Friday, March 19, 2010

Carol Porter Rips Casey Cagle in a Press Release Yesterday

Here's what she said:

Cagle had three years in office to head off the budget mess. At this rate he should have the state’s transportation, education and water problems fixed in time for the 2024 Olympics. The task force is representative of elite interests, and therefore unable to fully gauge the impact of their recommendations on everyday Georgians. There were no minority voices on the task force — nor were there any educators, doctors, farmers or small business owners. The task force is not representative of Georgia — it is representative of Cagle’s campaign donors. It seems you only belong in Cagle's Georgia if you work for a firm that cuts big checks for campaigns

Porter goes on to say that lawmakers can’t continue to cut education and expect the state to prosper. She’s surprised “Cagle and his allies aren’t showing up in schools to shake down fifth graders for their milk money.

Porter is referring to the Blue-Ribbon Budget Task Force that Cagle is pushing, among other things

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