Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will President Obama Have a Challange from His Right in 2012.......From a Democrat?

I say yes. The way the president is governing right now, it a real possibility. He still has time to right the ship, but he only got the rest of this year, 2011 & 2012.
I Hvae heard alot of Lip service from the president & his team at the White House when it comes to dealing with the out of comtrol deficit & debt. He has spent almost a full year on Healthcare while the economy continues to sputter. There seems to be a disconnect by the President & his Team at the White House when it comes to Job Creation.
Let me tell you somethin' creating manufacturing & production Jobs will get the economy going again, not weatherizing homes & fixing Roads & Bridges. But the president is at serious risk of getting a strong challenge by the moderate/conservative wing of the democratic party. People out there think a moderate/conservative democrat can't win in a democratic primary dominated by the left wing, but I beg to differ. Here are some possible democrats to come from Obama's right & take him on in the 2012 primary:
Joe Machin, Governor of West Virginia

Machin is a Pro-Life Democrat & a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Despite controversies that came over him, he is a viable candidate in 2012, depending how long Senator Robert Byrd continues to serve as the Senator of West Virginia.
Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana

Schweitzer came on the national scene at the Democratic National Convention, in which he gave one of the best speeches at the convention. With an easy going & folksy persona, Schweitzer has one of th highest approval ratings for a governor across the country. He is against Gun Control & is the future of the democratic party.
Brad Henry, Governor of Oklahoma

Henry is the third governor and second Democrat in Oklahoma history to hold two consecutive terms, after Democrat George Nigh and Republican Frank Keating. As a tax-cutting governor, Henry has sought a centrist stance of moderation on most political hot button issues and seemingly has appeal across party lines.
Governor Henry has taken a fairly moderate political stance as governor. He believes that abortion is not an issue that requires government interference and has a mixed view of affirmative action, supporting it in colleges but not in hiring for the bureaucracy. Henry supports expanding public healthcare and holding HMOs accountable for poor care; however, he also is in favor of upholding the death penalty and is against gun control. The governor supports tax cuts for the lower and middle classes and believes in keeping the income tax; he also supports using the "War on Drugs" strategy to combat methanphetamine use within his state
Those are the top three to look out for if President Obama receeives a challenge in the democratic primary. There are others out there,but for now these are the top three moderate/conservative democrats to look out for. Agree or Disagree?

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