Thursday, August 6, 2009

Besides David Poythress,DuBose Porter, Carl Camon where are the rest of the announced statewide democratic candidates?

The last time I checked, Gary Horlacher is the democratic nominee for Secretary of State, Mary Squires for State School Superintendent, Jeff Scott, Brian Westlake, Beth Farokhi, for State School Superintendent, Rob Teilhet for Attorney General.
But the question is where are they? I haven't heard or seen any of these candidates down here in Middle or South Georgia campaigning. Nor I haven't seen Thurbert Baker except for an appearance in Bainbridge & Statesboro. And haven't seen Roy Barnes down here as well. Are they trying to keep a low profile since it's early in the campaign season or are we to read more into this? I have seen republican candiates all over these parts of Georgia, but not the democrats.
DuBose Porter & David Poythress are the only democrats I have seen down in my neck of the woods, as well as Ken Hodges who is running for Attorney General. Most of these folks are unknown to alot of people down here. This is the time to build their grassroots & establish a network of support here in rural Georgia.
Poythress & Porter are doing that right now. Porter been has been to places like Baxley, Albany, Wrightsville, & Poythress has been to Calvary, Fitzgerald, Preston. It can't be all about metro Atlanta, although most of the state's population & votes are up that way. You can't be shy about coming to these places if any of them wants to win next year. Like I said, maybe they are playing cool right now or they just going to simply ignore us rural georgians.

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