Monday, April 5, 2010

An Advocate for Acorn? That's what the American Thinker says about Thurbert Baker.

All of this because he won't join other Attorney Generals in suing the government over the Healthcare Reform Legislation

Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker has angered Georgia Republicans to the point that some have called for his impeachment. Mr. Baker refuses to join other state attorneys general filing suit challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare. He's become the darling of the left by his refusal to file suit.

Based on praise by the liberal media, you'd think that General Baker was the model of fiscal responsibility and restraint on judicial activism.
That bastion of fiscal responsibility, The New York Times, writes that Mr. Baker "has rejected such lawsuits as 'frivolous' and 'a waste of taxpayer money.'"

AlterNet reports on Mr. Baker's appearance on Rachel Maddow's MS-NBC conservative smear-show:

"It's impossible to have a lawsuit where there are no inherent costs," Baker said. "Every time you are pulling employees away from their appointed duties to file a lawsuit and to engage in this counter-activity, there's going to be cost. Lawyers don't work for free, not even lawyers who work in house. So I'm not aware of any way that a lawsuit can be filed, even if we do it in house, where it doesn't cost the taxpayer some money."

If only Mr. Baker had been consistent throughout his career. You see, Mr. Baker was given a grade of A from ACORN in 2008 precisely because he is an activist attorney general who spent taxpayer money in pursuit of ACORN's legislative and judicial agenda. Mr. Baker's grade of A is shown on page four of ACORN's report.

ACORN's highest grades were awarded to attorneys general "pursuing cutting-edge cases." ACORN's favorite attorney general did not worry about frivolous cases because "in the near future as more legal theories get tested in different states, there will be additional case law established to provide a guide for attorneys general to take legal action."

Concern for taxpayer money being spent by an attorney general? That was obviously never a concern to ACORN's AGs such as Mr. Baker, who were praised for "putting their offices to work for distressed borrowers," and "devoting additional resources to the issue."

More from the American Thinker:

ACORN knew to rely on activist AGs such as Mr. Baker. In its report, ACORN wrote,

While Congress and some governors have grabbed headlines for some of their modest reactions to the foreclosure crisis, there is another critical and largely untold story of the innovative and impactful leadership that many states' attorneys general have demonstrated in their diverse responses to the crises in their states.

I wonder how much taxpayer money General Baker spent pursuing ACORN's agenda rather than protecting the Constitution.

I knew the bull**** was going to come after Attorney General Baker over his refusal to join with the other AG's in suing the government over Healthcare Reform.

Can anyone tell me where in Baker's career has he been a activist Attorney General?

The American Thinker is a right-wing conservative internet publication dealing with politics, foreign policy, national security, & a whole host of issues.

If they are implying that Baker is some kind of radical, liberal attorney general, they are sadly mistaken.

Baker has benn endorsed each time by the NRA for re-election as AG, receiving a A+ from the pro-gun organization.

Attorney General Baker has also played a significant role in supporting the Second Amendment at the national level. In 2002, Thurbert Baker worked with the attorneys general of seventeen states to proclaim solidarity with the affirmation by the U.S. Department of Justice that “the text and the original intent of the Second amendment clearly protect the right of individuals to keep and bear firearms.”

He was the lead sponsor of the largest tax cut in Georgia history -the removal of the state sales tax on groceries. He also led the fight to pass tough new laws against drunk driving, strengthening the state's notoriously weak, outdated drunk driving laws, and helped bring Georgia to the forefront in the battle against DUI.

He has always made protecting families and children a top priority. He promoted tough new laws against sexual predators who target children via the Internet, and has aggressively worked with local prosecutors and police to bring those who target children online to justice. Baker has also been a leading voice against domestic violence. He fought to make it a crime to commit an act of domestic violence in the presence of a child and he's worked with local law enforcement to fight family violence.

So just to set the record straight with everyone, Baker is no radical, liberal democrat currying favors for acorn, or any other outside the american mainstream group. So that argument that I think the American Thinker is trying to make won't hold water here. Nice Try!

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