Values Matter, Ag Issues Matter, but JOBS is issue #1.

All I can say is if you're unhappy with the current elected officials, then vote them out! If you're happy with them, vote them back it, but one race Im sure certain of is that now is not the time to screw this election up. We need a experienced Business person who can help attract industry to this down & out area. We need someone who appeal across racial & party lines, we need a coalition builder.

Drive thru downtown Montezuma & what do you see....NOTHING! Drive out to the Industrial Park & what do you see...NOTHING! Drive Throughout the county & what do you see...NOTHING! NOTHING!! NOTHING!!! Our young people are just wondering aimlessly around our citizens with nothing to do during the summer months,al facilities are crumbling, some parents seem not to give a damn what their children are doing. This has to change! Its got to change or it will be too late!

Its Do or Die for Macon County in this election. Its NOW OR NEVER for the 3rd pooerst county in Georgia. If you want change, vote for Tom Coogle, if you want a want a citizen, not a establishment favorite, vote for Tom Coogle, if you want a businessperson, not a politician, vote for Tom Coogle, if you want a workhorse, not a showhorse, vote for Tom Coogle, if you're tired of seeing our county continue to crumble with no hope in sight for our children & grandchildren, join me & elect Tom Coogle, Democrat out of Montezuma.

Let's Go To Work!!!!

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