Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barnes Gets more Endorsements, this time from Religious Leaders

Presser from Barnes Campaign

Several prominent pastors from the metro Atlanta area endorsed Roy Barnes’ election efforts today.

With only a week left before the July 20 primary election, Barnes’ campaign, Roy 2010, has amassed an impressive list of endorsers from around the state.

“Our state’s future – our children’s future – is in peril,” said Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley. “This election is one of the most important of our lifetimes. We need a tested leader back in the Governor’s office – we need Roy.”

When asked why he was supporting Barnes’ gubernatorial efforts, Ambassador Andrew Young remarked, “Roy is the best qualified to tackle the problems of employment, education, transportation and restoring confidence in government. The people need a strong voice with unique talents to bring growth and prosperity back to Georgia.”

“On the issues that matter to the faith community, Roy stands out above the other candidates in the field,” said Rev. Timothy McDonald. “I am proud to support Roy’s bid for Governor because I know that he has the experience and the knowledge to get our state back on track.”

Rev. Jasper Williams said Barnes’ greatest asset is his ability to get the job done. “The challenges that we face in Atlanta, and all across the state of Georgia, are critical. Roy will be ready to go to work for us on day one – no on-the-job training required.”

“Roy has always been there for us,” said Rev. Dr. Walter Kimbrough. “He has the courage, and the intellect, to tackle the toughest of our problems. It’s time to bring real leadership back to Georgia government.”

Bishop Eddie Long, an early supporter of Barnes, said that he was endorsing the former Governor’s election efforts because of his long record of standing up for Georgians. “Roy is the only candidate in this race who has consistently been a friend to our community. He is the only one I trust to guide our state in a better direction.”

K.J. Anderson III
Mr. Joe Beasley
Rev. Frank C. Brown
Ms. Robin Brown
Bishop Dr. Tonya Summer Brown
Ms. Angie Buck
Rev. Dr. Richard Cobble
Rev. Dr. Anthony Cooper, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Howard Creecy
Pastor Jesse Curney
Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley
Mr. Mack Glover
Rev. Michael Harris
Ms. Dorothy Herring
Rev. Dr. Toussaint Hill
Bishop Wiley Jackson II
Rev. Dr. Frank Jones
Rev. Michael Jones
Rev. Dr. Walter Kimbrough
Rev. Dr. Barbara King
Mr. Curtis King
Pastor Eric Lee, Jr.
Elder Diane Lewis
Bishop Ralph Lewis, Sr.
Bishop Eddie Long
Rev. Albert E. Love
Rev. Yevette Massey
Rev. Dr. Samuel Matthews
Rev. Timothy McDonald
Rev. Cal "Happy Preacher" Merrell
Pastor Craig Oliver
Mrs. Cleophas Orange
Rev. L. K. Pendleton
Rev. Roderick Perrymond
Murjan Rasheed
Rev. Edward Reynolds
Ms. Rachel Simmons
Pastor Tony Simmons
Rev. Dorothy Sims
Bishop Ruth Smith-Holmes
Rev. Evelyn Taylor
Rev. Eric Todd
Rev. Harris Travis
Siegfnel D. White
Rev. Jasper Williams
Pastor Joseph Williams
Ms. Carolyn Wilson
Ms. Dawn Wilson
Rev. Jerry Woodfork, Jr.
Rev. Richard Wynn
Ambassador Andrew Young

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