Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peanut Politics Top 20 House Races to Watch for this fall

(1) House District 153 (Open)

John Tibbetts (D-Tifton) vs Tony McBrayer (R-Tifton)

(2) House District 81

(Incumbent) Jill Chambers (R-Atlanta) vs Elena Parent (D-Atlanta)

(3) House District 8

(Incumbent) Stephen Allison (R-Blairsville) vs Jack Lance (D-Blairsville)

(4) House District 34

(Incumbent) Rich Golick (R-Smyrna) vs Maryline Blackburn (D-Smyrna)

(5) House District 145

(Incumbent) Willie Talton (R-Warner Robins) vs Fenika Miller (D-Warner Robins)

(6) House District 28

(Incumbent) Michael Harden (R-Toccoa) vs Christopher James Irvin (D-Toccoa)

(7) House District 103

(Incumbent) David Casas (R-Lilburn), Steve Ramsay (R-Lilburn)
vs Allan Burns (D-Lilburn)

(8) House District 172

(Incumbent) Gene Maddox (R-Cairo) vs Marjean Boyd (D-Bainbridge)

(9) House District 125 (Open)

David Gault (D-Haddock) vs Republicans Susan Holmes (R-Monticello), Mary Alice Carter (R-Mansfield)

(10) House District 13

(Incumbent) Katie Dempsey (R-Rome) vs Bobby Askew (D-Rome)

(11) House District 109

(Incumbent) Steve Davis (R-McDonough) vs Matt Roberts (D-McDonough)

(12) House District 110 (Open)

Rudy Cox (D-McDonough) vs Republican Tom Nicholson, Lee Spahos, & Andrew Welch, all from McDonough

(13) House District 176 (Open)

Debra Tann (D-Nashville) vs Republicans Jason Shaw (R-Lakeland), Aleta Larger (R-Ray City)

(14) House District 171

(Incumbent) Jay Powell (R-Camilla) vs James (RC) Timmons (D-Camilla)

(15) House District 143 (Open)

Mitch Warnock (D-Dublin), Dan King (D-Dublin), Claudia Graham (D-East Dublin) vs Matt Hatchett (R-Dublin)

(16) House District 65 (Primary)

(Incumbent) George Sneed (D-Atlanta) vs Sharon Beasley Teague (D-Red Oak)

(17) House District 19

(Incumbent) Daniel Stout (R-Dallas), Steve R. Golden (R-Dallas), Paulette Braddock (R-Hiram) vs Will Avery (D-Dallas)

(18) House District 159

(Incmubent) Ann Purcell (R-Rincon) vs Tawana Garrett (D-Savannah)

(19) House District 136

(Incumbent) Tony Sellier (R-Ft Valley) vs Sharon Howard (D-Byron)

(20) House District 157

(Incumbent) Jon Burns (R-Newington) vs Elizbeth "Liz" Johnson (D-Statesboro)

Honorable Mention: House Districts 94, 167, 163, 104, 106, 101


Anonymous said...

Claudia Graham is favored to win house seat 143, she has huge support all over the county.

Keith McCants said...

The way I see it, she will be in a runoff with Either King, Santamaria, or Warnock. Its hard to tell at this time because all candidates are so strong, but Graham does has great support throughout Laurens County

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