Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember this back in 2005 when Rural Democrats formed their Own Caucus after losing complete control of the State

"We are not the Democrats of the national party. We tend to be more conservative in our views on all of our issues," said Georgia state Rep. Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert), in a interview with Fox News back in 2005. He has represents House District 134 for more than 25 Years.
"We are just trying to put back what a true Democrat believes and the ideology that we have had in the past," Greene added.
These comments was on the heels of Rural Democrats forming their own caucus after republicans took total control of the State.

It was attempt according some to some analysts to save the party that people say was growing more liberal.

Then former State Rep. Bob Holmes , who represented Atlanta, said instead of a separate caucus, his party must unify if Democrats ever hope to take back Georgia's House, Senate and governor's office.

"You work from within. You try to build it up," Holmes said. "You sit down and you say, 'This is what we need to do.' You don't go out and support the enemy. I am from West Virginia where we call people 'traitors' who do that to their party."

We're going to see can the party, which in many ways is still somewhat divided from the more moderate & conservative democrats of rural Georgia & their progressive counterparts in the Urban & Surburban areas of the state & Metro Atlanta can come together to take back the governor's mansion in 2010 & other offices as well.

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