Friday, August 6, 2010

Brooks Election Probe Continues

Down in Quitman, a state investigation continues into allegations of voter fraud during the July 20 primary election in Brooks County.

“I can’t discuss any open investigation,” Matt Carrothers, spokesman for the Georgia Secretary of State’s press office, said Wednesday.

“I’ll tell you now, and it will be the same comment forever, it’s that we have an open case in Brooks County and I cannot discuss the nature of any open investigation.”

Prior to absentee votes being counted, the incumbents in three races were winning by significant margins.

After the county’s 979 absentee votes were counted, the three incumbents lost.

The voting results show the pre-absentee vote counts and the post-absentee vote counts.

Brooks County Board of Commissioners District 3

Pre-Absentee Votes

• Claude Butler (I) had 65.04 percent or 240 votes

• Willie Cody had 34.96 percent or 129 votes

Post-Absentee Votes

• Claude Butler (I) had 34.1 percent or 266 votes

• Willie Cody had 65.9 percent or 514 votes

Brooks County Board of Education At-Large

Pre-Absentee Votes

• Gary Rentz (I) had 63.3 percent or 1,090 votes

• Elizabeth Thomas had 36.7 percent or 632 votes

Post-Absentee Votes

• Gary Rentz (I) had 42.27 percent or 1,135 votes

• Elizabeth Thomas had 57.73 percent or 1,550 votes

Brooks County Board of Education District 4

Pre-Absentee Votes

• Myra Exum (I) had 61.72 percent or 266 votes

• Linda Troutman had 38.28 percent or 165 votes

Post-Absentee Votes

• Myra Exum (I) had 45.87 percent or 272 votes

• Linda Troutman had 54.13 percent or 321 votes

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