Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 Questions for all Democratic Candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor.

(1) As governor, would you support creating incentives to attract young, career minded residents to Georgia, such as forgiving student loans, eliminating or reducing income tax, or puchasing a home?

(2) Would you support creating a state fund for small city transportation for towns with less that 5,000 people for various transportation projects? Washington state have something just like this, in which it provides funding to its smaller cities. The funding is distributed through the Washington State Transportation Investment Board. Would that be something that ought to be considered here in Ga?

(3) What would you do as governor to reduce high concentrated areas of Poverty in Rural Georgia?

(4) Do you believe the notion that the consolidation of Rural Schools reflect a biased belief that Rural People, especially in poor communities, don't have the capacity to run good schools?

(5) Do you strongly support Rural Economic Development?

(6) As governor, what would your rural policy consist of for small-town Georgia? How would it benefit rural Georgia

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