Sunday, July 8, 2012

Its Now or Never for Hancock County: Elect Sistie Hudson as Chairman of Hancock Commission

On July 31 voters will go to the polls in Hancock County to decide who will be their next chairman of the Hancock County Commission.  Sistie Hudson, longtime state representative for HD 124 is running to be chairman of the Hancock County Commission. Also running is Commissioner Ted Reid & incumbent Samuel Duggan.

With a per capita income of under $18,000 and more than a quarter of its population living in poverty, Hancock is the poorest county in Georgia. 78% of the county's population is African American. The lack of jobs, high poverty & uneducated workforce, Hancock County is in critical condition.

In three weeks, Hancock Co can decide its own fate by electing someone who will grab the bull by the horns & get that county back on the right track, or else it will be a county that'll eventually disappear.

Sistie Hudson is what that county needs. She's been in the legislature, served as commissioner before winning a seat to the general assembly in 1996. She has the heart, guts & fortitude to turn the once proud east central Georgia around. Samuel Duggan is the current chairman of the commission & needs to be replaced by Hudson, a conservative democrat who's appeal reaches across class & racial lines.  Hancock County needs Sistie Hudson if it want to see better days for its children & grandchildren. Its now or never for Hancock County!

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