Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leadership Albany Recognizes Ken Hodges. Converstation with Leadership Albany Below:

Ken, talk about your run for the Georgia Attorney General position.
We announced our campaign earlier this summer and had a wonderful send-off at our hometown rally on the Courthouse steps in Albany. Several hundred people attended in the hot July sun and the remarks made by supporters can be seen on the web at:
The Attorney General is Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor and law enforcement officer and the position needs to have an attorney with the experience necessary to do the job. I have been before juries hundreds of times, supervised thousands of cases, and been before the Georgia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Georgia. I have stood up in a courtroom on behalf of the State of Georgia. As District Attorney I protected our community and delivered justice for the innocent victims in Dougherty County and I am running for the office of Attorney General to protect all Georgians from corrupt public officials, increases in urban crime and to safe guard our children from new dangers like internet predators.
We live in a large state, which means I need help from all of my friends and neighbors in Albany to get our message out and I hope that you will join our campaign by getting involved. Locally, you can contact Lisa Dasher at
What community/volunteer programs are you associated with?
In Albany, I still serve on the Board of the Civil Rights Movement Museum as well as the King Day Celebration Committee. I also continue to serve withthe Darton Foundation. When I lived full time in Albany I was associated with the American Heart Association, Easter Seals of Southern Georgia, the Albany-Dougherty Chamber of Commerce and it’s Military and Legislative committees and I chaired its subcommittee on Education. I also was an active member of the Artesian City Sertoma Club, the Albany Rotary Club and the Southwest Georgia Chiefs’ and Sheriffs’ Association.
Tell me about your work with the Albany Civil Rights Museum?
have helped lead the King Day Celebration event for nearly 14 years whose goal is to preserve Albany’s civil rights history by raising money to support the Albany Civil Rights Movement Museum. I was an active Board member when I lived in Albany and currently serve in an Emeritus capacity. I participated in and helped lead a capital campaign before I left Albany and I continue to support the Museum in every way I can.
With all of your commitments, how do you find the time to support these Non-Profit organizations?
As with any worthwhile endeavors, you have to simply make the time to be involved in things that are important to you. The Civil Rights Museum, higher education, and the many other organizations that I was involved in while in Albany all had a positive influence on our community and it was important to me to help insure their success and Albany’s success.
Tell me about your Leadership Albany experience.
went through Leadership Albany in 1995 and it resulted in my making life long friendships and learning things about the community where I was born and raised that I had not previously been aware of. It expanded my perspective, challenged me, and certainly provided a foundation for all of the activities that I became involved in while in Albany.’s
Why would you recommend Leadership Albany to someone
Leadership Albany will provide participants the same opportunities it gave me—educating them about their community and challenging them to make it better.
What are your keys to being successful?
Largely by surrounding myself with good people and letting them do their jobs. Also by being willing to roll up my sleeves and do some of the heavy lifting myself.
What influenced your community involvement?
My Parents & their friends worked tirelessly for the betterment of Southwest Georgia, and watching them growing up inspired me to do the same. Also, I’ve never been good at sitting back and idly watching when action is required. I want to lend a hand and work alongside other concerned citizens to benefit the community we love.
Publication of this article does not constitute an endorsement of Ken Hodges for Attorney General. Leadership Albany is a non-partisan organizati├┐

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