Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Camon Press Release

Just got this a few Minites Ago

To: All Newspapers, Television Stations, Radio Stations, Internet and Satellite News Agencies

Date of Event: Now

Time: N/A

Location: Port au Prince, Haiti

Description of Event: Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Camon has just landed in Port au Prince,Haiti this afternoon. He, along with his campaign manager Jameson Brewer, will be workingwith the Severe Foundation (Pastor Willie Severe - Native Haitian - Warner Robins, GA), inproviding aid to those who are in desperate need. Mr. Camon has a history of traveling to assistthose in need.

He has traveled to the Dominican Republic to assist with water crises andfollowing Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Camon traveled to New Orleans to lend a helping hand. Mr.
Camon has stated, "If a natural disaster of this magnitude happens in Georgia, the Governorneeds to know how to act swiftly and precisely in order to save as many lives as possible and meet the needs of all Georgians." We are fortunate to have many Haitian Americans living inGeorgia; but, their families and friends need help.

Mr. Camon’s Campaign of Hope is dedicated to bringing hope to all of Georgia and its citizens. As Governor, Mr. Camon will not only workto bridge the gap between North and South Georgia, bridge the achievement gap in our schools,bridge the gap between our economy; but, he will also work to bridge the gap between Georgia,
the nation, and our world.

And it starts now! How will Mr. Camon act as Governor? Look at his record of helping others and how he is leading his campaign now, and you will find a handsonleader who is dedicated to putting others first.

Please visit www.camonforgovernor.com anddonate to the Severe Foundation.

This is not a political contribution; but rather, all proceeds will
go directly to benefit the citizens of Haiti by way of the Severe Foundation.

Contact Information: Carl L. Camon
Phone: 1-229-455-2708 or 678.910.2744
Email: hopeforgeorgia@gmail.com
Webpage: www.camonforgovernor.com=

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