Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Local Races: Macon County BOE & Commissioner Races

I rarely talk about happenings in Macon County, but I am now. There are contested races for the Macon County School Board.

In District 1: Wayne Fowler (I), Roger Ann Davis

In District 2 (Open Seat): Wayne Bellew, Rose English Marshall (No Photo)

In District 4 (Open Seat): Gary Hobbs, Gail Spikes

Macon County County Commission Races

District 1: Gordon Sutton (I), Larry Wallace

District 5: Roosevelt James (I), Brother of State Rep. Lynmore James (D-Montezuma), Bob Melvin, Roy Yoder

This is who I'd vote for come July 20

School Board, District 2: Wayne Bellew

School Board, District 4 : Gary Hobbs

School Board, District 1: Wayne Fowler

County Commission District 1: Larry Wallace

County Commission District 5: Bob Melvin

Now there is a strong possibilty that all of these these races will end up in a runoff, so stay tuned.

Now I admit, I have't paid much attention to these races, but Hobbs, Melvin, Wallace, Bellew all will bring some new blood, a new voice to their perspective races, which is desperately needed to help turn the page & to build a better future for our children & grandchildren

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