Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moderate & Conservative Democrats better look out for themselves.

The Wall Street Journal has this article:

The news is how the political left and its lobbies are roughing up fellow Democrats who won’t get with President Obama’s government-run program. They’re treating the centrists who helped make them a majority as if they were Newt Gingrich without the social conscience.

Over in the House, the Blue Dogs have received similar treatment since they raised doubts last months about the 5.4% surtax, among other problems in the House bill. The DNC immediately targeted the districts of 12 Democratic Members of Henry Waxman’s Energy and Commerce Committee with a “‘It’s time for reform” television ad. also called out its troops to pressure Blue Dog Democrats not to miss “a once-in-a-generation chance to pass real health care reform.” The pressure seems to have worked because enough Blue Dogs fell in line to pass the bill with only token changes through committee last week.

Even the Democratic National Committee is trashing Democrats, presumably with a green light from Mr. Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Mr. Obama’s political arm, Organizing for America, which is officially a wing of the DNC, is running ads to press Democratic Senators in Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Nebraska and Ohio. The outfit has also staged demonstrations outside Senator Bill Nelson’s Florida offices. The campaign is heavy-handed enough that even Majority Leader Harry Reid denounced it as “a waste of money.”

This intraparty smackdown is all the more remarkable because, by winning in swing or GOP-heavy districts and states, these Members have given Democrats their governing majorities. If there’s a voter backlash in 2010, these Members will also be the first to be washed out to sea. Yet it’s becoming clearer by the day that Democratic leaders view these moderates as mere cannon-fodder footsoldiers in the great liberal revolution of 2009. And if you have to shoot a couple of them yourself to keep them all marching straight, so be it.

Here's my take on it:

The democrats got this huge majority by winning in republican or swing districts controlled by republicans & now they want to target some of these dems because of their opposition to the current healthcare plan with the public option. If these members don't fall in line with the liberals & administration, you will see primary challenges to many of these moderate & conservative democrats.
The republicans are loving this. They see the writing on the wall. If the administration is willing to let groups like MoveOn.Org target fellow democrats, then it won't be long before republicans take power again in D.C. The problem for republicans is that they don't have their act together. They have offered bits & pieces for reforming healthcare. If they had their act together, they could stand to make significant gains in 2010. But they are hoping that the anger of the voters propel them back closer to power in congress instead of offering a strong alternative that includes bi-partisan support.
But back to the democrats, Bluedogs & other moderate & conservative dems better look out for themselves because your own party are targeting you because of oppositon to a plan that the majority of voters do not want. And if some of these democrats go down in 2010 & republicans have cleaned up their act & appeal to more moderate voters, Obama will have a hard time getting re-elected in 2012.
Me, myself is starting to drift away from Obama if he continues to appease the liberal wing of the party.
Moderte Democrats, Conservative Democrats, look out for yourselves.

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