Thursday, April 8, 2010

Press Release: Poythress Campaign Reaches Entire State

Poythress for Governor

Poythress Campaign Reaches Entire State:

Contributions Received from Every Georgia County

April 7, 2010
David Poythress, Democratic candidate for Governor, has filed his
March 31st campaign finance disclosure showing steady progress towards
his fundraising goals. Thus far, his campaign has raised $781,916.20
from more than 1200 donors. For the opening quarter of 2010,
Poythress has raised $118,651.00 and has $305,728.19 cash on hand

"We are pleased by the continued outpouring of grassroots support for
our campaign," said Poythress. "As early as last July, contributions
had come from each of Georgia's 159 counties and from a broad spectrum
of voters – small business owners, educators, National Guard family
members, local elected officials, farmers, trial lawyers, doctors,
college students, Democrats, Republicans and many who don't identify
with either party. I'm proud to be their candidate and still the only
candidate in this race, Democrat or Republicans, to have support from
every single county in Georgia."

For the balance of the campaign 60% of the campaign's contributors
have given less than $250 and 86% of the funds raised were from

"The energy in our campaign continues to build as more and more
Georgians see General Poythress as the strongest candidate to take on
the GOP nominee and move our state forward," said campaign manager
Wendy Davis.

Poythress has pledged as Governor he will not accept a salary until
the state's unemployment rate is below 7%. The current state
unemployment rate is 10.5%.

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