Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Presser from the DuBose Porter Campaign: Endorsements

DuBose Porter, candidate for Governor in 2010, today received endorsements from Macon area public officials and other community leaders. They Include Senate Democratic Leader Robert Brown (D-Macon)

State Representative Nikki Randall (D-Macon)

State Representative David Lucas (D-Macon)

State Representative Bubber Epps (D-Twiggs Co.)

Rick Hutto, Macon City Council member

Larry Schlesinger, Macon City Council member

Joe Allen, Bibb County Commissioner

Lonzy Edwards, Bibb County Commission member

Kathryn Epps, Twiggs County Commission member

James Vaughn, Monroe County Commission Chairman

Jim Hamm, Monroe County Commissioner

John Wilson, Middle Georgia Environmentalist

Dr. Ty Ivey, dentist and conservationist

Jim Crisp, Macon Theatre Company.

The following statements were issued on why DuBose Porter is the best candidate for Governor:

Senate Democratic Leader Robert Brown said, “DuBose can carry our state forward, black and white, rural and urban, and is the best candidate for Governor of the state of Georgia.”

State Representative David Lucas said, “DuBose knows the issues and he knows how to fight for middle Georgia.”

Rick Hutto, Macon City Council member, said, “I can’t imagine anyone in middle Georgia who would vote for anyone else other than DuBose Porter. I am proud to support DuBose Porter for Governor.”

Larry Schlesinger, Macon City Council member, said, “I like his positions on passenger rail. I support his position on education and applaud his concern for economic development. But most importantly, he is a true human being because he talks to you and not at you.”

Joe Allen, Bibb County Commissioner, said, “We have not had a Governor south of the gnat-line take up for Macon in a long time. DuBose will do that and I encourage everyone who voted for me to vote for DuBose Porter for Governor.”

Lonzy Edwards, Bibb County Commission member, said, “This election is about the future of the state. DuBose is a leader and a visionary. Support him for three reasons, Jobs, jobs and jobs.”

Kathryn Epps, Twiggs County Commission member, said, “He walks the walk and talks the talk.”

James Vaughn, Monroe County Commissioner, said, “As a county commissioner the challenge has been on how to deal with local government with an adversarial relationship with the state. That will change with DuBose Porter as Governor.”

Jim Hamm, Monroe County Commission member, said, “I believe he will work for the entire state of Georgia and would be a great Governor.”

John Wilson, Middle Georgia Environmentalist, said, “DuBose Porter has been working on protecting land along the Ocmulgee River for years and no one will be better on the environment than DuBose Porter as Governor.”

Dr. Ty Ivey, dentist and conservationist, said, “DuBose is a former board member of the Nature Conservancy which I strongly support. Not only are his credentials on the environment unprecedented but we need his talents to get our state through this tough time.”

Jim Crisp, head of the Macon Theatre Company, said, “DuBose understands the arts and how it impacts economic development. He has sincerity and vision which is why he has my vote.”

State Representative Nikki Randall has come down with the flu and will issue a statement later.

What knd of impact will these have on election day for DuBose? I don't know. This is his base, Middle Georgia & if he doesn't perform well here on July 20, its lights out for his campaign.

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