Thursday, July 15, 2010

AJC’s PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter Rules Rob Teilhet’s claims against Ken Hodges false

Today, the AJC PolitiFact Georgia Truth-O-Meter ruled that Rob Teilhet’s allegations against Ken Hodges regarding the Kenneth Walker case were false.

In an interview with the AJC, Teilhet claimed that, “Ken Hodges badly botched this investigation and, as a result, justice wasn't done in this case.” His ad, exploiting the grief of Kenneth Walker’s mother, made incendiary allegations about Hodges’ record.

After extensive investigation, PolitiFact ruled this claim false on their Truth-O-Meter stating, “was this case "badly botched"? So far, there's been no significant evidence to prove that allegation.” Reporters used evidence from first-hand participants in the grand jury investigation, court documents, a Department of Justice press release, along with reports and news articles from the time of the case to determine that Teilhet’s claims were false.

Teilhet claimed, “The officer got off because the prosecutor, Ken Hodges, forgot to swear him in.” This claim is false.

Teilhet claimed Ken Hodges tried to “hide” the video. This claim is false.

Teilhet claimed Ken Hodges “refused to reopen the case.” This claim is false.
Rob Teilhet has been held accountable for his gross distortion of the facts. No longer can he play political games with the truth.


Joe Stanley said...

Shame on you Rob Teilhet. Shame on you for using a grieving mother to try to further your career. Shame on you for blatantly lying to try to destroy the reputation of your fellow Democrat. Shame on you for running around with your campaign staff gloating that this man's death was a "slam dunk" for your campaign.

The lies in this ad have demonstrated not only Teilhet's sleazy "win at any cost" strategies but his vast lack of understanding of this case and the law in general. Maybe if he had tried a single criminal case in his entire career he would have been able to understand enough to realize that with some simple research news sources would be able to find out the truth on this case for themselves. Personally, I believe the question now becomes - When this race is over, will the voters of Georgia forgive Rob Teilhet for trying to deceive and manipulate them, or is his future in Georgia politics over forever?

Keith McCants said...

It appears from my vantage point that the Ad has backfired on Teilhet and may cost him the nomination. The race may go to a runoff, but it looks Hodges may have the edge here.

Randy said...

The Teilhet ad exemplifies the tone of his campaign: he's a sleazy opportunist, merely looking to get the name recognition that comes with running in a statewide race.

Ken Hodges is a career prosecutor who will make a more effective attorney general. I'm a new Hodges voter and I'm proud to help him call out Teilhet's lies.

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