Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Republican Challengers to Bishop, Barrow, Johnson, & Scott could help democrats running statewide in 2010.

Republican Challengers to Sanford Bishop, John Barrow, Hank Johnson, could help
democrats win statewide offices in 2010. Here's why I think that. For years, Sanford Bishop, for instance has had very, very, very little opposition for his seat. Therefore supporters of Bishop's were likely to sit home & not go vote because he wasn't in dander of loosing his seat. But with a credible republican challenger in State Rep. Mike Keown on the horizon, those voters who have stayed home over the
years are much likely to turn out for bishop in 2010. I was too young to remember, but back in 1992, 1994, 1996, Bishop had one of the best grassroots organizations ever seen by a politician here in Macon County according to folks who worked for his campaign back then & probably elsewhere in the 2nd district. Although, the district has been changed due to gerrymandering, he still has the ability to mobilize his grassroots organization to turn out his supporters on election day. I call it the coattail affect: those voters who will turn out & vote for Bishop & other democrats being challenged by right-wing republican candidates, will very likely vote for the democratic nominee on the state level as well. There are rumors out there (one from Erick Erickson of RedState.Com) there that Jim Marshall won't get a challenge in 2010 out of fears that voters (even some level-headed republicans) would would turn out
to vote for Marshall, would then vote for democratic nominee as well. I agree with that notion. But if Marshall does go unopposed or even get a fringe candidate, he will be able to influence the democratic race if it goes to a runoff (which is very likely). Up in Metro Atlanta, Hank Johnson (who may get a challenge from DeKalb Co. Commissioner Lee May in the primary) has got a challenge from Larry Gause, a republican. The 4th district is the most democratic district in the state. And with a right-wing reoublican running up there in the blue-sea (4th district) in november, you will see higher that usual turnout for the democrats in the mid-term, which again will benefit the democrats. Even David Scott, (who I think needs to be challenged in the primary because he voted against cutting off funds for Acorn) has
got a challenge from a Independent candidate David Frisbee. Now this guy is running as a independent, but in my opinion, he is really a republican in sheep's clothing, advocating for the FairTax, & the disassembly of the IRS. But with Scott being in the center of the healthcare debate with a swastika painted on one of his signs, & with criticism from right-wingers, expect his supporters in his district to rally behind him, therefore benefitting the democrats running statewide in 2010.
What I'm trying to say is with republicans challenging our democratic incumbents in democratic leaning or safe democratic districts, expect higher that usual voter turnout for democrats in 2010, which will offset the republican turnout & benefit state democrats as they try to regain the governor's mansion & other post as well. These republican challenges may turnout to benefit democrats here in 2010. Dems who normally sit home during mid terms will most definitely go back to the polls in 2010 & therefore making 2010 as one of the most exciting political seasons seen here in Georgia in a long, long time.

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