Friday, August 6, 2010

New Pro-Gun Group: Democrats for Gun Ownership

Over the years, members of the Democratic party have somehow become accepting of the idea that surrendering our Second Amendment rights would magically reduce crime and improve society. After half a century and millions of taxpayers dollars spent studying the subject, advocates for gun control have yet to produce any convincing science supporting these theories. When dozens of studies in question are inconclusive, as is the case, we are told that more time and money is required for even further study.

Democrats for Gun Ownership is the only national association that provides support for those Democrats in favor of gun ownership and the defense of the Second Amendment. Through campaign support, education, and advocacy we work with Democrats at every level of our party in Congress to protect our rights and maintain a strong lobby base whose voices are clearly heard.

Gun control is a divisive wedge issue that has been historically used to divide rural and urban voters. Many Democrats are frustrated by this and feel that individual gun ownership is an important right and are urging lawmakers to consider the ramifications of doing nothing to protect it.

That's why if you are a democrat & if you support the second amandment, then you need to join this group Democrats for Gun

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