Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hodges files in Democratic race for AG, with a Republican name behind him

By Jim Galloway of the AJC: Ken Hodges, the former Dougherty County district attorney, has filed his paperwork in the Democratic race for attorney general. State Rep. Rob Teilhet of Smyrna is already in the race.

Worth noting is one of the names behind Hodges’ candidacy. The treasurer is listed as Edward C. Callaway of , son of Howard “Bo” Callaway, who almost became Georgia’s first Republican governor in 1966 — and remains a venerated figure within the Georgia GOP.

Edward Callaway currently serves as CEO and president of Callaway Gardens.

Chairman of the Hodges campaign will be Connell Stafford, who once served chief of staff to Sam Nunn, before moving on to Coke and beyond.

Ken Hodges will be very difficult for Rob Teilhet to defeat in the primary. Hodges will have the advantage of having a base in Southwest Georgia as well as the rest of South Georgia & rural Georgia.

Ken Hodges, a former Albany district attorney who resigned from office in September after serving for almost a dozen years. He is now in private practice in Atlanta.

Hodges plans to emphasize his efforts in south Georgia to crack down on predatory lenders and illegal video poker rings. And he said he'll be quick to emphasize his experience running a prosecutor's office.

"We need somebody who has done it before and knows the job," he said. "And so far I'm the only one I know of who fits that category.

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Anonymous said...

Ken Hodges is not the Democratic darling of Republicans. Calloway is a close relative of Hodges' on Hodges' mothers side of the family. The Calloway family has financially supported all his local campaigns. Hodges is trying to appear to have "high level" Republican support that does not really exist. Nice try, Ken.

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