Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lee Ferrell to challenge Sanford Bishop again.

Lee Ferrell, who ran against Sanford Bishop in 2008 will run against him again he tells the Thomasville Times. Ferrell got only 31% of the vote last time he ran against Bishop. Ferrell is a veteran of the USAF.
Others considering the race are Don Cole, second district republican chairman from Cordele & Mike Keown , State Representative from Coolidge. I said that Bishop may get a strong challenger if keeps voting for bills that are bery unpopular like the healthcare bill that includes the public-option. Ferrell doesn't have a chance. Keown because he is a State Rep. may get some backing from the State GOP in terms in money, & Cole may get a little attention as well. But neither have a chance against Bishop who is very well liked in the district & is a go-to guy when it comes to agriculture, which the majority of the counties in the district rely on in terms of economic impact.
If Bishop got challenge by another democrat, then he would be vulnerable to a defeat, but no dem will dare run for jis seat unless he get appointed to the Obama Administration or he just simply retires.

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