Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jim Marshall in Jasper County

Congressman Jim Marshall visited Monticello last Thursday and met with local leadership over lunch, asking about local concerns and sharing his views on the current health care bills.

Congressman Marshall directed the local leaders to his website and to the website, recovery.gov, for a description of funds that could be available to help with certain items, such as Monticello’s water and sewer infrastructure.

Commission Vice-Chair Mary Patrick asked about funds for broadband stimulus and road problems, but the congressman did not offer much hope for help with local road projects.
Joan Bell expressed concern about technical colleges.

Retired Sgt. Major Billy Connelly praised the congressman, saying he has done a great job for veterans.

Much of the discussion was concerning the health care bills, and Congressman Marshall assured the group that he did not think the local hospital or small businesses would be extremely affected.

He said he was not in favor of any of the current five bills floating around, and named a couple that are in the hopper that could be more palatable. He said he would not be in favor of bankrupting the country.

Jack Bernard commented that many of the people opposed to national health care are Medicare recipients. In addition, he said rationing already takes place with current HMO and PPO insurance plans.

Mr. Marshall commented that Veteran’s Administration hospitals get the highest satisfaction ratings of all hospitals, public or private.

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