Thursday, July 30, 2009

School controversy in Randolph County draws attention of NAACP.

Cuthbert, Ga

The school buses will roll next week in Randolph County, but school board members are still in the middle of a ridiculous fight. Wednesday, state NAACP leaders are weighing in on a political battle which could have delayed the start of the school year.

For weeks, parents in Randolph County were left wondering when their kids would go back to school. Monday night they were relieved when the school board finally approved its budget for the 2009- 2010 school year.

Yesterday, state NAACP leaders came to Cuthbert to show their support for the chairman of the school board and the superintendent in their ongoing feud with other school board members.

Says Edward DuBose of the Georgia NAACP: "We believe this county, especially the school kids are in a position where they are waiting for the leadership to get it together and we see that there is undermining going on so we are here to send a message that we are here to say we are not going to take these students being treated any other way by those that have hidden agenda.

The NAACP president says if things don't shape up between school board members in the near future, he plans to hold town hall meetings about necessary actions if things cannot be resolved.

Members of the school board will appear in court tomorrow. Members of the NAACP say they plan to stand behind the Chairman and monitor courtroom proceedings.

I hope things get worked out down there before school starts next week. There are alot of anxious parents that are very concerned right now in Randolph. More on this story next week.

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