Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jim Marshall's New Ad: Long Way


Slyram said...

Keith: you know I respect your opinion but watching the new Marshall hit me hard. Yes, we have moderate to conservative Dems but this goes too far and tosses all other Dems under the bus.

Rep. Marshall basically said in the GPB debate that he is an "I" and not a "D" I am sure he will get all the "I" votes in middle Georgia but he is killing the "D" in the 8th down ballot and this ads are running in the 12th and 2nd.

I listened to State House Candidate Miller's interview on your blog and I had to think if the Dem Team is helping bright rising stars in the party like her by allowing this "I am not a Dem" stuff.

Keith McCants said...

Jim has always called himself a independent since going all the way back to the days he was Mayor of Macon.

It is true he is more of a independent democrat. Jim had to do a ad like this due to the lies & misinformation that the NRCC, Third Party Groups & Scott himself are spreading about Marshall. I thought the ad was "appropriate".

Miller is more of a centrist democrat & I don't think it'll hurt her in any way.

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